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Friday May 13, 2022
Sample Set - includes 1 of each product fully loaded for the complete PAGE System
Sample Set of All 5 Roanoke Double Sided White Vinyl Pages
Patch Portfolio Binder - 10 Pages 11" x 17" With Grey Cardstock
I have been joking about the Fire Marshall but in a way it's a mixed blessing. I have maxed out some of the space in my warehouse by putting stuff as high as it would go. But honestly some of this was just me sticking a "death pile" out of sight out of mind. The rules say I can't store anything above 12 feet high. So that box of BSA posters that I never looked at has to go. Yesterday I also gave away metal shelving that I was never going to use to one of my workers. Her husband is very handy and can reuse those pieces. Overall, it's the spring cleaning I really needed to do anyways. Slightly annoying that it's during my crunch time before camp but by the time I leave everything in the warehouse will be up to code and I can walk away to enjoy my time at Barstow.