will have a
Team SW Meeting on
Tuesday February 5
Please call-in or computer link-in 15 minutes before the top of the hour for the following start times:
8 am in Hawaii;
10 am in California;
1 pm US East Coast/Ottawa;
6 pm in UK/Portugal;
7 pm in Spain/Denmark
(Calls are welcome from Australia, but don't ask me to figure the time)


Social Networking Team (SW is on Facebook) - Eoin

Video Editing Team (Report on YouTube Channel views) - Stuart

Translators Team - Antonio and Heidi

SW Website - Charles

Upcoming Travels and Speaker Bureau - Stuart

Deep Adaption Video Project - Stuart

SW Fund at the Ocean River Institute – Rob 

New Business: 

Additions? Write to Rob at

Keep doing whatever you can to slow the release of greenhouse gasses and increase the capture of carbon. 
Different steps of differing magnitude are all for the better. 
Your actions, our collective efforts, are vital for the future of us all people, plants, wildlife, ecosystems, the planet, our home. 
Though the path before us may be daunting, thank you for steady- on tackling of the Climate Crisis. Keep trekking!