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Alberta Family Training Event 2017
August 12 - 19, 2017
Camp Woods, Sylvan Lake
What is FTE?

Family Training Event (FTE):   To some, FTE is is simply a week long Scouter training session.  To others it is an opportunity to recharge their Scouting battery while making new Scouting friends and spending time with Scouting family they don't see as often as they would like.  It has become a tradition in Alberta Scouting to provide Scouters with the opportunity for both complete with an on-site day program for children so that the families of Wood Badge II training participants are able to both enjoy training and spend quality time with their families.   We call it "Family Training Event" to acknowledge the whole family approach that is being celebrated by this multi-event approach. 

Youth Program:  This is an opportunity to give your child the ultimate Scouting experience. Whether they're Beaver, Cub or Scout-aged youth their day will be filled with games, crafts, rambles, water, snacks, and adventures.  Bring all of your Scout aged children, regardless of them being a registered Scouts Canada member, they will be welcome.

OOS: Have a junior Venturer or senior Scout coming along who isn't quite old enough for the training program, too old for the Youth Program or more interested in helping with the younger sections?   They'll have the opportunity to act as Activity Leaders or Scouters in Training, assisting with the delivery of the program and honing their leadership skills.

Family Campfires:  All the participants and their families come together for a campfire run by the Wood Badge 2 participants every night each section looking to outdo the other.

FTE 2017 Schedule and Fees
Click Here to Access the FTE Schedule: Choose Your Adventure!

What courses should you take?
Once a Scouter has completed WB I the next step is WB II.

These courses are Canadian Path multi-section advanced  training for all leaders, group committee and SIT.

Additional courses are primarily to augment outdoor skills,  become a range master, improve first aid training, learn  about sailing. All things one can use in personal life.

Venturers and Rovers are encouraged to work in the Youth  Program as counsellors. 

For more information on the revitalized Woodbadge II program, Click Here.

For more information, questions or registration follow-up, please contact:

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Courses and Prices
Advanced Bleeding Control
Magic Campfire
OCC Hike Leader
OCC Instructor
Range Master Archery
Range Master Tomahawk
Range Master Instructor $30
Sailing $30
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Waterfront Instructor $185
WB II Indaba 1/2 Week $125
WB II Indaba Full Week $75
WB II Indaba Daily $20
Wilderness Cooking $25
Wilderness First Aid $200
Youth Program 1/2 Week $60
Youth Program Full Week $85
Camping Daily Per Person $5
Camping Full Week Per Person $25