We dedicate this issue of newsletter to children.   Schulman Blitz, LLP recently resolved  many cases involving children who have suffered serious injuries due to the fault of others.  
These young clients were all injured as a result of the negligence, or wrongful acts, of other members of the New York community.  In this issue of the Schulman Blitz, LLP newsletter, we report some of our recent settlements, including several involving children who were injured as a result of motor vehicle collisions, school violence and negligent supervision.  Out of respect for our young clients, we have decided to withhold the settlement amounts.
We all must do everything we can to protect our children and ensure their safety.  We are proud of Schulman Blitz, LLP's recent settlements and are excited to share some of them with you. 
Stay warm -- spring is right around the corner -- and most importantly, stay safe and keep your children safe.

                      Fred and Justin
Sanitation Truck Crushes Jeep 
Seriously Injuring All Occupants
Schulman Blitz, LLP's  client was a passenger in her friend's jeep when a New York City Department of Sanitation truck made a left turn in front of their Jeep which was proceeding straight through a Brooklyn intersection, causing a devastating collision.
As a result of the crash, our client suffered a concussion, severe fac ial lacerations, and a fracture to her wrist. 
Our client also suffered a carpal tunnel injury to her wrist which required surgery.  
Carpal Tunnel release  surgery is done with an endoscope, a thin flexible tube with a camera attached.  The endoscope is guided through a small incision made at either the wrist or palm.   The endoscope allows the doctor to see the transverse carpal ligament which is then cut, releasing pressure on the median nerve, relieving carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.
After many years of litigation, on the eve of trial,  Justin Blitz, Esq.  settled our client's case for $275,000.
7 year old's Finger Crushed By Classroom Door
Schulman Blitz, LLP's seven year old client's finger was severely injured when a teacher at his special needs elementary school on Manhattan's Upper East Side negligently instructed another student to close the classroom door while our young client was standing at the doorway with his hand in door jamb.  The metal door slammed on our client's finger, causing the 
distal phalanx of his finger to be fractured and partially amputated through the the nail bed down to the bone
Justin Blitz, Esq.  negotiated a very favorable  settlement for our client with the City of New York during the course of litigation.
5 Year Old Hit By Taxi
Schulman Blitz, LLP 5 year old client was crossing West 86th Street, at its intersection with Central Park West in Manhattan, and was in the crosswalk with his nanny when he was struck by a taxi cab that was making a turn.   Our young client sustained severe injuries, including fractures to his leg and hand. 
On the eve of trial, after intense negotiations,  Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq.  was able to successfully settle our client's case for a very favorable amount that will appropriately compensate him for his injuries.

As with all settlements involving children, the settlement monies will be placed into an interest bearing bank account until the child reaches the age of 18.
Despite Mother's Pleas to Keep her Son Safe, Teenager is Beat Up By Bully In School
Schulman Blitz, LLP's 16 year old client was being harassed by a bully at his school over the course of 2 years.  The school's principal and dean were informed of the bullying by our client and his mother, who asked that her son and the bully be placed in separate classes.  Her request was ignored, and both boys were placed in the same class. One day after class, the bully punched our client in the face, causing him to sustain a fractured eye socket which required surgical intervention.  
Schulman Blitz, LLP brought a negligent supervision case against the City of New York and during the litigation, Justin Blitz, Esq. was able to successfully negotiate a very favorable settlement for our client. 
15 Year Old Girl Suffers 
Neck and Back Injuries from Car Crash

Our 15 year old client was sitting in the back seat of her mother's car while her mother was driving and her aunt was in riding in the front passenger's seat.  They were struck by another car that ran a red light at an intersection in Brooklyn, New York.  The driver of the car that hit them  had a suspended license.

Our young client sustained severe neck and back injuries as a result of the impact.  The injuries to her spine resulted in pain and numbness which  radiated into her arms and legs. 

The human spine is made up of 24 bones, called vertebrae, that are stacked on top of one another. These bones connect to create a canal that protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord contains nerves which  travel through the spinal canal carrying messages between the brain and muscles. Nerve roots branch out from the spinal cord through openings in the vertebrae called foramen. 

Due to the seriousness of her injuries, our client had to undergo a series of epidural steroid injections in order to alleviate her pain.  The epidural needle is inserted into the back or neck under a special kind of x-ray guidance called "fluoroscopy" so that the doctor can ensure that the needle is in the epidural space.  The doctor will then inject medication and a corticosteroid into the epidural space in order to relive the patient's pain and reduce the inflammation.   
There are three different ways to perform an epidural injection - either a caudal block, translumbar or transforaminal.  

A caudal block is placed through the sacral gap (a space below the lumbar spine near the sacrum).  This type of block usually affects the spinal nerves at the end of the spinal canal near the sacrum. 

The translumbar approach is the  most common way of performing an epidural injection. The needle is inserted between the spinous processes of two vertebrae. 

The transforaminal approach is a very selective injection around a specific nerve root. By injecting medication around a specific nerve root, the doctor can determine if this nerve root is causing the problem. 

Because of the nature of her injuries, our your client underwent a series of epidural steroid injections in order to alleviate her pain and numbness.

Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq.  of Schulman Blitz, LLP, was able to successfully settle our young client's case for the full amount of the defendant's insurance policy limits.
11 Year Old and her Family Settle Case for Hurricane Sandy Car Accident 

sandy gas line
Most New Yorkers will remember the long lines that formed at gas stations following Hurricane Sandy.  Our 11 year old client and her parents were in their car two days after the hurricane, waiting on line for gas, when they were rear ended by another car.   As a result of the impact, our young client suffered an injury to her knee and her parents suffered neck and back injuries. 

Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq.  procured a successful settlement for our young client and her parents during the course of the litigation.
Elderly Woman Injured in Ambulette
Schulman Blitz, LLP's wheelchair-bound elderly client was picked up by an ambulette service following a doctor's appointment. The driver of the ambulette did not properly secure our client's wheelchair inside the ambulette.  When the driver began to drive, our client's wheelchair fell backwards, causing her to strike her head on the floor of the ambulette and suffer injuries to her neck and lower back. 
Thomas Schiro, Esq.  was able to successfully settle our client's case with the insurance company for the ambulette prior to litigation for a confidential amount.
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Fred Schulman Updates 
Medical Malpractice Book

Fred Schulman's widely respected treatise, published by Law Journal Press (a division of American Lawyer Media), is a primer for medical malpractice attorneys throughout the country.  Mr. Schulman updates the book twice a year, with new statutes and case law, so as to remain on the forefront of medical malpractice litigation.  

The book treats a case as a continuous process, from the initial client interview to the closing argument. It offers comprehensive coverage of the cutting-edge issues such as the right to conduct ex parte interviews of treating physicians, caps on damages in medical malpractice cases, qualifications of expert witnesses (the locality rule versus the national standard) and the "date of discovery" rule for purposes of statute of limitations. 

Mr. Schulman recently submitted the next update to the book to the publisher.  The update will be distributed to subscribers in early 2016.  The book is available in hard copy, online, and as an eBook.
Click here to buy a copy of Fred Schulman's book, "The Preparation and Trial of Medical Malpractice Cases"
Justin Blitz and Fred Schuman Nominated By Their Peers Once Again As Super Lawyers

Fred Schulman was named as a 2015 Super Lawyer and Justin Blitz was named as a 2015 Super Lawyer Rising Star.  Mr. Schulman and Mr. Blitz have been named to the list of Super Lawyers for the past three years. 

Five Schulman Blitz, LLP Cases Listed in  
Verdict & Settlement Hall of Fame
We are proud to report that five of Schulman Blitz, LLP's cases were listed in the New York Law Journal's Verdict & Settlements Hall of Fame.  Schulman Blitz, LLP's cases were included in the "lane change" category, "no-fault" category, and "sideswipe" category. We are especially proud to have the fifth largest settlement listed in the "red light" category. 

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