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May/June 2016
Dear Friend,
Every day, science is changing the world around us. As San Diego's science center, the Fleet invites you and your fellow San Diegans to lean into the world of science to experience our changing world through immersive programs, hands-on investigations, interactive experiences and exciting events. All the experiences we create are designed to bring out the inner scientist in everyone, renew our sense of awe and facilitate learning beyond the classroom.
The Fleet inspires thousands of youth to ask questions about their world and to wonder "what if...?" If we are lucky, some of those youth will return to us as volunteers to share their enthusiasm for science with the next generation, and future scientists and science lovers will be born. Emilie, one of our youth volunteers, had this to say about volunteering at the Fleet:

Volunteering at the Fleet appeals to me because I remember all of the fun and amazing memories I have from the numerous field trips and shows I attended there. The Fleet really fueled my passion for science. Volunteering at the Fleet will give me the opportunity to share my passion for science with younger kids and see and discover all the new exhibits at the Fleet. I would absolutely love the opportunity to volunteer at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center!!!

It might surprise you to learn that Emilie is 14 years old! Perhaps she will inspire the next Reuben H. Fleet, J. Craig Venter or Sally Ride as she interacts with visitors in our newest exhibit Science Fiction, Science Future . This exhibit explores the innovations and inventions that were previously only considered possible in science-fiction films and literature. Perhaps Emilie will help a budding scientist recall that one impossible idea which they later turn into reality. With your support, the Fleet will ensure that young minds are exposed to the experiences that will spark the next big discovery.
I hope you will join us as we explore and celebrate the science all around us. Visit us at the Fleet, at our Science Is Everywhere virtual event on June 2 or at our new exhibit  Science Fiction, Science Future and see your world through a different lens.

Warm regards,

Steve Snyder, Ph.D.

Support our Annual Fundraiser
On June 2, the Fleet will host its annual fundraiser, a virtual event entitled, Science Is Everywhere. We invite you to support this virtual event in the following ways:
Make a donation today. Click here to donate.  
Take part in the photo scavenger hunt challenge.
Share your photos using #ScienceIsEverywhere and tagging @fleetscience on social media. Click here for more information. Your donation will help unlock the next challenge!

Tune in to the big finale. Join us on June 2 at one of 25 bars around San Diego for a special edition of Two Scientists walk into a Bar. Snap a pic with a scientist, ask your burning questions, and celebrate Science Is Everywhere with us!
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