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Tuesday August 31, 2021
4-Pocket Polypropylene Archival Envelope (short side card included)
1-Pocket Traditional Polypropylene Archival Page (side loading)
Patch Portfolio Binder - 10 Pages 11" x 17" With Grey Cardstock
Thursday I am looking forward to a visit from Greg McDaniel who is an avid Philmont collector. Greg has volunteered to help me organize all of my Philmont stuff that is currently sitting in tubs. For YEARS everything I got that was Philmont went into a tub as I didn't really know what was good or how to value it. So he is going to help me go through it and in the end I hope to have several nice frames of Philmont stuff that I can call my "collection". The rest I will have to offer to others. It's not often I get visitors but when they are offering to really help me solve a problem I'm excited to block out the time and have a guest.