Sci-News Roundup August 06 - August 12, 2022
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The Conversation, August 08, 2022
Many researchers are left scratching their heads as to why monkeypox seems to be propagating so readily and unconventionally in the current global outbreak.

The Guardian, August 10, 2022
The virus, which causes symptoms including fever, fatigue, cough, loss of appetite and muscle aches, is believed to have spread from animals to humans.


BBC Future, February 12, 2018
A surprisingly potent technique can boost your short and long-term recall – and it appears to help everyone from students to Alzheimer’s patients.

Sci-News, August 09, 2022
The most surprising and telling thing about finding the footprints is the insight it provides into the daily life of a family group thousands of years ago.

New York Times, August 05, 2022 (amazing time-lapse clip!)
A team of biologists and mathematicians studied hours of video to learn how insects take shape in the egg. The secret is geometry.

Earth/Sky August 07, 2022
Throughout history, there have been accounts of fish, frogs, birds and even spiders falling from the sky over many parts of the world.

Cosmos, August 04, 2022
Small genetic changes separate modern humans from ancestral brain development. 

Particle, July 11, 2022
Are you entrusting your romantic future to an algorithm?


Symmetry, August 09, 2022
It’s around you, it’s a part of you, and scientists are still trying to figure it out.

The Conversation, August 05, 2022
This has critical impacts not just on our timekeeping, but also things like GPS and other technologies that govern our modern life.

Physics World, August 08, 2022
The discoveries almost double the number of known systems and could help astronomers better understand where the dividing line between planets and stars is.

Phys.Org, August 03, 2022
Though it was touted as giving ordinary matter mass, interactions with the Higgs field only generate about 1 percent of ordinary mass. The other 99 percent comes from phenomena associated with the strong force, the fundamental force that binds smaller particles called quarks into larger particles called protons and neutrons that comprise the nucleus of the atoms of ordinary matter.

Quanta, April 07, 2022
A new analysis of W bosons suggests these particles are significantly heavier than predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.


Yale Climate Connections, August 04, 2022
What makes this Boston University building unique lies deep underground, where water circulating through 31 geothermal boreholes will supply 90 percent of its heating and cooling needs when the building opens, as scheduled for later this year.

Cosmos, August 10, 2022
The discovery has implications for locomotion without propulsion.

Nature, August 03, 2022
Scientists warn that the findings aren’t yet clinically relevant but say the research raises ethical questions about the definition of death.

TechXplore, August 09, 2022
A team of Hong Kong University researchers has developed a coin-sized system that can read weak electrochemical signals and can be used for personalized health monitoring and the measurement of such conditions as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and mental health.

Knowable, July 20, 2022
Marketed to meat lovers, plant-based burgers like Impossible and Beyond claim to taste like the real thing and to have far lighter environmental footprints. Here’s what the numbers have to say.

MIT Technology Review, August 09, 2022
Even if content moderation were implemented perfectly, it would still miss a whole host of issues that are often portrayed as moderation problems but really are not.


Psyche, August 10, 2022
Forever looking up symptoms and fearing the worst? There are ways to stop the endless checking and find real peace of mind.

Guardian, October 30, 2021
Losing weight may be tough, but keeping it off, research tells us, is tougher – just not for the reasons you might think.

Mental Floss, August 09, 2022
At no point has any drowning death been attributed to swimming too soon after eating. Some endurance swimmers even consume food for energy mid-swim.

LiveScience, August 09, 2022
From agility and balance to strength and flexibility, discover the different components of fitness and how to train effectively.

SciTech Daily, August 09, 2022
When you learn to incorporate fermented foods in your diet, you can reap all the benefits of probiotics without even having to supplement — and while enjoying delicious foods and drinks.

When people have a few moments to kill, they often pull out their smartphones to check their email or read the news. We tend to think that ‘just thinking’ or ‘just waiting’ is boring.


Sapiens, June 30, 2022
Millions of people have lost their sense of smell to COVID-19 and other conditions. Anthropologists are investigating the surprising significance of this underrated sense.

Inside Climate News, August 09, 2022
A regional rewilding network would help capture carbon, boost water supplies and protect against flooding and drought.

Cosmos, August 08, 2022
Researchers find the job takes the whole funnel – which has implications for industry.

Deutsche Welle August 09, 2022
The humble honeybee can control temperature in astounding ways — from keeping the hive cool during heat waves to cooking their enemies alive.

Scientific American, August 04, 2022
A machine-learning algorithm predicts that more than half of the thousands of species whose conservation status has yet to be assessed are probably in danger of disappearing for good.


Civil Eats, August 10, 2022
The Inflation Reduction Act includes billions for sustainable agriculture and a last-minute provision to provide debt relief to farmers.

Circle of Blue, August 02, 2022
Saltwater is creeping inland from Maine to Georgia, with southeastern states experiencing intrusion the fastest.

Ensia, April 05, 2022
In the very short time between now and 2030, emerging technologies will change our lives dramatically. It’s up to us, now, whether it’s for better or for worse.

Treehugger, July 31, 2022
Can these non-renewable water sources keep up with demand in the 21st century?

The Guardian, August 06, 2022
Weedkillers, insecticides and other pesticides are used on golf courses, and many, such as 2,4-D, have been linked to health problems.


Yale Climate Connections, August 08, 2022
It’s a textbook case of how global warming gets even more pronounced after dark.

inside Climate Change, August 5, 2022
From hurricanes to flash floods, to increasingly destructive wildfires, climate-driven natural disasters are forcing more Americans out of their homes and triggering waves of relocations. 

Smithsonian, August 08, 2022
NASA scientists say the intrusion could warm the Earth’s surface.

New York Times, August 05, 2022
A Times investigation revealed a coordinated effort by state treasurers to use government muscle and public funds to punish companies trying to reduce greenhouse gases.

Scientific American, August 05 2022
Children “are not little adults”—they have more trouble regulating temperature than adults do.