In this issue:
  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • Event Planning Committee
  • Around the World in 60 days
  • Around the World Skills Sessions
  • Scouter of the Month
  • Spotlight in Saskatchewan
  • Vaccine Status-Myscouts

  • World Scout Jamboree 2023
  • Scout Popcorn
  • Meet the Team
  • Halloween Activates
  • Remembrance Day
  • Scout Coffee!
  • Fun Scouting Fact
Truth and Reconciliation
Truth and Reconciliation Week was September 27-October 1, with September 30th being the first official National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. This is a week dedicated to honouring the survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. Although we are past the official week, the conversation and work on reconciliation should not be limited to one week or day, instead it should be ongoing.

Consider using some of these activities with your youth that were co-created with one of our partners, Aboriginal Network from Shell Canada. These activities discuss Indigenous history/ culture and reconciliation at age appropriate levels.

The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation ( offers amazing resources. This includes a number of Educational Resources and access to reports including the 94 Calls to Action.

Scouts Canada recognizes the role they played in the past, and with the rest of Canada, commit to learning, and listening so that we can co-create a path forward with Indigenous people. For more information on how Scouts Canada is working to become towards being more inclusive and reconciliation visit
Event Planning Committee
Do you love event planning? Want to join the fun?

Then this is for you!!

New Event Planning Committee
We are currently looking for people to join our amazing group to help plan large activities and select camping events.

Some of the camps and activities currently in the works are Christmas carnival, Amazing Race, Klondike Hike, Night Hawk and a Vikings camp. We would love for you to bring your ideas, talents and skills to this committee!  

Who can join the committee
  • Anyone over the age of 17
  • A parent
  • A leader
  • A grandparent 
  • Anyone who wants to get involved and can bring a skill to the table

Required skills include but are not limited to:
  • Some one who is able to draw or even rough draw sketches so that we can have badges developed for camps.
  • Someone who is able to source out possible funding or donations from local business for prizes, gift bags for the Christmas carnival from Santa or any other things to keep the activities at a lower cost. 
  • People who have been to larger camps and know what is needed to accomplish and everyone to have fun. 
  • Someone who is organized and can keep things rolling
  • Someone who is able to help get the word of scouting out 
  • Someone with great ideas and wants to support Scouting in Saskatchewan
  • would like to develop event planning skills

This group is to get everyone involved and requires just a little bit of time from our members. 
If this sounds like you please email me by November 1 so that we can get our group member committee planning started and let the fun begin
You can contact me at with any questions or to let me know you want to get involved. 
Around the World in 60 Days
October 4–November 28 2021

Over eight-weeks, Sections will visit eight different countries, develop new skills through fun challenges and support their communities and the planet by leading exciting Scouts for Sustainability activities.

With the help of a symbolic transporting compass, imagine that your Scout Group can ping around the globe to different destinations quickly. In each country you’ll be faced with a challenge or a fun activity to champion as a Section. Once completed, your Section can collect a crest for that week and eventually curate the full composite crest!

Each week, Scouts will acquire a “GADGET” in pursuing their adventures; these items will be used in the activity for Week 8: Contraption Action, so make sure that you hold on to your GADGETS!

Thanks to the global movement that connects Scouts Canada to World Scouting, youth will enjoy weekly featured videos from each of the eight participating National Scout Organizations (NSO).

Get ready for an adventure-filled, fun eight weeks that will connect youth with Scouts from around the world, and will also help Sections leave a lasting and positive impact through our Scouts for Sustainability developmental outcomes.

New Challenges are posted every Monday at

Week 1: Australia- Making Waves
Week 2:Argentina-Break the Ice

Around the World Skills Sessions
With the challenge under way there are plenty of opportunities for scouters to continue learning or brushing up on their skills! Join us for one or more of the sessions over the next month!

Being a Scouter- The FUNdementals
Many Scouters have joined Sections in the past few years and many more are being onboarded for this fall. If you are a Scouter in your 1st to 3rd year of Scouting, come and participate in a session designed to help bring understanding of what it means to be a Scouter and how to put theory and concepts into practice.
  • October 24- 8:00pm EST
  • November 4- 8:00pm EST

Week 4- Lights
Proper lighting is important for keeping communities safe through the night with increased visibility for bikers, runners, drivers and more! But with too much lighting, our planet can become polluted with what's known as light pollution. Imagine a Scouting meeting or camp without lights and how a simple headlamp makes these activities so much easier! Discover how to Scout in the dark and rely on your other senses. You may even learn a thing or two that can reduce your light consumption in your day-to-day.
  • October 18- 8:00pm EST
  • October 18-10:00pm EST

Week 5- Life on Land
Many of us already take action on Sustainable Development Goal #15 Life on Land. We plant Scoutrees or ScoutSeeds, track invasive pests and build animal habitats like bee hotels and bat houses. During this session, Scouters will acquire new games and identify how our choices for Scouting activities effect life on land and what actions you can take to improve the land. As Scouts, we operate within a bigger ecosystem- and it is important we all have the knowledge to protect the system we live within.
  • October 20-8pm EST
  • October 20-10:00pm EST
  • October 25- 8:00 pm EST
  • October 25-10 pm EST

Youth Sustainability Panel
Amplifying young voices to explore youth leadership and sustainable action in Canada and inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders, the panel features:
  • Stella Bowles (age 17; Bridgewater, NS) river testing for fecal contamination influenced a $15.7 million government project to clean the LaHave River in Nova Scotia and earned her the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal and the Order of Nova Scotia.
  • Naila Moloo (age 15; Ottawa, ON) designed transparent and flexible solar cells utilizing nanomaterials and is currently trying to develop a more sustainable bioplastic from duckweed.
  • Vishal Vijay (age 20; Oakville; ON) co-founded EveryChildNow, a youth-run national nonprofit that focuses on youth empowerment and child poverty alleviation, that has impacted more than 500,000 people and helped to uplift families out of the cycle of poverty.
October 24- 2:00pm EST

You can find out details and register for sessions on the National Calender
Scouter of the Month
This month's Scouters of the Month are Glen Cook, Nancy Odelle, and Janet Focht
Glen Cook
Glen Cook has been the right hand man for Arrow head since we started 21 years ago. Arranging tables and chairs at Gilwell. Water plant and fish hatchery visits hauling water and supplies for camp. Thanks Glen. He has been a strong supporter of the 49th cutting grass doing clean up at the farm properties we have used to camp on. He was instrumental in getting permission for us to get the fire ring and flag pole from the old Gilwell sight. Glen is also a important part of both WR and Campanoe Challenge

Nancy Odelle
Nancy is a scouter with W R and Campanoe Challenge. She is also a strong supporter of St Timothy’s 49th. She has allowed us to camp on her farm. She was instrumental in us being able to camp on a local farmers property. Helping to clean up the barn into a space we can use for activities. Cutting grass doing yard cleanup. Nancy has helped on a yearly basis with Arrowhead. She has assisted us in many ways always ready to loan her meat slicer and other equipment.

Janet Focht
Janet is the support scouter for the 49th. She has been with our group for a long time. First in group committee then as group chair. Now as our support scouter. If we have a problem we can call her and she will find the answer for us. If we have a bad day Janet is there to listen and help make the day better. Janet has consistently helped with our fundraising. She is there with help in all areas of our activities. She works with our sponsor to put on our BP church parade. Helped us this year with our Walmart Apple Day. She also help us be sure we have crossed the T and dotted the i on our paper work. An important part of our group who we appreciate.
Congratulations Glen, Nancy, and Janet! Thank you for all you do!
We want to recognize our amazing volunteers and we need your help to do it! Every month we will pick a Scouter from the submissions to recognize. The winner will receive a small prize and will be featured in that month's newsletter.
What we need to know:
  • Scouter's Name
  • Scouter's Group
  • Why you think they deserve this award
  • Any other info that you want to share about them
  • If possible, include a picture as well!
Submissions can be sent to and must be summitted by the first of the month so that they can be forwarded to the Key 3.
Meet some of our past scouters of the month!
Joke Time!
Spotlight in Saskatchewan
St. Timothy 49th Regina
St Timothy’s 49th held a very successful Apple Day at Regina North Walmart on September 24. Our youth handed out over 500 apples and scout promotional information. They did an excellent job of representing scouting. Thanks to are youth and scout advisors for your help with this successful activity.
Service Corp
Did you know a number of our groups have their own Instagrams? Well they do and the Service Cop is one of them. They were pretty excited when Scout Canada' official Instagram reached out! The full post can be seen here
What do three leaders, three scouts and five cubs with a truck and trailer full of camping stuff do on October 1st to 3rd do for a weekend? Well we headed to Anglin Lake Scout Camp and joined the other 5 groups from around Saskatchewan for the fall camp that the Saskatchewan Service Corp had planned. The Saskatchewan Service Corp is a group of Scouting individuals between the age of 12 and 18 who actually run this Anglin Lake Scout Camp, many of them living there all summer. They proved to be excellent role models for the kids and our group really looked up to these individuals. And we found out what a fantastic program and camp they actually run.

After a long drive we arrived in the dark on Friday evening around 8pm. They guided us to our campsite (which they told us was the nicest in the campground) and provided details of where things were along the way. Then came the tough part, setting up 5 tents and all the camp equipment in the dark, which really with the lanterns that we had and everyone pitching in turned out to be not too tough and didn’t take us very long. Then we got a fire going had some smores, snacks and visiting and headed to bed for the cold night it was. It definitely felt like it was the first weekend in October that night.
Upon waking in the morning we found out why we were in the nicest campground. It was lakeside and basically the lake was 15 feet from the back of our tents. Wow what a view! The lake was like glass Saturday morning and the sun was shining. The kids were involved with the programs that the Service Corp put on during the day, which included wood chopping, fire starting, shelter building and they finished with a hike. And wow did they learn those skills, the wood chopping and fire building was done completely by them the rest of the weekend. In the evening they planned a wide game for all the groups and the kids had a blast with flashlights running in the forest in the dark. The evening ended with a campfire for all the groups, which our kids learned some new songs that I’m positive will be new favorites.

The cooking was a time just for our group and these kids really learned lots in that department this weekend. They had a boys vs. girls contest often during the weekend and took turns cooking vs. cleaning up from the meals in there groups. The learned how to make omelets in a bag, pizza bush pies, smore cones, and we even finished off Sunday breakfast with oven baked cinnamon buns. Soon it is going to be their turns to cook on their own and with their fire skills and food prepping from this weekend they should be able to make a meal!
Our group made us very proud as leaders as they were prepared for the activities, participated fully, and was a group that stood out as getting along, thoroughly enjoying themselves, and being respectful as well as polite.

Anglin Lake is sure to be a camp we attend again!
Vaccine Status- Myscouts
Throughout the pandemic Scouts Canada has taken a principled approach to ensuring that Scouting can continue to provide youth the opportunities to discover and grow. This new mandate will provide an opportunity to take a leadership stance that reinforces that commitment to our communities and our members.

As part of Scouts Canada’s vaccine mandate announced on September 15th, all members including eligible youth, volunteers and parent helpers, will need to self-declare their vaccine status on or before November 1, 2021. All eligible members including youth (those 12 and over), volunteers and parent helpers will need to be fully vaccinated with a second dose received at least 14 days prior to participating at in-person Scouting events after the November 1 deadline.

How do I self-declare my or my child’s vaccination status? It is easy to do. Any time before November 1, you can login to your MyScouts account and follow the steps below to self-declare. 
To self-declare for a Scouter/volunteer or parent helper: Login to MyScouts
  1. Select "Medical Info"
  2. In the “Edit Medical Information” popup, locate the vaccine declaration field and choose the appropriate option
  3. Click to “Save Changes”
To self-declare for my youth: Click on the “My Family” tab
  1. Click the green icon beside your youth’s name to access the youth profile
  2. From the left side menu in your child’s profile, click to select “Medical Info”
  3. In the “Edit Medical Information” popup, locate the vaccine declaration field and choose the appropriate option
  4. Click to “Save Changes”

World Scout Jamboree 2021
Your ultimate adventure begins in 2023 on the shores of South Korea! Sign up today to join our newsletter and receive the latest news and information on the Canadian Contingent to the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea! 

Please visit us at for more information!

And follow us on Facebook at

And if you have any questions, please email us directly at

We would love to have you join us on the shores of South Korea in
2023! Join the Ultimate Adventure today!
Scout Popcorn
Popcorn is back! Everyone eats popcorn in a different way - some eat one kernel at a time while others try to stuff as much as they can. But no matter how people eat popcorn, everyone can get behind a good cause.
From October 1- November 30, 2021 You can buy whatever popcorn your heart desires plus, Groups/Sections/Committees will receive 45% of the retail price as profit. In addition, net profits will go to the No One Left Behind (NOLB) campaign, which provides children and youth from low-income families with the opportunity to participate in Scouting. 

Get your popcorn today at

Meet the Team
Jason Kent

After a leave of absence, Jason, has returned to scouting and is currently registered with the 6th North Park Group in Saskatoon. He is helping the Key 3 as our Council Webmaster.

In 2001, Jason joined scouting as a committee member with the 62nd Silverwood Group in Saskatoon. He was a volunteer and leader with the 72nd Saskatoon North Group for a number of years. He enjoyed his time as a leader, sharing his knowledge and skills with his fellow scouters and the youth in the program. Like many of us, Jason was leader with his children, starting as a beaver leader, a cub leader and a scout counsellor. 

Jason's background is an IT person, he is semi-retired and works from home. He is looking forward to using his knowledge and skills in his new role and is excited about giving back to our scouting community.

Please forward any articles, photos, dates for our council calendar etc. to Jason Kent at

Welcome back, Jason and we look forward to working with you as our Council Webmaster.
Halloween Activities
Need some ideas to help you plan for Halloween? Check out these awesome trail cards!
Beavers: Vampire Tag
Scouts: Pumpkin Carving
Remembrance Day
November 11th marks the end World War 1. There are many ways we can recognize this day including learning about the wars, and attending Remembrance Day Ceremonies.
Some activities you can do include:
  • Making a wreath. Before/ After this you can discuss the significance of Remembrance Day and the poppy.
  • Use one of the Scouts Canada Trail Cards on the Battle of Somme, Battle of Passchendaele, Vimy Ridge, and the Female Suffragist Movement.
  • Visit the Veteran's Week resources put up by Veteran's Affairs.
  • Visit your local Legion or invite a veteran to come speak with your group.
Scout Coffee
Guess what ya'll!? Scout Coffee is now year round!!!!!

The Campaign kicked off October 15th. As with previous years, groups will recieve 35% profit on every order. In addition, over 5% of all sales will directly support the No One Left Behind campaign  ̶ providing opportunities for more youth to start Scouting in January 2021. 

Get your coffee today at
Fun Scouting Fact
Do you know why Scouts Shake with their left hand?
Although the story has some variations, they all center on African warriors-who Lord Baden Powel met during his time in Africa- using the left hand to hold their shields and to lower it and shake the left hand of the person was to show they trusted each other.
Want to share what your group is up to? Have an event or activity idea? Send an email. Information is due by the 10th of every month.