We are braving the stay@home, so we keep Scouting@home. 

This week's challenge theme is
Neighborhood Good Turn!

For the next few weeks, the Greater St. Louis Area Council will sending out a Weekly Scout Challenge This email will contain a variety of Scouting at Home challenges. By the way, parents and Scouters are not left out! Why let the youth have all the fun! Expect your series of challenges to arrive every Friday for a fun filled weekend
Cub Scouts

Neighborhood trash pick up
  • Go on a family walk in your neighborhood and pick up as much trash as possible, use gloves (or the trash-grabbers from this week’s STEM Activity) and a recycled shopping bag to collect your items, post a picture of the trash you collect on this facebook post!
  • Consider a second bag for recyclable items

Decorate the side walks with words of encouragement and positivity! 
  • Get the sidewalk chalk out and spread the love with happy thoughts and pictures for your neighbors to enjoy

Scouts BSA
Write a letter to your neighbors
  • Share the love! Reach out to your neighbors
  • See if they need anything,  see how they are doing or maybe even walk their dog(s)?

Write a letter to your local nursing home residents and include lots of words of encouragement. 

With the help of a parent, Facebook message a health professional that you know! Tell them what a great job they are doing and how much the community appreciates their hard work. 

Encourage scouts that are working on Communications merit badge to complete requirements 1A or 1D, 2A or 2B, 7A, 7B, or 7C. All of these are requirements that can compliment the uniqueness of our current situation and help build communication skills. Push scouts that have not started this to reach out to a merit badge counselor. We have asked all counselors to utilize technology to help scouts work on merit badges, so reach out to a counselor today!

Parents and Scouters
('Scouter' is a term used to identify a BSA registered leader)
Support a local business (order take out, gift certificate)

Help scouts with Facebook messaging a health professional and with the neighborhood trash pick up. 

Renew your Youth Protection Training. 

Update your Hazardous Weather Training by attending Virtual Training!

STEM Activity: Build/design your own trash-grabber or robot hand (it’s like social distancing for your fingers!) Use these to pick up trash around your neighborhood while protecting yourself from germs. Be sure to wash your hands when you get home!

And for the over achiever who wants to go for it all!!
Cub Scout Advancements:
  • Animal Kingdom:  1. Learn the role of someone who provides a service to your community. 4. participate in a Lion Den family service project for others.
  • King of the jungle: 2. Explain what it means to be a good citizen. 
  • Pick my Path: 2. Perform a good turn for another person (i.e. Check in on an elderly neighbor and see if they need anything).

  • Team Tiger: 4. With your family, participate as a team in a service project that helps your community.
  • Good Knights: 6. Show your understanding of knights’ service to others by participating in a service project in your community.

  • Council Fire: 2. Participate in a community service project with your family.

  • Paws for Action: 4.A. Do a cleanup project that benefits your community.