In-person worship at 11am on Sundays with Rev. Laura Stratton, Pastor
Due to the substantial spread of Covid in our area, we encourage everyone, even vaccinated individuals, to wear masks in worship.
Upcoming Calendar Items:
Saturday, September 25th from 2:30-5:30: B.L.A.S.T. Event ~ Fall Festival ~ Invite your family & friends and join in the fall fun!
Monday, October 4th from 7-9pm: Cluster Charge Conference, includes SUMC and Mt. Zion. ~ This will now be held on Zoom
Each Wednesday through October 6th from 10-11:30am: Simon Peter Bible study will be held in the fellowship hall
Sunday, October 10th at 11am: SUMC Homecoming
Every Thursday from 10-2: Skippers Senior Club meets in the SUMC fellowship hall.
All seniors are welcome!
Prayers & Praise of the People
The Week of September 12th
  •  The Wormser family as they mourn the loss of Ron’s mother, Edith Wormser
  •  Charles Carter, friend of the Hamners, had a stroke
  •  Tom Lanier, Hope participant, mourning the death of his cousin Robin
  •  Tom Lanier’s brother-in-law, Brian, diagnosed with cancer in a lymph node. 
  •  Praise that Dr. Hedian had recovered from Covid
  •  Praise for Noreen’s 90th birthday!
  •  John Smith whose cancer has shrunk but who still is undergoing treatments
The Week of September 5th
  • Praise for Jeff & Staci's 33rd wedding anniversary
  • Praise for Harvey & Alice's 25th wedding anniversary
  • Praise for Tyler's 29th birthday
  • Mary, friend of Ann Hamner, who is recovering from thyroid cancer surgery on Sept 2nd.
  • The family and friends of Thelma's cousin, Phyllis Johnson, who died from Covid
  • The family and friends of Rev. Canon Fletcher Lowe, who died, leaving his wife of 67 years
Week of August 29th
  • The Hamner's friend, Mary Yager, is scheduled to have surgery for thyroid cancer this Thurs., Sept. 2nd at UVa Hospital. 
  • Praise that Diane Pullaro's cousin is home from Afghanistan!
  • The family and friends of Staci's cousin, Todd, who died
  • Nancy Schlichting's friend, Patty, under hospice care and at the end of her life
  • Joyce Jarratt's son, who is doing better from his Covid infection, and also his girlfriend and her father. The father is in the ICU.
  • Rev. Laura's grandmother who is on comfort care
  • Rev. Laura's nephew, Locklan, who has facial paralysis from Lyme disease
  • The family and friends of the service people killed in Afghanistan
  • The situation in Afghanistan
  • All affected by Hurricane Ida
Week of August 22nd
  • Wayne Hall, a friend of the Hamners, who had a stroke. He is being moved to a rehab facility in the next day or so. 
  • Chelsey Lundgren's friend, Kimberly, who has a second brain scan on Sept. 22nd
  • Randy Haney's son, Brooks and his fiancée, who both tested positive for Covid
  • Jack Emilut, who is back in the hospital and not doing well
  • Those affected by all of the flooding
  • The family and friends of Edna Davis who died
Long Term Requests
  • John Smith & his mother Katie
  • Bev Butler, Ellen Pitts' brother
  • Joyce Jarratt
Our Shut-Ins
  • Margaret Hughes
  • Mary O'Connell
  • Ruby Willis
  • Agnes Johnson
Additional Requests
  • The healing of our nation, physically, socially & spiritually.
  • All afflicted by COVID-19
  • Hope Beyond the Bars prison ministry
As Hope Beyond the Bars begins its 3rd Bible Study on the book titled: What the Prayers of Jesus Tell us About the Heart of God, I will ask you as I asked our ministry participants: please take a few minutes each day to lift one another up in prayer using the prayer list below. 
We can never have enough hands to clean up, so if you are available, your help would be greatly appreciated.
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