2016 Summer Robotics Camp
God at Work
Romans 1:20 states that "from the very time of creation, men should have seen the evidence of God's existence and His work in the marvelous universe He had created."  The Bible illuminates the moment that God "breathed" life into existence, and the complex scientific design that He used to create our world.

Given that God is the creator of science, it's instinctive to utilize the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world as evidence of creationism over evolution.  That is why The Barnabas Group ("TBG") supports STEM Advancement ministry.  Their ministry engages students and teachers in science, technology, engineering, and math ("STEM").  This includes creating and providing a common curriculum for enhanced outside-of-school training in the physical and life sciences for rural and inner city students across Mississippi.  This training is centered around hands-on engineering, science, and robotics courses.

TBG was honored to have STEM Advancement present at our April 2016 meeting.  We recently received the following update from their ministry: 

"STEM Advancement (dba Mississippi Robotics) was honored to present God's work in Mississippi to TBG members.  In response to our presentation, we received over 30 feedback forms indicating support for our current needs, and interest in participating in future mission trips.  Your membership came together to provide tools, assistance with our local advisory board, and with generous financial support.

During the school year we reach over 100 students in various ministries, churches, and Christian private school organizations.  Some are after-school programs, and some are in-class opportunities.  Without our ministry, these Christian organizations would not have the resources, or the expertise to provide STEM education and skill development to their students and faculty.  We utilize God's perfect design, grounded in science, to mentor rural students with the intent of breaking the cycle of poverty through opportunity, education and Christian discipleship.

This summer we conducted three major camps in Mississippi, reaching over 90 students and teachers.  We crossed the state, teaching in five locations for over three weeks.  We partnered with Wilkinson County Christian Academy (Woodville, MS), Jackson Medical Mall (Jackson, MS), and the University of Mississippi Center for Mathematics and Science Education (Oxford, MS).  We are honored to have such a positive influence within public schools.

TBG members are invited to attend and help with our next major event on November 5th (click here to e-mail for more detailed information).   This is our bi-annual robotics competition.  This competition will be held in Woodville, MS, and will have the theme of "survival."  Areas of evaluation are as follows: 

1) Robot "Survival" 
2) Math Word Problems 
3) General Engineering Troubleshooting 
4) Observations of Science Experiment Demonstrations

Thank you all for your kind words of support, and for being an extension of this very needy work in California."
For more information about STEM Advancement, please visit   http://mississippirobotics.org,  or e-mail their organization at STEMAdvancement@gmail.com

"I learned how to build robots and measure circumference."