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Letter from the Executive Director
Welcome Fall.

I always enjoy the change in seasons, any seasonal change. Winter to spring, spring to summer, but my favorite is the change from summer to Fall. I certainly find the cooler temperatures and changing leaf colors inviting. They may even be a fair exchange for the shorter days of summer. My real favorite part of Fall however is the return to school.  

I am now the parent of two college students. It is a bit of a shock not to have anyone in the K12 system, whether me as a teacher or my children as students. But the rituals are much the same. There are supplies to purchase, schedules to memorize, goals to set, friends to reconnect with, and excitement for the possibility of a new school year. So many opportunities always seem within reach this time of year. I hope your Fall is filled with promise and the welcome rituals of the season.

STEM Day at the Fair 2022 was a great success. 15,000 people came through our exhibit area keeping the over 30 exhibitors busy engaging fairgoers. More stopped by the stage to catch performances there. The weather was perfect, everyone seemed happy to be back at a more “normal” fair after two years impacted by Covid. Many thanks to our exhibitors with special thanks to our sponsors, Target Tech Kids, MTS Systems, Medtronic, Anderson Corporation, Seagate Technology, Boston Scientific, MnDOT, Hennepin County, Silk Road Medical, and Xcel Energy.

To our friends who have just joined us through STEM Day at the Fair welcome, and I hope you will find this and all our publications informative.
Jim Davnie
Executive Director
Partner Spotlight
Bringing Real-World Learning to PreK-12 Classrooms
Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a national nonprofit organization that provides an interdisciplinary STEM-based curriculum for PreK-12 students and teachers through pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. In Minnesota PLTW partners with 102 school districts supporting 346 programs across the state, and works collaboratively with partners to create grant opportunities for additional districts to bring STEM experiences to their teachers and students.
PLTW stresses student development of both technical and transportable skills by exploring real-world challenges. Transportable skills include problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, ethical reasoning and mindset, communication, and collaboration. They also provide teachers with the training, resources, and support they need to engage students in real-world learning.
PLTW prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as key to empowering students to unlock their potential. They emphasize being able to bring authentic selves to work, unlocking the power of each person’s unique differences and experiences that create a sense of belonging.
Tracking outcomes for both students and teachers trained in PLTW can demonstrate better academic achievement for both college-bound and non-college-bound students, greater interest in STEM topics and careers, and greater satisfaction for teachers. 
STEM Opportunities
Educator Resource & Professional Development
Statewide Tour of Manufacturing

Tours will be posted as manufacturers register for the Minnesota Statewide Tour of Manufacturing. Look below to find a manufacturer to connect with!

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The Bus is on Us!!!

Schools planning to take students on tours of manufacturing facilities can apply for bus funding from Minnesota Manufactured.

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Aspirations in Computing Awards Program

This award honors high school students who identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary for their computing-related achievements and interests. Award recipients are selected based on computing and I.T. aptitude, leadership ability, academic...

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2023 Engineering Machine Design Contest Announcement

Into Orbit: Transforming Space Technology | STEM Educators, are you ready to engage your students' curiosity?! We are excited to announce the 2023 Engineering Machine Design Contest theme, new program...

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Career and Technical Education: The Heart of Minnesota's ...

As an Exhibitor at this year's in-person Summit, your organization has abundant opportunities to make and strengthen connections with education and workforce practitioners in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. You will be exhibiting in-person at...

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Nature for New Minnesotans: Making the Case for Teaching ...

Nature for New Minnesotans is a new program through University of Minnesota Extension that seeks to increase the environmental literacy and access to the outdoors of EL (English Language) students in the Twin Cities. In this article, program...

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Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops

The Earth is warming the Earth. In this series of five short films, learn why natural warming loops have scientists alarmed-and why we have less time than we think. Subtitled in 25 languages. "I highly recommend you to watch these five very...

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Midwest is Best CSEd Virtual Unconference!

10 CSTA Chapters have joined forces to host the Midwest is Best CSEd Virtual Unconference Sat. Oct. 15, 2022 on Hopin, with the theme of CS Across the K-12 Curriculum! Anchor sessions led by Diana Franklin, Emmanuel Schanzer, Katherine Strong...

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NX Student Day 2022

During our 3-hour long webinar you will hear from industry leaders, professors and Siemens executives who are using NX in their day-to-day life. Learn about the importance of software in modern engineering and get technical tips & tricks on how...

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Participatory methods involve an approach to research, program development, and action planning in a way that captures diverse voices and involves stakeholders in the development, implementation, and dissemination of work. In this workshop, we will..

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Engineering Community Mental Health and Wellness

Are you interested in gathering to talk about mental health and wellness in engineering? The Mental Health and Wellness in Engineering Virtual Community is an informal, approximately monthly meeting to discuss topics of mental health and...

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Natural History on the Big Screen - Feedback Loops:...

In this video, climate experts discuss the short film Feedback Loops: Atmosphere and how climate change is affecting the atmosphere.

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Notable Women in Tech Solitaire

The Notable Women in Tech organization creates a wikipedia pages to highlight women advancing the sciences. They also created a deck of cards which we put into our solitaire site. If you want to play something different than Klondike or Classic...

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Caribou Contests: Math made fun, for everyone!

Caribou is the world's biggest online math contest. Register to participate and get news on upcoming challenges, or practice with past tests, games, and puzzles!

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