FAU Names New Dean of Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
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Florida Atlantic University has announced Valery Forbes, Ph.D., as its new dean of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, effective Aug. 10. Forbes brings more than 25 years of experience as a robust, enterprising researcher and academic leader with international experience that pairs well with FAU’s already thriving scientific community. Read more.
Message From the Dean

The Fall 2022 semester has kicked off to an exciting start. Like many of you who may have just joined Florida Atlantic as a new student, it’s also my first semester here at the University. I am thrilled to be here, serving as the new dean of the Schmidt College of Science. It’s great to meet so many new people and to learn about all of the exciting work going on here. Our college is home to incredibly talented students, and dedicated faculty and staff across our 10 academic units and numerous offices. We teach and do cutting-edge research in topics ranging from medicinal chemistry, cybersecurity, coastal resilience, neuroscience, climate change, astrophysics, exercise science, and much, much more. I would love to meet more of you, so don’t hesitate to stop and say hello if you see me on campus. I’m looking forward to sharing some new initiatives with you soon. Best wishes for a productive semester. Go Owls!

Valery Forbes, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Associate Professor and senior author of the study, Marianne Porter, Ph.D., is part of a team researching the newly-discovered walking shark that breaks all of the rules for survival. Read more.
New $26 Million NSF Engineering Research Center for Smart Streetscapes
The new Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Smart Streetscapes will be supported for five years with $26 million; renewable for an additional five years, for a total of up to $52 million. The ERC program is National Science Foundation’s flagship engineering program to catalyze convergent research to address large-scale societal challenges. Read more.
Summer 2022 Commencement
Congratulations to our outstanding Summer 2022 graduates! View more photos.
Study First to Link Weed Killer Roundup® to Convulsions in Animals 
A study by Florida Atlantic University and Nova Southeastern University is the first to link the use of the herbicide Roundup®, a widely used weed killer, to convulsions in animals. Akshay S. Naraine, MSc., project lead and a Ph.D. student in the Schmidt College of Science and the International Max Planck Research School for Synapses and Circuits, states, “More evidence is mounting for how prevalent exposure to glyphosate is, so this work hopefully pushes other researchers to expand on these findings and solidify where our concerns should be.” Read more.
Brian Lapointe, Ph.D., senior author and a research professor at FAU Harbor Branch, stands in front of a canal in Cape Coral located in Lee County, Florida.
From fecal bacteria to blue-green algae to red tides, Southwest Florida’s water quality has declined as its population has increased. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute took a deep dive into this region’s degrading water quality. Rachel Brewton, a research scientist at FAU Harbor Branch and Ph.D. candidate in geosciences in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, is first author on the study. Read more.
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Showcase
The FAU Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry celebrated research and scholarly activities of FAU's 2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) and their faculty mentors. Congratulations to the 2022 SURF Awardees from the Schmidt College of Science! See the list of awardees and more photos.
What Has America Learned Since Hurricane Katrina? Not Enough
“While it is promising that more cities are developing evacuation plans, overall, it remains disheartening that not every city was able to learn the lessons of not being prepared, especially for carless and vulnerable populations, as showcased to the nation during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005,” said John L. Renne, Ph.D., senior author and professor and director, Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions in FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. Read more.
Tiffany Roberts Briggs, Ph.D., Named Director of Environmental Science Program
Congratulations to Tiffany Roberts Briggs, Ph.D., on her new role as director of the Environmental Science Program in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. Dr. Briggs began her new role on August 2. Read more.
Student Spotlight: 2022 Three Minute Thesis Championship Winner Morgan Slevin
Morgan Slevin, a doctoral degree candidate in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science’s Integrative Biology Program, captured first place in FAU’s sixth annual Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®) for his presentation on, “Treating treatment failure: How wild avian microbiomes mediate stress responses, with applications to wildlife rehabilitation.” Read more.
3MT® Championship winner, Morgan Slevin.
Investigating the Culture Connection
Idaly Vélez-Uribe, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow, and her mentor Mónica Rosselli, Ph.D., neuropsychologist and professor of psychology, are working to understand how a unique set of factors shared by many Hispanics might affect their vulnerability, or resistance, to the devastating decline in brain function associated with Alzheimer’s. Read more.
A Closer Look at the Brain’s Cognitive Processes
At the cross section of neuroscience and psychology, Chad Forbes, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, digs a little deeper to better understand what’s going on inside the brain, including how the brain changes during stress or what happens when people experience biases and prejudices. Read more.
Fall 2022 Biology Continuing Education Courses
Fall 2022: Oct. 18-Nov. 17

The DNA Forensics certificate course is for professional and non-professional students contemplating a career in biotech, forensic science, criminal justice and other allied life science programs.

The Assisted Reproductive Technology certificate course is for professionals or current students seeking a career in human reproductive medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, biomedical science and other allied life science programs.
Earn Your Certificate in Cybersecurity
Build high-demand skills and combat cyber threats with a certificate in cybersecurity. Learn more.
Florida Digital Services Scholar Internship Program
2022 Art of Science Photography and Videography Contest
Art of Science submissions showcase original images and footage of the inherent beauty in research, scholarship and creative activity. Open to FAU faculty, students and staff. Prizes include an iPad, Apple watch and AirPods. Learn more.
Schmidt College of Medicine: The Art and Science of Pain Management Conference
This conference will review the latest technology, science, and treatment options anyone interested in treating or researching pain and addiction should be made aware of in order to offer the best care choices to their patients and background for their studies. Learn more.

Call for Poster Presentations

October 28, 2022, 1:30-2:30 p.m.
Digital Boards, FAU Schmidt College of Medicine

Highlighted Research Topics: Pain, Psychology and Addiction.

Click here to apply to present your research. Deadline to apply: September 15.
In the News
WPTV: 30-year Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew

John Renne, Ph.D., professor and director for the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, addresses his research efforts with evacuation planning. Watch here.
NBC Nightly News: Climate Change Causing More Turtles to Be Born Female

Professor and Director of the FAU Marine Science Lab, Jeanette Wyneken, Ph.D., discusses how a turtle’s sex is determined, not by chromosomes, but the temperature of the sand. However, with climate change, male sea turtles are becoming more rare, threatening the species. Watch here.
Local10: Sea Level Rising More Rapidly Than Previously Predicted

Colin Polsky, Ph.D., professor and director for the FAU Center for Environmental Studies, discusses sea level rise. "Local efforts to stem the rising tide, like putting duck valves on storm drains, are helpful, but limited," says Polsky. Watch here.
FAU Seeks Older Participants for Aging and Memory Study

Florida Atlantic University researchers in the Department of Psychology are conducting a study to improve public health by providing information about how human memory changes with age – and you can help. Read more.
FAU Makes History as it Welcomes Students for Fall Semester
Florida Atlantic University has officially welcomed the largest incoming freshman class in university history for the fall semester. Read more.

Dr. Lee Klingler, who retired from Florida Atlantic University in August 2022, was a valuable member of the faculty for 38 years, teaching many different courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Read more.
FAU Foundation Raises $81.24 Million in Record-setting Year

The Florida Atlantic University Foundation raised more than $81.24 million from more than 5,332 donors at the end of the 2022 fiscal year – the largest amount raised in the University’s history. This total breaks the record of $57 million from the previous year and demonstrates a continued trajectory for growth. Read more.
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