October 15, 2020
Junipero Serra High School Newsletter
Junipero Serra High School believes that students of all faiths and backgrounds deserve an academically challenging, spiritually enriching Catholic college preparatory education that forms them to become generous, responsible citizens and leaders

Some e-mails.

"God Bless Serra."
- Mike Gallagher '57

"Thank you!! Amazing to see the history of a great historical school."
- Rena Monroe

"Vince & Joe, I'm very happy to donate to Serra. Thanks for sending me the list of the college and majors for the Class of 2020. Do the students know how proud they make us of our school."
- Denny Mullen '62
Click here to see what we sent Denny.
Thanks to these Alumni and Friends of Serra for their buckets, cups and drops. 
Denny Mullen '62, V. Shannon Clyne '61,   Dan' 65 and Linda Ryan,

 De Angelo Sanford '18 (above) bought his tile, Rick Fucci '70, Richard Peschke '61, Wallace A. Fortune, Tom Alfred '63, 
Dave Reidt '58, Pat Lynch '59, Tom Kidder '60, Robert A. Hutchinson '56 and Porsche Kirksey '04
5001+ Club Members
Newest 5001+ Club Members are Faye Villaroman Johnston '10 and Eric Johnston. Faye and Erick work with Google. Google will be matching their gift.

Faye speaks at Career Day.

With a nod to Mark Dunn '76, if you work for a company that has a matching gift program, please use it.
Class of 2021 Hustles!
This is the Class of  '21's second fundraiser.
Click here for the information to support their latest at Panda Express 1689 W. Artesia on Tuesday, October 20 from 10:00AM to 11:00PM.
Remote Learning Continues.
Joseph McDorman '91 is shown above leading a remote history lesson.
Joe was Student Body President in 1990-91, he returned to Serra and has taught history, government and econ.  Mr. McDorman has coached the Cavalier Ladies Softball Team, served as Assistant Baseball Coach, and Athletic Director. 
Thank you, Joseph!
Serra Business Support
Ramona's Mexican Food Products 
13633 S. Western Ave. 
Gardena, CA 90249 
(310) 323-1950 

If you have a teenager ready for driving school head for EZ Will a great supporter of Serra.

No matter where you are remember to go online and read our hometown newspaper.
Amazon Smile! and Food for Less and Target and
If you buy from Amazon, click here to sign up for their/our Give Back program. Target, Kroger including Ralph's and Food for less have similar programs. 
Some improvements since 1950.
The cafeteria in 1950.

The cafeteria today.

Last edition we showed you the student lockers from 1953.  Some things do change. The Science Center was rebuilt with grants from J.F. Shea., INC.,The Daniel Murphy Foundation and The Weingart Foundation. The Science Center (100 wing) houses Serra's Award Winning STEM Biomedical Science Program now in it's 6th year along with Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Sports Medicine classes.

The Science Center has the same lockers. However, as a part of the upgrade, they were painted.

Serra and the Air Force Academy.

David Eure '18 is starting for the USAF Academy in the defensive backfield.
We know that QB Bob Carey '66, Tackle Mike McCormick '66 and Multi Position Steve Banas '74 all attended the USAF Academy. If we missed anyone, let us know.
Serra Theatre 
From Mr. Barnes to Mrs. Encelan, Serra has quite a theatrical tradition.

"Command Decision" '60

"Dracula" '80

"Class Action" '12 
The 80K Match
Thank you to all who have helped us with this opportunity from a Foundation to match $1.00 for $1.00 donated up to 80K through 11/13/20. We are at 34k and have a lot of commitments. If you have not donated since August 31, 2019, we are able to double the gift. If you haven't donated since then, please do.
   Click here to participate.
You can buy your ALL HAIL! Card for $61
then that becomes $122.

If you haven't purchased
your Alumni Tile for $201, you  
could do that....and $201 becomes $402.
Or make a donation to Alumni Scholarships/Tuition Assistance and that donation doubles. Click here for Alumni Scholarship information. If you would like your gift to go to a specific program, you can do that to. Tom Alford '63 supports the Math department.
Alumni Association
Click here to read about Alumni Association plans for
Sacred Heart Chapel at Serra
Click here for the Serra 24 Hour Chapel Live Stream!
4 of Serra's Lineman!
Tackle Bob Easton '57 and then to the United States Naval Academy.

Guard and LB Monroe Wooten '69.
Guard and LB Jerry Ruzicka '69

Kenneth Davis '90 played on Serra's first State Championship in the fall of '89. He was named to the All State Team and was All Conference at New Mexico State.  There is a lot more.
Cavalier Code
Cavaliers have faith and integrity.
Cavaliers are humble and accountable.
Cavaliers are scholars who lead and serve.
Cavaliers are soldiers for Christ.
We are Cavaliers.
All Hail!
Joe Cormier '81
Director of Development