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Wednesday April 27, 2022
4-Pocket Polypropylene Archival Envelope (short side card included)
1-Pocket Traditional Polypropylene Archival Page (side loading)
Patch Portfolio Binder - 10 Pages 11" x 17" With Grey Cardstock
It looks like ISCA is out of the business of "monitoring" patch trading at national events. This is according to a post by someone in the Facebook Group. I'm pretty libertarian about patch trading (are you surprised?) and I think setting up a bunch of rules and trying to micromanage is the wrong way to go. Anyone who wants to see a quick video of fun organic trading check out this one I recorded of the first night of trading in 2018. So hopefully in 2022 as this recent article published by the NOAC public relations team relates patch trading will be a fun activity people can do in their free time and there won't be a bunch of drama.