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Dear Residents & Friends,

Thank you in advance for your patience as we transition to a different Trash and Recycling provider for the first time in over ten years.

We need your help getting the word out.   Not everyone is signed up for E-News which is the quickest way for us to communicate with residents for non-emergency matters.  IF you hear of neighbors having difficulties with the transition or see Advanced Disposal/Chesmont toters still on the curb please share the following information:

  1. Advance will be doing a final sweep of the borough to collect any remaining Advanced or Chesmont Trash Toters/Recycling Bins.  Please make sure your unwanted toters are at the curb/edge of road on Wednesday January 9th.    If they are missed again, please notify the Borough at info@schwenksville-pa.org or 610-287-7442.
  2. Do not pay any invoices from Advance Disposal for 2019 services.  They apparently did not notify their billing department that our contract ended.   You should have received an invoice from Whitetail Disposal for their services. If you paid the Advanced Disposal bill accidently please contact Advanced for a refund.
  3. If you did not receive an invoice from Whitetail Disposal please contact them to confirm your contact information to avoid disruption of Trash & Recycling Services.
  4. Whitetail Disposal was provided a mailing list based on the Tax Duplicate.   Any one property that has multiple commercial/mixed or residential units that did not receive enough toters should call whitetail.  You will be invoiced per dwelling/commercial unit.   IF you have any problems with customer service at 610-754-0103 or Schwenksville@whitetaildisposal.com  please ask to speak to Kyle, Kieger Brady or Paul Brady.

Also, people with Schwenksville Zipcodes who live outside of the Borough are not subject to this contract.  There are people who live on Berger Lane who live in Lower Frederick who may have had their accounts terminated or toters collected by Advanced Disposal in error.   Only 28-31 Berger Lane addresses are in Schwenksville Borough.

Every dwelling unit is required to have an account. If you have apartment units and need additional toters, you need to call or email Whitetail to set up separate accounts for each dwelling unit at that address. You can email them at Schwenksville@whitetaildisposal.com or call them at 610-754-0103.

If you need to call Advanced Disposal regarding your invoice or to have equipment collected please call them at 484-679-4821.
Trash & Recycling Company Transition
   Advance Disposal's single hauler contract with the Borough for Trash and Recycling Pick Up ends December 31st. Their last pick was Wednesday December 26th They should have collected your toter's that day.

     Beginning January 1, 2019 the new company that will be servicing Schwenksville Borough both for Residential Service and all commercial dumpsters is Whitetail Disposal. You should have received a postcard mailer from Whitetail with instructions and information about their company. You may also log on to www.whitetaildisposal.com/ for more information about the company and their services.  You can email them at  Schwenksville@whitetaildisposal.com or call them at 610-754-0103.
    Schwenksville Borough has a Single Hauler Ordinance. This Ordinance dictates that only one Trash Company can operate in the Borough during a specific contract period.  The purpose of the Ordinance is to limit the number of days trash is placed at the curb and restrict the number of trash trucks traveling the Borough's narrow roads. Under the Ordinance, Schwenksville Borough seeks competitive bids from multiple trash companies and selects the lowest responsible bidder to service the Borough's Trash and Recycling needs under the Single Hauler Ordinance.   This includes anyone who utilizes a dumpster system for trash. A rate schedule for dumpsters is also included in the Bid and is available on line at www.schwenksville-pa.org. 
     Under Borough Ordinances, all Residential & Non-Residential properties are required to have one Trash and Recycling account per dwelling unit. An account for you will be established and you will be responsible for payment for the service regardless of whether or not you call to customize your account.   The standard toters provided to you will be 96 gallon sized toters. If you have apartment units you will need to call and set up additional accounts to ensure that you receive the proper number of toters.

 If you wish to customize your service by choosing a different size toter or wish to make changes to your account contact information you can call Whitetail at 610-754-0103.  Tell the Customer Service Rep that you are calling about a Borough of Schwenksville Contract account. For more information about Whitetail Disposal, log on to www.whitetaildisposal.com. We will post all current information on www.schwenksville-pa.org as it becomes available.   

     The contract with Whitetail Disposal is for three years with two one year extension options. Whitetail was the lowest responsible bidder. The price per residential unit for 2019 is $21 per month/$63 per quarter/$252 per year. The service days and services provided will remain the same: Tuesday pick up for trash and single-stream recycling; 1 extra bag permitted; 1 bulk item per week permitted and yard waste bags to be collected when left in proper biodegradable leaf bags.

According to Borough Ordinances all dwelling units are required to have a trash and recycling service provider and all commercial/nonresidential operations are required to have trash dumpster and recycling services as well.

   It is against Pennsylvania State laws for electronics to be collected along with solid waste. Electronics must be returned to where they were purchased or disposed of at an Electronics Recycling event. 
Borough Hall is closed 12/31/18 and 1/1/19. 
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Should you have questions or concerns about information contained in this e-newsletter; about projects being undertaken by Schwenksville Borough or about Borough operations please contact us at info@schwenksville-pa.org or call 610-287-7442.  Residents are also welcomed to attend a Council Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each Month at 7 PM --except for January of even years when the Borough conducts a reorganization meeting the first Monday or day after a holiday in January.  The next Council Meeting is Thursday, February 8th.  
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