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Dear Friends: 
Wow! About ten days ago, I came home to discover in our mail a box—a treasure box filled with notes from you to Carol and me offering your good wishes for the next steps in our journey. Thank you for your good wishes, your notes, and the beautiful handcrafted box (the creation of Ron Wormser) that houses them. More importantly, thank you for the love that you have continually offered to us during the past seven and a half months. We have been so blessed by our time with you. 
We are excited to know that those blessings will continue for another year. Danny Kesner, our District Superintendent, has asked me to return for another year to continue in ministry with you. I also am excited about the addition of Roger and Debbie Powell assisting in our ministry team. I look forward to the ways that we will be able to work together in serving the Southern Albemarle Charge as we work for the Kingdom of the Lord. 
At this point, we still don’t know when we will be able to gather together in person for worship. Even as we see some loosening of the limitations brought on by the coronavirus, we also see in parts of our country the signs of a second wave of infections. Your leadership team continues to evaluate the situation and seek to discern where God is leading us. 
As Danny and I have spoken about this coming year, the one issue that I had to work around was a commitment I made last Fall to help start a ministry of providing spiritual direction and guidance to residents and guests of Lakeside, Ohio in July and August. Danny has agreed that I should honor that commitment. If the decision is made to begin worshiping in person again during the summer, we will be making arrangements for pulpit supply on Sunday mornings. I plan, however, to be able to continue to offer on-line worship services even while in Ohio this summer. 
As we continue to cope with these continuing challenges, I hope we all will keep in mind the three simple rules, originally formulated by John Wesley, and paraphrased slightly by Bishop Reuben Job: “Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God.” I am confident that if we continue to live by these principles, God will bless us. 
Grace and peace, Pastor Tom 

July-August 2020

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Prayers of the People

Please remember in your prayers the people who have been on our prayer list:

  • Debbie Reed (friend of the Hamners) who is undergoing tests for Non-COVID-19 illness.
  • Family of Bobby Spencer (Bill Pitt's cousin) Bobby passed away on May 28th
  • Bonnie Butler is now home recovering from knee surgery on June 9.
  • All those at higher risk during this stay at home order: victims of domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, food insecurity, depression and other mental illness and the list goes on.  
  • Josh Jarrett, son of Joyce Jarratt, who has been diagnosed with kidney stones and other issues. 
  • “Duck” Spradlin, as he continues his battle with cancer.
  •  Jim Lloyd, a friend of Carol Frost and Pastor Tom, who is being
        treated for acute leukemia.
  • All of those effected by the COVID-19 pandemic—those who are ill and
the medical staff who treat them.
  •  Those whose employment is in jeopardy due to coronavirus.
  •  Those who are living behind bars with no way to socially distance to
avoid the virus.
  • Those who are recovering at home and those who are their caregivers.
  • Our shut-ins who are dealing with physical pain and the pain of
Letter from Our Trustees

Hello Everyone,
For the late few weeks the trustees have been making improvements to the parsonage in hopes of a new minister.
The hillside at church was string trimmed by David and Frank Herndon, their nephew Jake and their crew.
David Herndon his son Philip and Ben Hughes have install panels to the lower portion of the side screen porch and install a new screen door.
Katherine Dodson and Sammy Herndon painted panels and floor of the porch and the front and back porches and the floors.
David, George, Jesse and myself installed gravel pit drains for the front porch gutter drown spouts on the 3rd of June.
David will be providing some fill dirt to be placed around the foundation to drain rain water away from the house.
Fire extinguishers have been mounted in the 1st and 2nd floor hallways.
A new faucet has been installed in the half bath, the old one was dipping on the hot water side and I could could not find the replacement value.
I am looking to replacing some of the damage blinds, most of the blinds are functional.
George and I have been discussing replacing the dead bolt in the parsonage for safety reasons. We both feel in case of a fire it would be difficult for anyone to escape quickly.
David and Frank are keeping the church lawn mowed and I am mowing the top of the parking lot hill and the parsonage lawn. The parking lot hillside was cut this past week by David and his crew. Many Thanks to David.
George and I have tested the smoke alarms in the church and found 2 not operational. George went to Paulett's and purchased 2 new one and he and I replaced them also the tested the fire alarm.
 Most of the improvement have been completed but any future improvement will be delayed since we will not having anyone moving in until next year and trustees has used most of the money for the year.
One last item the fence for the preschool has been installed at top of the parking lot hill.
I wish you well and hope see all again in church real soon. May God Bless You All.
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Blessings, Staci