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Tuesday August 3, 2021
Take a look at one of the strangest unboxing videos I've put out. Thank goodness the 57 pounds in the box was not made up of mugs.

4-Pocket Polypropylene Archival Envelope (short side card included)
1-Pocket Traditional Polypropylene Archival Page (side loading)
Patch Portfolio Binder - 10 Pages 11" x 17" With Grey Cardstock
My househould will be down to 50% capacity for about a week. My son is at his final summer camp experience of the summer and my wife has jumped on a plane this morning to go visit her best friend in New York. The only thing I have scheduled is a father/daughter date night. Sophia is willing to go watch Snake Eyes with me in the movie theater. I was a serious GI Joe kid growing up in the 80s so despite the Rotten Tomatoes score I am sure I'll enjoy it.