FAU Receives State Grant for Cybersecurity, IT Training
FAU receives $800,000 state grant as part of an initiative to prepare students and mid-career professionals for jobs in the burgeoning fields of cybersecurity and information technology. Read more.
Alumna Named National Geographic Young Explorer
Alumna and shark researcher, Deborah Santos de Azevedo, was named a National Geographic Young Explorer. Deborah discusses her plans for the Young Explorers grant: “This gives me a platform to reach and impact a diverse group of young scientists, and it will help to build a new generation of marine biologists from marginalized communities to champion marine conservation.” Read more.
Spring 2022 Dean's List
Congratulations to our outstanding scholars on the Spring 2022 Dean's List! View the Dean's List.
Predicting New Drug Emergences with the Virtual World
Elan Bareholtz, Ph.D., senior author, Associate Professor of Psychology and member of the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, and FAU Stiles-Nicholson Brain Institute.
It’s possible that online forums and social media platforms, like Reddit, could be used as an early warning system of impending emergences of novel drugs, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Drug Policy. Read more.
Former NFL Player Researches the Brain and Body’s Impact on Behavior
Inspired by his time as a professional football player and athletic trainer, Ph.D. student in Experimental Psychology, Claudius Osei, is trying to understand how the brain influences behavior — and the body. For scientists who research the brain, it’s a controversial notion. But, his research could shed light on what makes elite athletics perform the way they do. Read more.
Student Spotlight: Morton Fellow and Soar-in-4 Scholar Michelle Gras
Michelle Gras is a junior in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science who is working toward a B.S. in Biological Chemistry. Michelle is both a member of the Soar-in-4 program that provides high-achieving student research opportunities and mentorship, and she is also a Morton Fellow. The Morton Fellowship offers students the unique opportunity of a scholarship and funding for research that benefits the broader South Florida community. Read more.
Biological Sciences Master’s Student Wins Second Runner-Up at 2022 Three Minute Thesis Competition
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science master's student in biological sciences, Haley Davis, took home the Second Runner-Up award at FAU's 2022 Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Championship for her presentation, "Hyposalinity tolerance of three southeast Florida reef-building corals." Haley works with faculty advisor, Associate Research Professor Joshua Voss, Ph.D. Read more.

Learn more and see all the winners. Watch Haley's 3MT® presentation below.
3MT® Championship Second Runner-Up winner, Haley Davis.
Summer Certified Nursing Assistant Test Prep Course
The Schmidt College of Science is offering a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Test Prep Course, August 6-13, 2022. The course is intended for students to “challenge” the CNA exam. The instructors are nurses and approved through the Florida Board of Nursing to teach a variety of certification courses. Learn more and register.
Fall 2022 Biology Continuing Education Courses
Fall 2022: Oct. 18-Nov. 17

The DNA Forensics certificate course is for professional and non-professional students contemplating a career in biotech, forensic science, criminal justice and other allied life science programs.

The Assisted Reproductive Technology certificate course is for professionals or current students seeking a career in human reproductive medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, biomedical science and other allied life science programs.
Social Media Spotlight: @faumarinelab
@faumarinelab: Check out this scan from a stingray!⁠ Did you know that stingrays are related to sharks? Stingrays and sharks are considered to be a part of the class elasmobranchs, which is also known as cartilaginous fish. The picture shows the bottom of the stingray, which is where their mouth is located.
In the News
The Wall Street Journal: How Children Use Conflict to Win Popularity

New research shows that as early as the third grade, a student’s concerted aggression can raise their status among schoolmates. A study by Brett Laursen, Ph.D., senior author and a Professor of Psychology, included in The Wall Street Journal. WSJ Illustration: Tomasz Walenta. Read more.
FAU Experts Featured in National Geographic's SHARKFEST
From the FAU Marine Science Lab: The research of FAU Marine Lab principal investigators, graduate students, and alumni are featured in several National Geographic SHARKFEST programs. Read more.
2022 Combinatorics, Computing, Group Theory and Applications in South Florida

August 14-21: This conference brings together experts in Group Theory, Combinatorics and Computing to discuss computational, algorithmic and application aspects that have recently emerged at the interface between these areas. Read more.
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