Pastor Tom will share a sermon on Facebook this Easter Sunday.
Please watch your email for a worship guide to follow along.
Thank You
Special thanks go out to our Trustees and the Men’s Group for the mowing at church, as well as landscape work at the Parsonage. We are blessed to have so many volunteers willing to do such hard work.
Please lift up in prayer:

-          Family and friends of Ty Denby who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on April
-         Covid-19 victims and all health care workers
-         Those whose employment is in jeopardy due to coronavirus
-         Those who are living behind bars with no way to social distance to avoid the virus
-         Those who are recovering at home and those who are their caregivers
-         Our shut-ins who are dealing with physical pain and the pain of isolation
-         Stephen Kane. Stephen is 20 years old and fell 50ft while hiking this week. He is in
critical condition. We have no new update at this time.

Church operations are ahead of budget due to higher Tithes & Offerings and lower expenses. Tithes & Offerings are above budget and last year-to-date, but Loose Plate Offering was impacted by suspension of worship in mid-March. Thanks to all who are continuing your pledge payments during this challenging time. Our current budget surplus and our cash on hand will allow us to cover operating expenses for the next several month if we continue to receive pledged contributions. Preschool operations are also ahead of budget due to higher tuition and lower expenses. Preschool staff continue to be paid for scheduled work days and hours during the school closure. The Preschool budget surplus will allow us to cover staff pay through mid-May; the remainder will be covered by a fund designated for Preschool support.
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Blessings, Staci