In-person worship at 11am on Sundays.
Pastor Tom will continue to post a pre-recorded sermon every Sunday morning on Facebook & YouTube. Watch your email for direct links to our on-line worship.
It’s coming!   Phone calls have begun!  We are hoping you will say YES! and join this amazing spiritual adventure.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call any of your pastors!

Tom, Roger & Debbie
Prayer List
Please remember in your prayers the people and concerns on our prayer list:

•    The healing of our nation physically, socially & spiritually
•    All afflicted by COVID-19
•    All scientists, medical staff, and researchers who are working to stop this pandemic.
•    Agnes Johnson is in Martha Jefferson Hospital recovering from surgery after falling and breaking her hip
•    Those who are recovering at home and their caregivers.
•     Our shut-ins who are dealing with the pain of isolation.
•    The ministry and participants with Hope Beyond the Bars.
•  John Smith and his mother Katie.
•    "Tee" White, a friend of Alice Sorum.
•    Lucille Wright, Pastor Tom's Aunt, passed away this week. Please keep her husband Uncle Ed and their family in your prayers
•    Tillie Adcock.
•    Connie Knight and her son Derrick.
•    Frances Johnson, friend of the Hamners, healing at home.
•  Ron Moore, in the hospital.
•    Bev Butler, Ellen Pitts brother, recovering at home.
•   Bob Srigley, friend of Ginny Haney.
•    Carter Conrad, Mary Curtis' brother, battling cancer.
• Dan Dowdy, friend of the Hamners.
•    Grady Lassiter, friend of the Hamners, battling cancer.
•    Eileen Piller, friend of the Hamners, battling cancer.
•    Margaret Hughes, at home.

Hope Beyond the Bars has received a $2,000 Foundation Grant
from the Virginia United Methodist Conference to continue and
to grow our ministry.

In 20201, we will begin offering a Bible study opportunity for our artists as
well as those who may not be as artistically inclined.

We enrolled a new artist this week bringing our total number of participants
to 10 and expanded our presence into a total of 4 VA prisons.

We are also expanding our art portfolio to include any art medium that the men can create and ship to us.

A mini art gallery will be set up in Staci's office once the pieces arrive and are
ready for display. Please come by if you are interested in seeing the artwork.
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Blessings, Staci