Sci-News Roundup July 30 - August 05, 2022
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USA Today, August 03, 2022
As the monkeypox outbreak continues to spread worldwide, cases across U.S. states are rising – with three governors declaring states of emergency in the last week.

NPR, July 31, 2022
As the number of people with post-COVID symptoms soars, researchers and the government are trying to get a handle on how big an impact long COVID is having on the U.S. workforce.

Washington Post, August 01, 2022
It’s complicated. Be forewarned: Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are nuanced but a little confusing.


Cosmos, August 02, 2022
The cultural significance of the dugong spans centuries and civilizations.

Science Alert, August 02, 2022
Stories of people surviving freezing temperatures are unusual enough to be newsworthy but aren't exactly rare either.

Mental Floss, July 28, 2022
You don't need to be well-versed in quantum physics or even complex math to solve Albert Einstein's famous house riddle.

Physics Today, 2008
Sailing starts with the force of the wind on the sails. Analyzing that interaction yields some results not commonly known to non-sailors.

Nautilus, July 22, 2022
The surgeon’s role fell mostly to uneducated barbers who had been frequenting monasteries since the late 11th century AD, when beards were banned. The two fields became more intertwined as barbers took on more surgical roles, like performing bloodletting and amputating digits.

Scientific American, July 28, 2022
Who decided that nothing should be something?


Astronomy, July 29, 2022
The originators of the theory...explain to Astronomy why they think the development of complex life on other worlds is likely extraordinarily rare.

Quanta, August 01, 2022
A hidden link has been found between two seemingly unrelated particle collision outcomes. It’s the latest example of a mysterious web of mathematical connections between disparate theories of physics.

Space, August 02, 2022
Scientists used a fossil relic left over from the Big Bang to perform the earliest detection of dark matter ever.

The Conversation, July 31, 2022
Astronomers have identified a series of rarely observed radio objects – a radio relic, a radio halo and fossil radio emission – within a particularly dynamic galaxy cluster called Abell 3266. They defy existing theories about both the origins of such objects and their characteristics.

Sky & Telescope, July 27, 2022
Something we take for granted about the crescent Moon’s appearance may be nothing more than an optical illusion.


MIT News, July 28, 2022
New stamp-sized ultrasound adhesives produce clear images of heart, lungs, and other internal organs.

Inside Climate Change, July 28, 2022
Researchers and startups are moving forward with plans for windows that generate electricity.

Anthropocene, July 28, 2022 (scroll down)
Technology to make carbon-neutral kerosene has moved out of the lab and into a real-world demonstration, hinting at the future of solar jet fuels.

Cosmos, July 29, 2022
A few clever inks can make paper electric.

Nature, July 28, 2022
The DeepMind AlphaFold tool has determined the structures of around 200 million proteins.

Washington Post, August 03, 2022
The highly complex medical procedure separated the twins, who were born craniopagus, meaning they were connected to each other with fused skulls and intertwined brains that shared vital veins.


Outside, July 26, 2022
Heatstroke deaths are common and preventable. Here’s how to make safe decisions when you’re exercising in the summer.

Coach, July 25, 2022
Use this nine-move resistance band workout to fit strength training into your week.

EatRight, March 15, 2022
The mention of nutrient deficiencies might conjure up images of developing nations, but the typical American diet also can leave big nutritional gaps.

Johns Hopkins Health
Larger waistlines are linked to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Losing weight, especially belly fat, also improves blood vessel functioning and also improves sleep quality.

Medical News Today, July 31, 2022
The study shows consuming green tea extract may reduce blood sugar levels and decrease gut inflammation and permeability.

Deutsche Welle, July 29, 2022
Only a third of adults today can digest lactose. For many years, researchers assumed humans adopted this ability when our prehistoric ancestors started drinking milk. A new study points to a different story.


Futurity, August 02, 2022
If you’ve ever seen a starling peck open a garbage bag or a grackle steal dog food, you get a sense that some birds have learned to take advantage of new feeding opportunities–a clear sign of their intelligence.

New York Times, July 28, 2022
Similar openings on the sea floor were first spotted 18 years ago along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Their origins remain unknown. Scientists are asking the public for their thoughts.

BBC News, August 02, 2022
The authors say that the consequences of more extreme warming - still on the cards if no action is taken - are "dangerously underexplored".

Cosmos, August 03, 2022
This might explain why lightning happens much more over land than it does over the sea.

Treehugger, July 29, 2022
Having tall limbs makes them particular sensitive to gravitational forces.

Live Science, July 29, 2022
Is it the ring of fire? Or somewhere else?


Discover, May 29, 2021
Maintaining classic green lawns threaten the climate, biodiversity, water conservation and other sustainable goals.

Inside Climate News, August 01, 2022
Despite the risks of building on barrier islands, developers kept constructing homes on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Now, as sea level rises and storms become more frequent and powerful, the famed vacation spot is fighting an increasingly difficult battle to keep from washing away.

Hakai, July 28, 2022
The realization that turbulence created by deepwater wind turbines could upset the spring phytoplankton bloom has researchers warning the rapidly emerging industry to proceed with caution.

Environmental Health News, August 02, 2022
Until the EPA untethers itself from the wishes of the pesticide industry, we can never trust that it is following the science and protecting people and wildlife from the most dangerous poisons.

The Guardian, August 02, 2022
Activism works. If we could ban tobacco advertising and sponsorship, we can ban fossil fuel propaganda.


Inside Climate News, July 28, 2022
The legislation includes unprecedented tax incentives for renewable energy and electric vehicles but requires additional oil and gas leasing on millions of acres of federal land for a decade.

PBS NewsHour, July 26, 2022
“The tragedy of this is that all over social media, you can see tens of millions of Americans who think scientists are lying, even about things that have been proven for decades.”

The Guardian, August 03, 2022
As the climate crisis escalates, oil companies are posting record profits. We must accelerate a fair energy transition.

The Conversation, August 02, 2022
As the new initiative promises a “science informed response” to hotter conditions, five stories from The Conversation’s archive explain what researchers know about heat and health.

Earth, August 01, 2022
Global warming could become catastrophic for humanity, if temperature rises turn out to be worse than predicted – which has been seen recently in the UK, for instance – or cause unexpected cascades of events.