February 2020
We Are Working With 160 Kids So Far!
We are off and running! We now have six schools started with our soccer program. On a weekly basis we are working with 140 boys and 20 girls for this school year. That is 160 kids that on a weekly basis are being loved with no conditions or expectations, coached, exhorted to live right, disciplined in love and hearing Christ's word. PRAISE THE LORD!
There are another two schools we are trying to be able to establish a program in so we are praying God opens doors there if He is calling us to them. Please be in prayer for this!

We do have a need for equipment. We need uniforms for the kids, shoes for ones that don't have shoes or a pair of shorts, and also SOCCER BALLS! Below you can find the amounts needed....
60 Balls-$600
Shoes-$10/pair....need as many pairs as possible...
Mejia Family News/Update
  • Rachel turned 3, and had her first piñata! When we had her open her presents she started handing them out to the other kids because she didn't understand they were all for her! Rachel is also having a blast in preschool!
  • Eli is really good at music and keeping rhythm so we are looking into some classes. He could really use some prayer though for all the other areas of his life. He needs friends and to feel understood.
  • James weighs 11 lbs and is getting big! He giggles all the time and is started to get the hang of rolling over with some help!
  • Roblans and I are well, just trying to get used to this beat of life which is a lot busier and more stressful than what we are use to!
Things to Lift Up to the Lord!
  • Elijah is really struggling with culture shock. Things have not been going very well for him. He is having a very hard time in school. In general we have seen a lot of anger, frustration, and sadness in him. Please lift him up in your daily prayer.
  • As we start the work with these children that there would be an immediate connection. That they would feel the sincere love we have for them and know they can confide in us...
  • For God to start making it clear to teams, and individuals He is calling to come serve Him here in Guatemala.
  • For provision for the ministry/workers and the materials we are in need of at the moment
Praise the Lord!

  • We are so thankful that we have six schools up and going! It's been super smooth and the kids are very eager and excited for the program
  • We have two employees, Rodrigo and Esvin both of whom were participants in the ministry when they were young! They are doing outstanding and really grabbing hold of the work and vision!
  • Our team of four workers (Roblans, Rodrigo, Esvin, and I) have been connecting well and working very well together. God seems to have been preparing us all for this!
  • We are thankful to have our cars, and home all settled and for a place to breathe and feel rest and peace
  • We are grateful for all of you back home, praying for us and reaching out, sending quick notes or comments or texts to us. As we adjust to Guatemala again these are so encouraging and fulfilling. So thank you!

"I'm going to break open my piggy bank"
Joshgua Melgar
Meet Joshgua! He is one of the kids we are working with in one of the schools. When he made the team for the year, he ran up to Roblans and explained that he doesn't have tennis shoes and his dad is recently operated on so they don't have much money now to get him shoes but he is going to break open his piggy bank and use that to try and buy a pair of shoes.
Roblans proceded to ask him how big his piggy bank is and he replied "About this big" as he held his hands up to the size of a guinea pig.
The faith and innocence of a child...
As we reflected on this moment with this little boy we talked about how God wants that from us. To have faith in Him like an innocent child. No matter what the circumstances are that each one of us are facing let us try to remember to lean on Christ and trust His plan and that He will provide.

We have quite a few kids in the ministry with a need for shoes. A pair of tennis shoes/soccer shoes costs $10. If you would like to donate towards this you can click below and select Echo Reach from the drop down options.