Big ambitions + science raise the bar on goal setting
Bold leadership and sound science are driving 4 key actions in 2018: 1+ Ambitious goals go far beyond carbon, 2+ Supply chain collaborations go big, 3+ Leaders go for the relay, and 4+ Goals go for purpose.
Read more from Quantis Global Director, Innovation + Services Jon Dettling about how companies are using science-driven strategies to make sustainable change.

Come inside, meet the team
Quantis has talent! Come inside, take a look, and hear from our team about what makes working at Quantis so distinctive.  Become part of our mission, our spirit, our adventure.

Insights on fashion's environmental performance
In the face of climate change, resource depletion and shifting consumer expectations, fashion brands are increasingly coming under pressure to drive meaningful change and to back up their sustainability stories with facts. To encourage a more resilient future for fashion, Quantis and ClimateWorks, an NGO mobilizing philanthropy to solve the climate crisis and ensure a prosperous future, performed a study looking at the entire value chain of apparel and footwear. The results are out in our new report, Measuring Fashion: Insights from the Environmental Impact of the Global Apparel and Footwear Industries study.
Meet the team at upcoming events
Paris, France
April 4-5
Attend the 2 degrees presentation on April 5th at 4:30pm or visit us anytime at our booth. Contact Camille Mouly for more information.

How business can tackle deforestation
Washigton DC, US
April 18-19
Meet Michele Zollinger during this two-day conference on the big challenges in tackling deforestation, and the solutions that will scale.

Sustainable Innovation
in Sport
Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 2-3
Talk about science-driven goals in sports with Denis Bochatay during this dedicated conference bringing together leaders within the global sports scene.

Marine plastics: tackling the (in)visible to close the loop
The alarm has sounded on ocean plastic. Plastic is everywhere - it's a visible and tangible reminder of human impact on the environment. Without significant action, there will be more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish by 2050. It's time to stop hitting snooze and close the negative plastic tap.