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August 2018

The Summer months are coming to an end and fundraising auction season is right around the corner! If you haven't started planning your fundraising auction event, now is the time! 

If you haven't picked a date yet, be sure to consult your local social calendar.  Take note of other fundraising auction events and be sure not to attempt to 'compete' for donors with other events.  Ideally, have a list of top 3 dates that will work best. 

Next?  Find your professional fundraising auctioneer. You may be surprised that confirming your venue isn't next.  We recommend ensuring the availability of your key players before booking a venue.  This way, if you find your auctioneer isn't available date, you can make adjustments.  

Now it's time to book the venue and begin planning!  Winspire offers an excellent blog with a check list that will help guide you through the planning process. Find this article here

Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to Sara or Scott, were here to help!  

Sara's Social Media Marketing 
Tip of the Month 

When it comes to gaining new supporters as well as keeping in touch with donors, Social Media marketing is essential.  Each month, Sara Rose Bytnar will share a Social Media Marketing tip to be use to help you promote your organization and fundraising event.  

Check out this months tip below! 

Utilizing a Social Media Editorial Calendar

Posting on social media can easily become an overwhelming task. The best way to manage a consistent and engaging social media page is to plan ahead. An editorial calendar is a road map that enables you to plan out your posts in advance so you don't get stuck staring at the screen trying to think of something interesting to post about. Within your editorial calendar you can set up reoccurring themes to your posts that are relevant to your organization. For instance, pick a day (or two) where you can plan several posts in advance like Sunday Smile or Flash Back Friday. It's becomes easier to plan your posts and keep your content fresh when you develop a well thought out plan.

Do you have a social media marketing question?  Contact us and you may see your answer in a future newsletter! 

Featured Testimonial 

Is Hiring an Auctioneer a Good ROI? - Testimonial
Is Hiring an Auctioneer a Good ROI? 

Wh ere in the World is Scott Robertson Auctioneers?

Scott has been in West Virginia with his wife, Mary, white water rafting all summer.  They will soon be  heading to Ireland with a small group of friends for a few weeks. 

Scott taught the Benefit Auction Specialist class and led the fundraising efforts for the NAA as he has done for the past 5 years.  Prior to Scott coming on board the highest amount raised was $30,000. Since Scott has become the leader for this annual event they've raised over $500,000! Scott says "There's nothing like being in front of your peers doing what you love to do." 

As summer winds down and season begins to heat up, Sara is looking forward to a busy auction season. Sara recently traveled to Jacksonville, Florida to pass the trophy to the next International Champion. She enjoyed her year as the International Auctioneer Champion traveling the country speaking to auctioneers from Virginia to Idaho and Texas to Michigan. In addition to a busy upcoming season, Sara and her husband Brandon look forward to growing their family and welcoming another baby girl at the end of the year.

Sara & family enjoying the summer sun! 

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