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Sunday April 18, 2021
Top 10 Boy Scout Category #29
Yes this Region 7 Canoe Base patch was the #1 item that sold in the last part of March. In fact three bidders were in on it over $1k and it went much higher than that in the end.

6-Pocket Scout Clear Polypropylene Archival Page (center loading)
Blank Cards For 6-Pocket Scout Pack of 25
Patch Portfolio Binder - 10 Pages 11" x 17" With Grey Cardstock
Well my son went on his first camping trip this weekend and it was a success. The only thorn he told the troop in the big circle when they got home was that "his dad forgot to pack his tennis shoes for the 1 mile fitness run". Now in my defense this was not on the packing list. In truth I think he really enjoyed getting a laugh at my expense. But on the trip he made some new friends, slept well in his tent, and got some things signed off in his book. The adventure begins!