In this issue:
  • Registration and No One Left Behind
  • New Scouter Welcome Committee
  • Scouter of the Month
  • Popcorn
  • Wilderness Rendezvous (WR)
  • Spotlight in Saskatchewan
  • BP Guild

  • Kub Kar
  • Meet the Team
  • Silver Acorn/ Bar to the Silver Acorn Recipients
  • Watch Me Now- Youth Award
  • Are you ready?
  • Volunteer/ Scouter Day Camp
  • Fun Scouting Fact
Registration and No One Left Behind
It's never too late to join in the fun of Scouting. Whether your 5 or 105 there is something for everyone!

We know this year looks a little different then most, but scouting is still going strong in Saskatchewan! from online meetings, to outdoor activities groups are finding unique and fun ways to keep the adventure going.

Know someone who was in last year that has not renewed their registration? Reach out and remind them why they love the program! Know someone who would thrive in a scouting environment? Tell them about your local Scouting group!

We know this year has also been tough in terms of income, but we don't want that to hold anyone back from experiencing all Scouting has to offer. That's why we have the No One Left Behind program which people can apply for to cover cost of registration and to help with costs of gear.

To help your friends get registered have them follow this link.
Visit for more information on how to apply for the No One Left Behind Program.

New Scouter Welcome Committee
During February a new committee was formed to support new scouters navigating Scouts Canada compliance process to become active and count as ratio within their group. We will be regularly engaging with the new scouters to provide them with the assistance they need to complete their screening and training within 90 days of registration. You can help us by providing information about new scouters to the Council Key 3: Janet Focht at, Tia Lutz at, and/or Rachel Vogelsang at

Committee members include Scouter Shirley Larson, Scouter Kerry Trofimuk, Scouter Karla Worsley, and Scouter Patti Kent.
Scouter of the Month
This month's Scouters of the month are Shaun Mcleod, Grant Vogelsang and Mary Pauline Vastis

Shaun Mcleod
Scouter Shaun has been a scouter since 2014. He currently is the Group Commissioner with the 1st East Saskatoon Group. Shawn has helped guide this group through many changes in the last 5 - 6 years. There are currently 28 youth registered with 1st East Saskatoon. The 1st East Saskatoon youth have been enjoying virtual meetings planning survival kits, space, viewing gravity simulator, and guest speakers including the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan with Scouter Shaun's guidance.

Grant Vogelsang
Grant has spend a significant amount of time and energy making 2nd Regina a successful scouting group!
As a Scouter, Grant has build a quality program in each level of Scouting. He has an excellent balance of providing guidance while still ensuring everything is youth lead. The activities our youth engage in are always well planned, organized and meaningful for each participant. If there is a task that needs to be done Grant is always the first person to step up.
As a Group Committee Member, Grant has made everything run more efficiently. He brings a wealth of knowledge that helps our GC run more smoothly. He seeks input from others and always acts on what he says he will.
Most recently, Grant has found a passion for Jamborees. With his strong communication and planning he gets many parents and youth to buy into the work that goes into a Jamboree (fundraising, planning, purchasing gear, etc.)
Grant has accomplished a lot in his Scouting career. We are blessed to have him as a part of 2nd Regina!
Mary Pauline Vastis
Mary Pauline is a pleasure to work with and an invaluable part of the Saskatchewan team. She treats each of her groups with kindness and understanding as we face the challenges of today. She is strong and confident and works so well with the Saskatchewan Key 3.
Congratulations Shaun, Grant and Mary Pauline! Thank you for all you do!
We want to recognize our amazing volunteers and we need your help to do it! Every month we will pick a Scouter from the submissions to recognize. The winner will receive a small prize and will be featured in that month's newsletter.
What we need to know:
  • Scouter's Name
  • Scouter's Group
  • Why you think they deserve this award
  • Any other info that you want to share about them
  • If possible, include a picture as well!
Submissions can be sent to and must be summitted by the first of the month so that they can be forwarded to the Key 3.
Meet some of our past Scouters of the Month showing off their cups!
2021 Spring Popcorn Campaign

Yes that is correct, there will be a spring campaign for Scout Popcorn April 15 to June 15!
There are still things being finalized before they can be announced but if your group is interested in participating below are the things I can share. More information will be available in coming weeks and communicated to you.
  • We are NO LONGER dealing with Trails-End due to many reasons like COVID19, pricing, quality & availability.
  • We do have a new Canadian Supplier, with a proven track record, who has the capacity to fill orders and get them out the door and delivered within 10 days. They have a Gluten-Free, Nut-Free and Milk-Free facility.
  • The profit percentage retained by the group will be similar to what it used to be.
  • The new website will launch in early April where groups can sign up, very similar to the Scout Coffee and Scout Seeds program. 
  • Orders can be placed by individuals (just like Scout Seeds & Scout Coffee) and shipped directly to them. A shipping fee will be added to their order. The site will allow the purchaser to select the Council/Group/Section they wish to support. Developers are working to have a blank text box to enter the name of the youth the credit is going towards.
  • Like previously, orders can also be collected in advance and ordered by the group in bulk, to be delivered to a location of the groups choosing. A flat shipping fee per pallet will be charged.
  • New popcorn products in dedicated Scouts Canada packaging will be displayed on the website with a product description.

Please join the Popcorn Townhalls for Groups on either March 15, 16 or 17. Feel free to join whichever date/time works best for your schedule. All same information is presented in for all the sessions.

Group Town Hall Information Sessions:
March 15th Session: 6PM PST
March 16th Session: 7PM EST
March 17th Session: 7PM EST
Wilderness Rendezvous
Hi Everyone,
For those that aren’t aware, I am the Camp Chief for Wilderness Rendezvous, a progressive 9 day hiking camp held in the West Block of Cypress Hills on the Saskatchewan side of the park. We run a program for 3rd year cubs (10 years of age) to Venturers. The program progresses through 7 years of learning about back country camping, survival skills, compass and map, and orienteering. Established in 1972, we are the longest running Scout camp ran by volunteers within Canada.

Last year, unfortunately, we had to cancel due to Covid – 19. It was a difficult and sad decision, but based upon provincial guidelines and the nature of our program, we felt it was the right thing to do. 
We have had our winter meeting and began talks for this year. We are a group full of optimists and are hopeful that we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to this pandemic and may even be able to have camp this summer. As such, we want to assure you all that we will begin planning as per usual. Starting in late March, we will be meeting virtually to make a plan of action in the event SHA has loosened restrictions which will allow us to run. If you are interested in the camp, or would like to know of the discussions and details of our planning, feel free to contact myself ( or another member of the executive ( We are crossing our fingers we will all be able to meet in the hills this summer. Happy Scouting everyone!
Gillian de Graauw
WR Camp Chief

Joke Time!
Spotlight in Saskatchewan
Weyburn 5th
Scouting fun at the farm!
Following the Covid and Scouting rules for this Fun outing 5th Weyburn youth and Scouters took a nice hike in the tree line to look for signs of wildlife, and have some extra fun in the snow!

We found rabbit tracks and moose tracks and dog and Coyote tracks. I think we totally succeeded in having tons of fun even following the rules for social distancing .

Next we decided some nourishment would be a good idea so we begin to build our own personal cooking fires... once they succeeded they boiled a pot of water for a nice cup of hot chocolate or a bowl of noodles meanwhile waiting for their grilled cheese sandwiches they had prepared at home to cook in the pie irons with a bit of help from a leader! To end the afternoon they got to shape a colored block of ice to take home!

Clean up was done by all, then parents came to take They’re tired youth home.

Lots of fun was had by all!!
Regina 79th
International Beaver Meeting
On February 24, 2021 the Regina 79th Beavers hosted a virtual meeting with the Minneapolis 9067th Cub Pack Tiger Den. The Boy Scouts of America run their Cub program over 6 years with each grade meeting in their own Den. The Tiger Den are the kids that are in grade one. The planning started when one of the Minneapolis leaders who grew up in Saskatchewan, Kraig Stewardson, reached out to his home province contacts to find some leaders to share ideas with. As the leaders shared their experiences running zoom meetings in the age of Covid it became clear that the youth would enjoy hearing about the differences and similarities of Scouting and life in general in the two countries.
In the week leading up to the International event the leaders exchanged ideas for trivia questions we could ask the kids to highlight our differences and similarities. The ideas were used to create a quiz we could go through with the youth. If you’ve never tried Kahoot check out to try a premade quiz or create your own. We opened the meeting with the Canadian Beaver opening followed by the American Cub opening. We then talked about our uniforms and badges and some of the organizational differences between our groups. It was pointed out that both groups have the purple international Scouting emblem on their uniform. As we played the game we paused to talk about some of the things the questions highlighted. The meeting ended with the Canadian Beaver closing followed by the Minneapolis group leading the singing of Vespers. The meeting was just over an hour long.
The kids and leaders all had a good time learning about each others programs. We made plans to meeting again in a couple months and maybe meet in person for a camp when Covid allows.
2021 Virtual Kub Kar Rally
Are you missing the opportunity to participate in the Kub Kar Rally? If so you are in luck! We are going to hold a virtual rally this year, and not just the best designed Kar rally we did last year, an actual rally! Well, not everything, only the Volunteers will get hot dogs and pop, but we will do a speed competition, best design and hand out badges and prizes. The date is tentatively going to be the end of May or the beginning of June. We are also looking at the possibility of including participation from the general public. For more information follow @SaskKubKar on Twitter or Instagram and check which will be set up soon. If you have contacts that can help us with drop off points around the province and/or shipping cars to Regina or you want to help volunteer with the even, please contact Dean Holroyd at We could also use a warehouse or similar location with enough room to run the distance competition.
Baden-Powell Guild
What is the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds?
It is an independent organization, consisting of all members of the Baden-Powell Guilds in Canada. We are affiliated with Scouts Canada.
The Canadian Fellowship is comprised largely of former members of the Scouting and Guiding movement who wish to continue to associate with like minded people and lend assistance to those movements when they are able.

Our Aims:
The Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds is an organization for adults who support Scouting and Guiding and promote fellowship on a worldwide basis. While based on the fundamental ideals of the Scout and Guide movements, the aim of the organization is to encourage members to enhance their personal development while actively supporting the Scout and Guide activities in their communities by conveying the values that were learned during their own involvement, as youth or leaders, to the newer members of these worldwide organizations. Through the enthusiastic demonstration of how the principles of Scouting and Guiding have affected their lives, members encourage others to participate in the worldwide fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds.

Our Objectives:
To establish a liaison and a co-operation between the National organization of former adult Scouts and Guides;
To promote friendship amongst former adult Scouts and Guides within Canada and throughout the world.

Are Guild members, members of Scouts Canada? Yes and no. Only Guild members of Scouts Canada may wear the Scouts Canada shirt as they have done the required training and screening. As adult members of Scouts Canada they would count for ratios when working with youth. Guild members who are not members of Scouts Canada may not wear the uniform of Scouts Canada.
What is a Baden-Powell Guild? This refers to a group of five or more adults who are (or were) members of the Scout or Guide organizations; the spouses of these eligible members as well as other persons who subscribe to the principles of Scouting or Guiding, who have made a commitment to provide service and support to either organization and who also accept the Aims and Principles of the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds. All members of Baden-Powell Guilds must be prepared to make or reaffirm the Promise of either Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada, during an investiture ceremony, to become a member of a Baden-Powell Guild.

If you are interested please contact Michael Diegel at
The registration form can be found at
Meet the Team
Council Team
Janet Focht
Janet is the Council Commissioner and a Group Support Scouter for two groups in Regina and one of our summer camps, Wilderness Rendezvous. She has been involved in the scouting organization since 1991.
Janet started out as a committee member, then became the Croup commissioner with the 49th Regina Group. During her time as the GC for the 49th, she was involved with Bowman District as an ADC to Group Committee and District President. Janet was also involved with the Council as a member of the R.A.T Patrol and the Honors & Awards Committee. As a Trainer she has co-ordinated in person training courses and attended training conferences at Arlington Beach and Fort San. She has helped and/or organized Bowman District’s Circle Shoe Camp and Klondike Hike, a Saskatchewan Council event. Janet was the administrator with Wilderness Rendezvous and continues to support this camp as a member of the administration team ensuring that all their volunteers are compliant and ready to serve our membership.
Since 2006, Janet was a member of the National Retail Team and worked at the Regina Scout Shop. With the help of the Director of Retail Sales, the Regina Scout Shop was closed, inventory counted and relocated easing Janet into a well deserved and fun filled retirement.
She is excited to be part of the Council Key 3 and is looking forward to moving scouting forward in the province, increasing and retaining our membership.
Group Commissioner
Silver Acorn/ Bar to the Silver Acorn Recipients
At the start of March we had the opportunity to do outdoor, socially distance presentations as well as some virtual presentations to some well deserving Scouters who received their Silver Acorn or their Bar to the Silver Acorn. These are awarded to Scouters in recognition for their exceptional commitment to Scouting.
Congratulations and thank you to:
  • Lana Abrahamson (Silver Acorn)
  • Lynn Eremondi (Bar to the Silver Acorn)
  • Randy Hills (Bar to the Silver Acorn)
  • Gillian Roberts (Silver Acorn)
  • Gord Roberts (Silver Acorn)
  • Patricia Cason Kent (Silver Acorn)
  • Ernie Napper (Silver Acorn)
  • Kim Napper (Silver Acorn)
  • Jack Stewardson (Silver Acorn)
  • Garry Brown (Silver Acorn)
Watch Me Now- Youth Award
Over the last few months we have been recognizing some of our amazing Scouters in the province. Now we also want to make sure that you are recognizing the awesome youth we have in our council, because we know there are lots of them!

Is there a youth in your group that amazes you? Do they have a great attitude, go above and beyond, are friendly and love to have fun?

Then this award is for them!!!

Nominations accepted starting April 1 and the first award will be announced in our May newsletter.

  • Tell us why they deserve this award
  • Must be a registered youth in the current scouting year
  • Can be any age- Beavers- Rovers
  • Nominations must come from a group member
  • Nominations must be submitted to on or before the 10th of the month, it must include the name, group and contact information - phone or email
Are You Ready to Go?
The Canadian Path
Are you using the Canadian Path in your programming?
The Canadian Path is defined by its four key elements:
  • Youth-led: The program is directed by its youth members—not the Scouters.
  • Plan-Do-Review: A three step process informs all activities in the Canadian Path program.
  • Adventure: Scouts explore new things, share new ideas, learn new skills and create new paths.
  • SPICES: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional and Spiritual are the six dimensions of personal development for the Canadian Path program.
These elements help us provide the best program to help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world
Want to learn more? Visit the David Huestis Learning Centre on myscouts or
Volunteer / Scouter Day Camp
Day/Time: September 11, 9:00-19:00
Location: Condie Nature Refuge
Cost: $25
Includes: Lunch, snacks/coffee, dinner and a badge
Eligibility: Open to registered volunteers and persons interested in volunteering
For the last several years, the Regina 86th Group has facilitated an annual Volunteer / Scouter Day Camp to help volunteers prepare for the upcoming Scouting season. The one-day camp is a chance for new volunteers to learn some of the Scouting fundamentals and more experienced volunteers to pick up more advanced skills and there is fun, relaxation, socializing, and sharing between Scouting peers in various sections and groups.
Join us again this coming fall for what is sure to be another fun and educational day.
Email for details/registration and/or express interest by signing up in the Facebook event posted in the Saskatchewan Scouting Facebook Group.

*Please not the picture was taken pre-COVID
Fun Scouting Fact
Did you know that girls were officially allowed to join scouts starting as early as 1972 at the Rover section, however the program did not expand to a co-ed program in all sections until 1998?
Want to share what your group is up to? Have an event or activity idea? Send an email. Information is due by the first of every month.