INVITE SOMEONE to join you this Sunday at 11:00 a.m.
with Rev. Tom Frost, Pastor
Children's Sunday School
We currently do not have children regularly attending Sunday school at 9:45.
As a result, we are suspending the children's class as of Sunday, December 1st.
If you have children or know of children that would like to attend a Sunday school
class on a weekly basis, please make the church office aware of their interest.
Please Prayerfully Consider Making a Pledge in 2020
As we plan for the year ahead, please help us make wise, informed decisions
by sharing your plans for giving in the upcoming year.
If you have not received a stewardship letter and would like to participate in
our 2020 Stewardship Campaign, please contact the church office.
I would be glad to get a pledge card in the mail to you.
Please put your pledge cards in the offering plate this Sunday.
(To remain anonymous, enter a number or code in place of your name on the pledge card.)
Advent Begins this Sunday
Cooks and Volunteers are needed for the 2020 Community Dinner Rotation
Dinners are held the 4th Saturday of every month from 5-6-pm.
Please contact Ann Hamner 434-962-7799 or Staci Hainsworth 286-4736
Joys & Concerns
We ask for prayers for Pastor Randy Golladay. “Duck” Spradlin’s niece is in the hospital. Ginny Haney’s daughter will need surgery. Bob Warring is recovering from a basal cell skin cancer removal. Margaret Hughes is home from the hospital. Sharon’s nephew, Stephen is in Iraq on a humanitarian mission. Mt. Zion’s congregation asks for prayers for a newborn that only weighs 3 lbs.
Sunday Servants:

December 1st
Ushers: Peggy & Marian
Counters: Noreen & Mary Curtis
Liturgist: Don
Children's Church: Martha
Bread Baker: Ginny

December 8th
Ushers: Jeff & Staci
Counters: Ginny & Sharon
Liturgist: Ginny
Children's Church: Lora

Please consider volunteering to be a Sunday servant.
Counters & Children’s Church Helpers are needed.
Meredith, our children's church coordinator, does all the planning
and preparation. We just need a second set of helping hands.
The more volunteers we have, the less any one person serves.
Click Volunteer Now to be added to the 2020 schedule.
Scottsville UMC Calendar

   Sunday, Dec 1:
 9:45am: Adult Sunday School
 10:30am: Choir Practice
 11:00am: Worship
1st Sunday in Advent
Monday, Dec 2:
Tuesday, Dec 3:
 12:00pm: Announcements
 Due to Staci
 7:00pm: AA ( FH)
Wednesday, Dec 4:
Thursday, Dec 5:
Office is closed
Friday, Dec 6:
6:30pm: Movie Night
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
with Jim Carrey
Saturday, Dec 7:
  8:30am: Choir
FH: Fellowship Hall 
ASSR: Adult Sunday School Room

Next Week
   Sunday, Dec 8:
 9:45am: Adult Sunday School
 10:30am: Choir Practice
 11:00am: Worship
2nd Sunday in Advent
Monday, Dec 9:
Tuesday, Dec 10:
 12:00pm: Announcements
 Due to Staci
 7:00pm: AA ( FH)
Wednesday, Dec 11:
Thursday, Dec 12:
Friday, Dec 13:
Saurday, Dec 14:
7:30-10:30am Santa Breakfast (see above)
  8:30am: Choir

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Blessings, Staci
Scottsville United Methodist Preschool