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Next Generation Monitoring for Tomorrow's Networks Is Here


ScienceLogic's key differentiators are its speed of collecting, analyzing, and displaying information, done automatically through built-in intelligence, encompassed within an all-in-one monitoring platform, and delivered at a single price.



  • Instant Time to Value - deploys in 15 minutes, and starts generating actionable information in 1 hour.
  • Instant Visibility - provides real-time service-level views of your entire IT stack, from your servers to your applications, in private and hybrid clouds, all in a single pane of glass dashboard.
  • Instant Automation - built-in Smart Actions™ enhanced runbook automation enables you to take automated action for quick issue resolution.


  • Intelligent Deep Discovery - the industry's most advanced discovery engine finds everything that requires visibility, from your entire IT infrastructure to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources in the cloud, and anything in between.
  • Quality of Service Visualization - contextual quality-of-service visuals show you a comprehensive view of your IT and business services, displayed in a single dashboard.


  • All-in-One Solution - tightly integrated solution provides alerting, ticketing, performance, asset tracking, and more in a single platform and at a single price point - completely eliminating the need to glue and patch disparate tools.
  • 1,000 PowerApps - unparalleled in the industry, hundreds of PowerApps designed by developers and our community of users are integrated to "turbo-boost" the base solution. From the customer portal, you can easily download our mostly-free PowerApps that have built-in dashboards, reporting, and more.