Scoring one for the Community
Concern for Community is one of the leading principles for cooperatives. So REC didn't think twice when Caroline County High School reached out for help installing a new baseball scoreboard! This school-business collaboration serves as a visible source of pride and achievement.
EV Charging Rate
REC expects to soon offer a financial incentive for member-owners to charge their electric vehicles (EV) during times that result in lower costs for the Cooperative.   

How Much Is It Costing You?
During the winter months, it’s easy to turn on the space heater to warm up. But how much is it really costing you? Use REC's space heater calculator to find out.

February Cooperative Living
Read about REC’s reliability efforts – including new lines in Stephen’s City, a pilot program for aging underground lines, and new substation in Spotsylvania

In The Weeds
REC’s Director of Vegetation Management discusses REC's extensive vegetation management program. A glimpse on the front lines for clearing right-of-ways.

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