Message from the Board of Governors
Friends in Scouting - 
Welcome to a new Scouting year! Many Groups break over the summer and start up again in September, making this an exciting time for both our new and returning members. I’m looking forward to getting going with our Pack and picking up where we left off last year - and I hope that you’re also fired up.
This summer many of our youth members continued their Scouting adventures at camps and jamborees, including the Pacific Jamboree on the West Coast and at the Newfoundland & Labrador Jamboree in the East. And over 700 Canadian Scouts attended the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, joining 45,000 Scouts and 9,000 volunteers from almost 150 countries as part of the largest Canadian contingent at a world event since 1983.
Most Scouting activities are quite local, so attending a World Jamboree brings a very different experience. I went down to West Virginia for several days and was blown away: the site covers 40,000 hectares and had almost every activity you could imagine, including programming I’ve never seen at a Scout camp before, such as scuba diving and kilometre-long zipline. The logistics were also immense: not many camps have warehouses or a field hospital with helicopter support. 
But the highlight of the World Jamboree wasn’t the facilities or the activities - it was seeing so many Scouts from around the world meet one another, make new friends, recognize what they have in common while trading badges and experiences. When I asked the Canadian attendees what they would remember best, they were unanimous in saying that it would be their new Scout friends. I took great heart from that. All the values of our movement are alive and well amongst the 50 million Scouts around the world. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who worked to make WJ such a success. 
(The next World Jamboree will be held in South Korea in 2023 for Scouts aged 14 to 18. While four years may seem a ways away, now is a great time to start planning and fund-raising. More details to follow.)
The Board of Scouts Canada met in August to talk about plans for the new Scouting year. We re-confirmed our focus on growing membership numbers - something that can and should be top of mind for everyone as new youth look to join our Sections. We all know that Scouting is an incredible experience and we need to work to allow more Canadian youth to experience it. 

The Board also heard about the success of the new Group Commissioner Orientation program, while meeting the most recent participants. This is a three-day course that is getting rave reviews, not only from GCs who are new to their role, but also from GCs who have been in that position for a long time, or who have many years as a Scouter. With many training programs completed online, this one underlines the value of getting together with other Scouters and realizing that challenges (and opportunities) are similar in every part of Canada. All Group Commissioners will have access to the residential course, which is fully funded by a generous bequest from a former Scout.
At the Board meeting we talked more about our camp properties and about how we want to invest to best meet the needs of our members: we’re keen to get input on this, from as many people as possible -- stay tuned. We also highlighted how a strong partnership between volunteers and staff is key to achieving our goal of ensuring all youth have the opportunity to benefit from Scouting.  From supporting local Sections through to national activities, as one team working together, we can be successful. 
I hope your new Scout year is fun and successful, and that we can continue to make a difference in our members’ lives.  

Richard Thomas 
Chair, Board of Governors, Scouts Canada
It’s time to start planning for a year of great Scouting adventures! Last year alone, you joined Scouters across Canada in helping to facilitate 680,000 campfires, 260,000 winter adventures, 591,500 camping nights, and have helped to create countless memories and Scouting firsts.

Thanks to you, youth across Canada have had the opportunity to grow, to challenge themselves and to experience incredible adventures that they will only find in Scouting.

Keep on track with your progression as a Scouter by exploring new development tools like the  Canadian Path Navigator , brushing up on  the Scouter Manual , or discovering Scouter essentials made easy in  The Woggle   quarterly newsletter.
Group Profile: 1 st Beaver Valley Group
The 1 st  Beaver Valley Scout Group takes pride in following the Scouting Mission and Vision statements. "Our Group has been involved in several great community projects the last few years, such as rebuilding local school gardens, singing Christmas carols and making small gifts for seniors, refinishing benches at senior homes and helping out at the local fairs," said Group Commissioner Erin Robson. Find out how the 1 st  Beaver Valley Scout Group has been able to grow on The Canadian Path this past year.
Powered By Popcorn
Looking to embark on even more great Scouting adventures? Start planning for the 2019 Scout Popcorn fundraiser with the  Campaign Kit  and hit the ground running on September 23   when the campaign officially kicks off! 

Discover how the 23 rd  Nepean Group   was able to go on even more great outdoor adventures by fundraising with Scout Popcorn.
As safety leaders in Canada, Hydro One and Scouts Canada have teamed up to extend our culture of safety, healthy activity and vibrant family life to communities across the country with our new Head Safe program. 

Check out the  Head Safe Program page , where we’ll soon be adding even more new Trail Cards and engaging resources at the end of September.
A New and Optimized Registration Process 
After 2 years of work and extensive consultation with parents, Scouters and staff, we are proud to launch a  new registration process on MyScouts for the start of the 2019-2020 Scouting Year to welcome even more youth into our program.
Coming Soon - The New David Huestis Learning Centre
Scouts Canada is very excited to have partnered with D2L (Desire2Learn) to implement a new Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). This personalized, mobile-friendly and intuitive platform for online learning will enhance Scouts Canada’s training of volunteers and staff, tracking competencies as they’re acquired through the Scouter Development Model.

Find out more about the implementation timeline and FAQs. 
Share Your Thoughts – Adventure Standard
Embarking on adventures is about to get easier! With our  new Adventure Standard , we’re aiming to reduce the paperwork required for low-risk adventures. Replacing the current Camping & Outdoor Standard, the new Adventure Standard will make more outdoor experiences possible for our youth members.

We invite you to  share your thoughts on the draft version of our Adventure Standard  by September 23 .
Don’t miss updated versions of the  First Aid Standards and  Swimming Standards , now in effect. The changes made align Scouts Canada with the best practices of other organizations. The updated Standards are clear and realistic, while continuing to place a priority on safety. Explore our  Changelog for specific details.
Throughout the year, Terry Grant, Scouts Canada’s Chief Scout, travels the country to attend camps, award presentations and social events.

The demand is high, so don’t delay — submit your applications for spring and summer events.
Donate and Help a Child join Scouting this Fall
Each year, Scouts Canada’s  No One Left Behind  program supports thousands of youth across the country by giving them the gift of confidence, important life skills and memorable adventures through Scouting. Last year alone,  over 4,200 youth and their families accessed No One Left Behind funding.  
With over $ 700,000 spent on No One Left Behind last year , we need your support to keep the program going so that even more youth facing financial barriers can experience the benefits of Scouting.  

As we welcome a new Scouting Year, we want every family to experience the joys of Scouting.  Give Today!
Join the SDG Volunteer Committee
Scouts Canada is currently seeking volunteers — both adults and youth — to join a new committee to explore how the  Sustainable Development Goals  can be part of The Canadian Path . You will have firsthand involvement in this impactful worldwide movement to fight poverty, reduce inequalities and combat climate change.

To get involved, register your interest by September 22, 2019.
Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet
What’s the best way to talk to a million Scouts around the world without leaving your home town? Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet are annual events that let Scouts around the world chat over radio and the internet. This year’s event takes place on  Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20 . To participate, all you need is a computer with an internet connection or a friendly neighbourhood amateur radio operator. 
Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of youth? Interested in joining a fun, flexible and fast-paced opportunity in the non-profit sector? You might be the right person to take on a role at Scouts Canada.