Making a Difference in Local Schools
Kit Club Helps Level STEM Playing Field
The  Science Buddies Kit Club helps local companies support community schools  through the donation of STEM kits. Kit Club grants support and enable increased opportunities for hands-on science education and active learning.  

Early adopters of the Kit Club program include VWR Foundation, the Carson Foundation, Boston Scientific, Southern California Edison, the Charitable Foundation, and the Allergan Foundation. 
Engineering in the Classroom
Fluor Engineering Water Flow Challenge
The 2017 Fluor Challenge is underway! Submissions are coming in from students around the world who are doing the #FluorChallenge in their classroom or after school program. Is this hands-on engineering challenge on your schedule? Gather materials, block off a class period, and take the challenge!

Google Classroom teachers can use our Google Classroom Integration to streamline the Fluor Engineering Challenge. Before the in-class activity, make a reading assignment of the challenge overview and rules, assign the overview video, or have students review the project directions and summarize the goal of the challenge. Find out more in our Fluor Water Flow Engineering Challenge post. 
The photos below show some of the awesome water flow solutions that have already been submitted.
(Note: cash awards are available in some locations. Submissions accepted through March 17, 2017. For more information, see the complete rules and regulations.) 
Student Science and Engineering Activities
The Physics of Falling Toast 
Will a piece of buttered toast land buttered side up or down if it falls to the floor? Students can find out with a hands-on science activity that offers a fun physics exploration at home or in the classroom.
Build on the Excitement of Engineering Week
Engineering Week is over, but students can explore engineering all year long! Science Buddies has great projects and activities for student engineering. Pin or bookmark our special collection for explorations you might do with your students. 
Classroom Kits for STEM Education
Ping Pong Catapult Classroom Kit—25% discount
Launch physics and math lessons with the Ping Pong Catapult Classroom Kit.  The Classroom kit includes five Ping Pong Catapults, a standards-aligned lesson plan, and a 25% discount for teachers!  

The versatile design makes the Ping Pong Catapult ideal for projects ranging from Medieval-themed siege explorations to sports projects related to football and baseball.     
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