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Science Reading with Google Classroom Integration
The news feed on the Science Buddies site makes it easy to locate a relevant article on virtually any topic you are covering with your students. Science reading helps connect classroom learning to the real world, provides a foundation for classroom discussion, and exercises comprehension skills. Add science readings assignments to Google Classroom with the push of a button. Our walkthrough shows you how!

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Student Science Connections
Putting the McGurk Effect to the Test
Experiment with the McGurk effect to see how easy it is to trick the human brain! In this project, students make their own video to demonstrate the McGurk effect in action and explore what this means for creators of Virtual Reality experiences.

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Water Cleaning Science
In a new environmental engineering project, students build their own turbidity meter and use it to model and test the use of flocculants in a water treatment plant.

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Sugar Metabolism Kit Basic Circuits Kit
Explore STEM Careers
Hackers who use their computer programming, technology, and cyber skills to help companies protect against cyber attacks are in great demand! Learn more about STEM careers in cybersecurity, like the job of Web Penetration Tester. 

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Science at Home
Diaper Duty Science
Astronauts, babies, diapers, and hands-on STEM? With this classroom-friendly  science activity, students take an inside look at the polymer in diapers that makes them absorbent.

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Kool-Aid Science Experiment

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