Pastor Tom will share a sermon on Facebook this Sunday.
Please watch your email for a worship guide to follow along.
The following prayer requests have been submitted by our SUMC family and provided for those of you that would like to participate in Monday's prayer vigil from home.

Our prayer is that you will find this prayer vigil to offer a meaningful way to open yourself to God’s presence in your life.
Visions of the Kingdom

What picture comes to your mind when we speak of the Kingdom of God? Do you think of a Sower sowing seeds on different types of soil or an enemy sneaking in under cover of night so spread weeds? Do you think of something that you treasure so much that you would give up everything else you have so you could possess that one thing?

Do you think of the Kingdom as a place far away off in time? Or do you experience the Kingdom right here, right now? Do you think of the Kingdom as something beyond your responsibility or do you have a role in bringing about the answer to our prayer, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”?

This Sunday we will talk more about how we experience the Kingdom. I hope you will join us on Facebook (premiering at 11:00 am, or on our websites, or on Zoom.

Speaking of Zoom

Last Sunday we experienced some technical issues in trying to offer our worship service on Zoom, but we will try again this Sunday at 11:00 am. Even if we have technical issues with the service itself, you still will be able to join us on Zoom immediately following our Worship Service for Fellowship Hour. Zoom will be our Fellowship Hall and you can provide your own coffee. But you still will be able to greet your friends. Join us!

I Need Pictures

You may have noticed that we have been trying to display pictures during our hymns to add more visual variety. Last week, we enjoyed some beautiful pictures of Sharon Wormser’s gardens, as well as some pictures of various gardens on the grounds of Lakeside, Ohio. This Sunday, I would love to display some pictures of anything you treasure—your homes, your family, your pets—anything that is “church friendly” is fair game. Please email or text your pictures to me: or 434-906-5959.

COVID-19 Update

We continue to experience more repercussions of the COVID-19 virus. This past week, our Preschool Board made the difficult decision to recommend a delay in re-opening our preschool until the issues concerning the coronavirus have been resolved. Our Administrative Council has accepted the Preschool Board’s recommendation. I ask you to continue to hold our Preschool in prayer—our staff, the children, their families—it is a difficult time for all of us. We look forward to the day when our Preschool can re-open its doors to welcome the children.

Let me continue to urge you to stay safe, stay connected to each other, and stay connected to God. I cling to these words of Jesus: “Abide in me, and I will abide in you” (John 15:4). May you abide safely this week!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Tom
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