Art & Science
Images of beauty and intrigue often emerge through the processes of scientific investigation. Art can both inspire and challenge us to explore new ways of experiencing the world.

We invite you to explore the work of artists and scientists in the UC Berkeley community who have inspired us.

Image: UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. Rigel Stuhmiller is a Berkeley-based artist.
A look back at two of Science at Cal's Art + Science events
Art + Science 2014
What’s the science behind these intriguing images? Find out here.
Vision + Light 2016
“Vision & Light: Extending the Senses,” was presented in partnership with Berkeley's Energy Biosciences Institute. This stunning show featured works created by Berkeley artists and scientists.
Artists & Scientists
Dr. Nia Imara

Nia Imara  is an American astrophysicist and artist. Imara was involved in work that deals with galactic mass, star formation and detecting exoplanets. She was the first African-American woman to earn a PhD in astrophysics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Imara is an artist whose primary medium is oil on canvas.

Science at Cal's first Art + Science exhibit was hosted as part of the Bay Area Science Festival in November 2011, at Nia Imara's First Love Gallery in Oakland.

Lumiphilia by Nia Imara
Bull.Miletic   are visual artists Synne T. Bull (Norway) and Dragan Miletic (USA, b. Yugoslavia). Bull.Miletic were the inaugural Art + Science Artists-in-Residence at UC Berkeley, co-sponsored by the Arts Research Center and the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society.  Their work was featured at Science at Cal’s Vision + Light event in 2017, presented in partnership with the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute.

The production of this work was generously supported by Arts Council Norway, Arts Research Center and Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, & Society at the University of California, Berkeley. The work was realized during a semester-long Arts + Science Residency at UC Berkeley in collaboration with Holly L. Aaron at the Molecular Imaging Center; Danielle Jorgens at the Electron Microscopy Lab; Vasfi Burak Ozdol at the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Christopher Myers at CITRIS Invention Lab.

Zoom Blue Dot video stills
Dr. Javier A. Ceja-Navarro
Dr. Javier Ceja-Navarro is interested in host-microbe associations in non-model arthropods and the characterization of multitrophic interactions in soil. His hobbies include beekeeping, and scientific illustration using watercolor.

He uses his illustrations and animations to great effect to share the fascinating world of insects and micro-organisms.

Kate Nichols
Kate Nichols synthesizes nanoparticles to mimic structurally colored animals, grows artificial skin from microorganisms, and makes her own paints, following fifteenth-century recipes. The long tradition of painters as material innovators inspired Nichols to become the first artist-in-residence in the Alivisatos Lab, a nanoscience laboratory at UC Berkeley.

In spring 2019, she was an artist-in-residence at Stochastic Labs and the Innovative Genomics Institute.

Dr. Sinéad Griffin
Born in Dublin, Ireland, Sinéad Griffin has exhibited in her native Ireland as well as galleries in London, Zürich, and San Francisco. Now based in Berkeley, California, she works as a theoretical physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which strongly influences her two dimensional creations.

As a physicist, her current themes center on the representation of quantum physics using the interplay between lines, texture and form.
Jim Breen - Portrait of a scientific glassblower
For the past 16 years, Jim Breen, the highly-skilled artisan, has created glass apparatuses and other vessels for Berkeley researchers — not just those in chemistry, but in engineering, earth and planetary science, physics and other fields.
Julia Morgan  (1872-1957)

Julia Morgan was born in Oakland, CA. She graduated from the College of Civil Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley where she also studied drawing with architect Bernard Maybeck. Following her graduation in 1894, with Maybeck’s encouragement, Morgan went to Paris to attend the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and in 1901, became the first woman to graduate in architecture.

Returning to the Bay Area, she worked for John Galen Howard, the UC Berkeley campus architect and became the first woman in California to earn her architectural license, opening her San Francisco office in 1905.

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Science and art are for everyone! Whether you try your hand at origami, do a cool research coloring page, or do some nature sketching of things you see around your yard, please share it with us!

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Origami with Bernie Peyton
Bernie Peyton is a wildlife biologist and origami artist who uses his art to raise awareness for environmental and conservation causes. He is a passionate activist, artist, and teacher.

"I am encouraged that origami has a bright place in that future, as a reliever of stress, a means to means to create understanding between cultures, and as a catalyst for solutions such as foldable cheap housing. When I teach a simple origami figure I am also teaching a creative way to think and solve problems. Designing something out of a single uncut square has taught me how to think outside the box and greatly contributed to my ability to ask better research questions as a scientist.  Just maybe someone I have introduced to origami will take that knowledge to make a positive difference. "

Colorme Ph.D.
Color Me Ph.D . is a free resource for students, educators, scientists, and members of the community of all ages to engage in current PhD level research in science and engineering. Each coloring page contains original art developed by PhD student researchers, and is accompanied by a description of the PhD work, summarizing recent scientific publications in words for a general audience. Explore c oloring pages and download a free PDF of ColorMePhD Volume 1 to learn about real research projects by fabulous emerging scientists!

"Hi! My name is (Dr!) Julie Rorrer and I recently graduated with a PhD in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley. ... After publishing my first scientific paper, I was motivated by my love of art, science, and teaching to create a drawing of my research to explain what I do to the non-scientific community, especially to the young students I volunteered with through the CRS Bay Area Scientists in Schools ( BASIS ) program and to the young women we reach out to through the  Expanding Your Horizons  program."

Download free STEM coloring pages

Science is for Everyone
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