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Dear Friends and Family of Scottsville UMC:

As our world slowly begins to re-open from the coronavirus shutdown, churches are beginning to do so, as well. I wanted to report to you on the efforts that Scottsville UMC are undertaking as we prepare for the day that we can meet together again for worship.

1.      Government and Conference Rules: Please understand that we comply with both governmental and conference rules in order to re-open. In some instances, the conference rules may seem more stringent than the governmental rules. The conference rules have been prepared by a task force and approved by the bishop in an attempt to balance the goals of keeping people safe while attending to the spiritual needs of our congregations.

2.      Healthy Church Team: A team of members from Scottsville UMC have been reviewing these rules and preparing a plan that is intended to comply with these regulations. This plan will be presented to your Administrative Council next Tuesday following the Called Charge Conference.

3.      Decision to Open: Any decision to re-open Scottsville UMC for in-person worship will be made by our Administrative Council and approved by the District Superintendent.

4.      Online Worship: Even after we re-open, we plan to continue offering online worship to accommodate those who cannot join us. DVDs of these services will continue to be made available to those who do not have online access. Please contact Staci Hainsworth in the church office to request a copy.

I know that we all look forward to life returning to “normal” soon. I suspect, however, that the “normal” we look for will not be the “normal” we remember. Our world is constantly changing. With these changes come new invitations of living as representatives of God’s kingdom. We all will be learning this together.

But even in a world of change, there are some things that I find constant:

·         God invites us into relationship with Him. We are Children of God!
·         Jesus invites us to proclaim this Good News, and shows us what it means to live out this Good News by loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.
·         The Holy Spirit invites us to experience the presence of God in our lives always.

“The Servant Song” by Richard Gillard (#2222 in The Faith We reminds us:

We are pilgrims on a journey; we’re together on this road.
We are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load.

 I am blessed to share this journey with you.

Grace and peace,
Prayers of the People

Please remember in your prayers the people who have been on our prayer list:

  • There is a 7 1/2 year old girl named Molly, who was born with
Omphalocele. Her organs were outside her body. She had surgery
this past week, and is struggling for her life.
  • Friend of Staci's that lost her baby 5 months into her pregnancy.
  • Debbie Reed (friend of the Hamners) who is undergoing tests for Non-COVID-19 illness.
  • Family of Bobby Spencer (Bill Pitt's cousin) Bobby passed away on May 28th
  • Bonnie Butler is now home recovering from knee surgery on June 9.
  • All those at higher risk during this stay at home order: victims of domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, food insecurity, depression and other mental illness and the list goes on.  
  • Josh Jarrett, son of Joyce Jarratt, who has been diagnosed with kidney stones and other issues. 
  • “Duck” Spradlin, as he continues his battle with cancer.
  •  Jim Lloyd, a friend of Carol Frost and Pastor Tom, who is being
        treated for acute leukemia.
  • All of those effected by the COVID-19 pandemic—those who are ill and
the medical staff who treat them.
  •  Those whose employment is in jeopardy due to coronavirus.
  •  Those who are living behind bars with no way to socially distance to
avoid the virus.
  • Those who are recovering at home and those who are their caregivers.
  • Our shut-ins who are dealing with physical pain and the pain of
Hope Beyond the Bars welcomes
a new artist and a new product
~ Bookmarks ~
Bookmark designs were emailed this morning and new card designs by Maurice and current artists were emailed last week.

Please take a few minutes to check them out. Card designs should be uploaded to the website this weekend followed by bookmarks in the near future, but you can call or email Staci if you would like to place an order.

This program is very beneficial to these men and only possible with your support.

For more information on this ministry
check out the website with the link below
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Blessings, Staci