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CouncilUpdateCouncil Updates
Northern Lights Council: Summer Update

Camping season is now upon us!  Wishing all the best to the Scout groups who run programming over the summer and who are currently representing Alberta at CJ and around the world.  Safe travels, and be sure to share your adventures with us.  

The Canadian Jamboree (CJ) is now in full swing, with 23 groups from Northern Lights Council in attendance. It is sure to be a blast!

In other news, The Council recently wrapped up a successful fundraising partnership with the Lieutenant Governor by co-hosting a Canada 150 Breakfast on June 22, 2017.   The event was able to raise close to $50,000 for Scouting, which will go towards council projects such as camp facility improvements within the council.

Northern Lights Council also saw the creation of two new Scouting Areas:   Many Lakes, and Sherwood Park LDS. These changes continue to showcase our commitment to improving service to our most northern groups as well as continue building relationships with our partners with the LDS church.  For a complete breakdown of the council's Scouting areas Click Here.

Lastly, a big kudos goes out to all of the groups that are committed to ensuring that more youth have access to great adventures.  As a Council, we have grown to up to 4808 youth.  That's 118 more youth (2.5%) from last year.  Additionally, our volunteer base has grown 1775 Scouters, an increase of 263 members (17.4%) from last year.  Help us keep the momentum going.  If you have taken Respect in Sport and/or renewed your Code of Conduct, help champion its value to others.  Together, we can continue to grow the movement, create the leaders of tomorrow, and help change the world!

Message from Alicia Hallonquist - Council Youth Network Report
We are winding down for this year but we are still looking for youth to join us!

Are you passionate about Scouting? Maybe you really love helping out at events? Or you think you would make an excellent trainer? Join the council youth network! It's a chance to be a leader and have fun in our council.

Here are some of the events you can look forward to!
A Welcome Back Fair,
It gives you a chance to see everything Scouting program can offer such as MedVents , Council Youth network, International opportunities and more.
12 Hour E-vent is Coming Back, stay tuned for the details a chance to stay up all night making friends and doing cool stuff with other youth.
Our Youth Awards ceremony is Coming In November remember to submit all your award information to the service center by August.
If your interesting in getting involved with the Council Youth Network or any event .
You can reach me at

Council Youth Award Submissions
Deadline: August 31, 2017

Please start submitting your Queen's Venturer and Chief Scout Award applications to the  Praire Service Center. Plans are in place for the   Northern  Lights Council Fall Youth Award Ceremony to take place in November. The deadline to submit is August 31st - which will allow for us to plan for numbers and order certificates.  Please submit your award applications to:

Prairie Service Centre
2140 Brownsea Drive, N.W.,
Calgary, AB T2N 3G9

Welcome to the Support Team:  Tonille Mallette, Area Support Manager
We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to welcome Tonille Mallette as the new Area Support Manager for Horse Hill, Many Lakes, Sherwood Park LDS, Tawaw, and Whispering Lakes.
In addition to serving a year with the 2nd St. Albert Scout Group, Tonille has over 15 years of volunteer experience with a wide variety of other organizations. With her, she brings a wealth of experience in event coordination, grant writing, group mediation, volunteer management, and youth development. Having a degree in Science, Tonille is also passionate for Scouts Canada's STEM program and the many opportunities that it provides. If you are looking for fun, unique ways to incorporate STEM activities into your program, please feel free to reach out to her.

Tonille is very excited to join such a dynamic and energetic group of people and is looking forward to working with groups to provide the youth with best Scouting experience possible.  Groups can contact Tonille by phone/text at 780-914-5560 or at

Girl Guides Recognize Scouts Canada - Northern Lights Council

Members of the Girl Guides Mosaic planning team dropped by Camp Woods to show their appreciation to Scouts Canada for the use of Camp Woods last summer.
In July 2016, over 2700 girls and women from across Canada and 11 countries met at Camp Woods and spent 9 days together sharing in new experiences and making lifelong friendships.  Although the weather was not ideal, the event was a resounding success.   (Click Here to Read More)

New Council Appointments 

Spring/Summer brings on few beginnings and a few fresh faces.  Please join us as we welcome the following volunteers who have stepped up in their new roles within Northern Lights Council:

Scouters Gone Home:

Donald Dick (May 19, 2017)  
Former NLC Executive Director and  Foundation Member 
( Read More )
Roy Tompson (June 6, 1941 -  June 28, 2017)
 Scouting Mentor, 116th Lynnwood Group 

Planning to Visit the Office? Please Schedule First

In late May, we saw the departure of our Memberships Coordinator, Bridget Mrockzko.  She has chosen to go back to school and we wish her the very best in her future endeavors. 

Fellow Scouters, once again we find ourselves challenged with resources to serve people who drop by the office. This has been an unsustainable business proposition to the point we must revisit how we serve the Northern Lights Community. For the last year, we have encouraged members to plan and schedule visits to the office so we can be sure the trip was not a waste because there we didn't have the right person there to help you.
With summer upon us, we will not have predictable office hours, therefore we ask that you please call ahead and book meeting with your ASM. Often, we discover we can help you by phone, therefore a drop by the office is rarely required.
We'd love to help you better. Here are important contacts for finding key information:
  • Scouting Life - is our newest national resource for program;
  • is our portal to all things Scouting, including Volunteer Support, BP&P and answers to many questions.
  • Can't find the answer on line? Ask our friendly Help Desk - 1-888-855-3336, if they can't answer your question, they will find the right person who can
Our friends in the Scouts Shop are there during regular business hours to help you with your shopping needs. The team there will happily accept envelopes if something needs to be dropped by for the office. While you are here, visit the Scouts shop and see what's cool and maybe on sale!
We are working to identify how we might stream line the phone system so that the general line is redirected to Prairie Shared Services as this is the team that can assist with camp bookings or other registration related questions.
Thank you,
The Northern Lights Team

High Adventure: Right In Your Neck of the Woods!
July 24 - 28, 2017
July 31 - August 4, 2017
Camp Woods, Sylvan Lake
$350 per week

Northern Lights Council and Camp Woods are bringing the adventure to you!

Announcing our new  Summer Cub Camp at Camp Woods. Youth aged 8 -12  will experience a week-long adventure, Monday to Friday, on the shores of Sylvan Lake.  Youth can venture with their cub pack or seek new friendships on their own, spending days/nights filled with wonder, camping, and new milestones along the way.
Click Here for more Information and Registration

Scouters 5 on Safety: Why Do We Need To Manage Health and Safety?

A healthy and safe work space or activity space doesn't just happen. It takes commitment and planning to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly, that needed materials are available to perform the activity and that volunteers and youth know how and understand their respective roles. The benefit of this commitment is safe, efficient and effective meetings and activities, with reduced likelihood of injuries and illnesses.
This leads to improved morale because volunteers and youth know that Scouts Canada ha s a proactive interest in their health and safety and they know that it is okay, even expected, to speak up if they have concerns. With high morale, there is greater teamwork and more awareness. This, in turn, improves attitudes and overall safety culture. Good health and safety makes our Groups more attractive - to both existing Scouting youth and volunteers and potential new youth and volunteers. Scouts Canada views health and safety management systems as an investment.
If health and safety is not managed, things can get missed. Equipment is not maintained on schedule, youth and volunteers do not receive the training they need and hazards are missed. As a result, the potential for incidents increases.
Incidents can result in:
*           injury, illness or death to youth, volunteers or the public
*           damaged equipment, tools or facilities
*           loss of materials
Aside from the human aspect of injuries, these incidents cost money. In addition to increases in Scouts Canada insurance premiums, there are costs associated with the repair or replacement of equipment, potential civil litigation, replacement of materials, activity or camp delays, staff and volunteer turnover and more. As well, National and/or Council Safety officers may investigate and order corrective actions.
It is much better to prevent incidents through good management than to deal with the consequences later.

Council Safety Team:  Members Needed
We are on the lookout for volunteers and youth who would be interested in becoming a part of the Council Safety Team.  If this sounds like you, please send me your name and contact info.  Safety is one of the 5 priorities within Scouts Canada and through the Safety Team, we can get the message out to our Groups.  For further details on the Council Safety Team, please email me at Remember, safety is everyone's responsibility.  Safe Scouting!!

What's New with the Canadian Path?

Program Resources for Parents/Scouters

With Spring registration season complete and Fall on the horizon , there's no doubt groups will be welcoming fresh new faces to the program.  As we continue to guide our youth through the Canadian Path, it's great to engage parents along the way. has introduced "For Parents" resource page to each of website's youth section pages.  Great for use at orientation nights, these resources can assist parents in learning about their scouting program, and how they can support their youth's progression through the Canadian Path.  (Who know, you might even get them excited about volunteering!)

Check out these resources by clicking the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each month, Scouts Canada is releasing a series of Frequently Asked Questions to aid and assist Scouters in their journey towards the path.  All of the answers to these questions and more are being added to the Online Support Centre.   Click one of the links below for quick reference to the latest answers to common questions:
VolunteerVolunteer Opportunities

Call for Area Youth Commissioners

As a youth-led organization, we value the leadership and initiative that our youth contribute towards quality Scout programming.  Do you know a star youth looking for opportunities grow and develop skills on an area level?  We are currently looking for Area Youth Commissioners for the following areas:
  • Aspen Plains  
  • Beaver Hills
  • Bonnie Doon
  • Grande Prairie LDS
  • Grizzly Range
  • Horse Hill 
  • Millwoods LDS
  • North Star LDS
  • NWT
  • Prairie Gold
  • Unchaga
For more information about the position, check out the job description and video below:

Letters of interest and nominations can be sent to Alicia Hallonquist (  

Call for Group Commissioner
Have you always wanted to make a real difference in the growth and development of youth in your community? Are you energetic, organized; a natural leader who can provide support and leadership to section leaders in order to develop and conduct a quality program and achieve Scouts Canada's Program Standards.  You're invited to submit your application for the volunteer position of: 
Click on the full description for more information and contact information to submit application.  Please forward a cover letter and résumé, indicating the relevant qualifications for this position.

Scouting Adventure Awaits
Alberta Family Training Event 2017
August 12 - 19, 2017
Camp Woods, Sylvan Lake

To some, Family Training Event is is simply a week long Scouter training session.  To others it is an opportunity to recharge their Scouting battery while making new Scouting friends and spending time with Scouting family they don't see as often as they would like.  It has become a tradition in Alberta Scouting to provide Scouters with the opportunity for both complete with an on-site day program for children so that the families of Wood Badge II training participants are able to both enjoy training and spend quality time with their families.  

We call it "Family Training Event"  to acknowledge the whole family approach that is being celebrated by this multi-event approach.
Click Here for more Information and Registration
Popcorn Update
The 2017 NLC Scout Popcorn Campaign is already well under way and 
while we want everyone to have a relaxing summer break, we need to 
have all groups ready to Get Popping come September!
Just a couple of quick reminders.....
1. If you have not already done so, please register your group for the
 Fall Campaign by entering your info in the Tracker section of the 
Popcorn System.
**This information ensures that we receive Campaign Kit materials for 
your  group**

2. Interested in doing a Show and Sell prior to the Fall Campaign?
Roxanne needs to know by Friday, July 14, 2017.
To "register" for Show and Sell or for more information, contact

3. Save the date..... 
2017 NLC Campaign Kick-Off
Saturday, September 9
**Attendance gets you a One of a kind crest in addition to
everything you need to know about the Fall Campaign**

4. Campaign Kits - National has already sent kits to the 20 top selling
** Please count everything you received and let Virginia/Roxanne
know ASAP how many more of each/any you need**

Virginia and Roxanne will be contacting all other groups shortly to
make arrangements to get your Campaign Kits to you.         

 ** No Sales allowed prior to Kick-Offs in September**

Stay tuned to your email for Popcorn Updates during July and August

Have a safe and restful summer!

Roxanne Ringuette and Virginia Lovell
Council Popcorn Team

AGLC: Changes to Council Approval Process

Fundraising is a critical part of excellent Scouting adventures. We want to be sure all groups are aware of the fundraising opportunities. Of course, groups are aware of the benefits of bottle drives. Bottle Drives are a great way to ensure youth are actively participating in the fundraising effort and learn to appreciate the value of the return on their effort. Popcorn is another campaign where the youth can play an active role in raising funds towards their awesome programs. Keep your eyes and ears open for best practices for running a fantastic campaign.
Scouts Canada is a youth led program, but there are times when adult efforts are required to raise substantial funds to support quality program. We want to remind Groups that the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission regulates Casinos, Bingos and Raffles. Scout Groups are welcome to apply for a license to participate in these programs; Groups must be in good standing, actively participate in Council Popcorn Campaign and provide appropriate financial reporting and Annual Reports. There is a process.
The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) will only accept applications for gambling activities that have been approved by the Council and signed by Council Executive Director.
Bylaw, Policies & Procedures  (Section 13000).
  • As a non-profit organization, all activities, events or operating expenses be undertaken and organized (budgeted) in such a way that financially, they do not create a deficit.
  • The spirit of the movement requires that, as far as possible, funds raised for Scouting purposes shall be earned.
  • In making its programs available to youth, the organization is providing a valuable service to the community and has the right to seek financial support from the community in return.
  • All fundraising activities must be approved and conducted within the framework of the policies and procedures of the organization
  • Due regard must be given to the effect which the method of fundraising may have on the reputation, integrity and goodwill of Scouts Canada.
  • Lottery, casino, raffle, bingo or other fundraising associated with gambling must be approved by the Council. The Council becomes responsible for any failure of the group to meet its commitment.
How do you get support for an AGLC license?

Fundraising changes as per the AGLC

A more streamlined process is in place for Scouts Canada groups applying for a gaming license.
Please note:
1. Along with their application to the AGLC, the group must provide a letter of support from the Scouts Canada Council Executive Director (CED).
2. To get a letter of support, the group must be in good standing; have provided their financials and annual report by the end of November and actively participate in the Council Popcorn Campaign.

3. The AGLC will license the group for one year; meaning you can have multiple raffles throughout the year.
4. The raffle eligibility will expire in one year; preventing the group from obtaining further raffle licenses, whether online or through a registry agent. The group must reapply to the AGLC and provide a new letter of support from the CED.

For groups applying for casino, the group must have a letter of support every time they apply to conduct a casino event. Typically, groups reapply for their next slot immediately after finishing their assigned two-day casino event.
Groups must comply with AGLC expectations and accept the liability associated with running a casino event.
Email your request for a letter of support to with the subject line "Letter of Support". Requests need to be received at least 4 weeks in advance.
Questions? Email

Calling All Scouts: World Jamboree 2019
For everyone interested or considering be a part of the World Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve in West Virginia in July 2019, here is where you can get up to date information on the WJ 2019 Canadian Contingent: 
You can also ask interested parties to sign the online "Expression of Interest" which is how we are connecting the interested parties from across Canada. By signing the expression of interest, the Marketing Team can provide information relevant to the various parties, as well as address questions in the FAQ section of the website. There is no cost or obligation to sign the Expression of Interest.

If you know of any large Regional Scouting Events targeted at Scout and Venturer-age Youth, please advise your Regional Team Lead to discuss the opportunity to participate during the coming Scout Year. This is a key time to generate interest. The Early Registration period will start this summer and ends on December 15, 2017.

OnlineEvents and Camp Booking will soon go Online
Soon you will be able to do your bookings online for the Edmonton Adventure Centre (climbing wall, archery, pelletry), Camps, and Council events.

Click on the link below to see the website and set up your account.  More information will be posted with instructions for completing registrations for camps and activities

We appreciate your patience as we work to transfer existing bookings into the online system.  Not all camps/events are currently available online.

More information coming this summer.
UpcomingUpcoming Camps, Events, and Training

Event Planning
If you have an ideas or just an inkling of an idea for an event, please contact Chris Cerhit ( and we can work together to ensure your event will be a success.

Events Calendar
We are working hard to ensure all events are posted to the Northern Lights Council calendar.  If you notice missing events, errors or if you want to post an event please send the information to Chris Cerhit -  and we will ensure your information is included in the event calendar.  It is never too early to post your events, leaders will be planning for the upcoming year and it would be great if we would have the majority of events included in the calendar as soon as possible.

Summer Activities for Groups

Camps & Events
Summer Cub Camp at Camp Woods
High Adventure: Right In Your Neck of the Woods!
July 24 - 28, 2017
July 31 - August 4, 2017
Camp Woods, Sylvan Lake
$350 per week
More Information

Date: August 12 - 19, 2017
Take the family approach to Scouter training.  Adventure challenges await.  Sessions are now confirmed - it's time to choose your own adventure!
More Information
Website - Facebook


**Save the Date**
Scouter Development Sessions
September 23, 2017
Edmonton Adventure Centre

Training opportunities for skill development.  Sessions include: Volunteer Onboarding, Presentation Skills, Group Commissioner Training. For more information, or to suggest a session of your own, contact Dave at

2017 - 2018 Event Dates  (Start Contacting/Planning for Next Year!)
For a printer friendly calendar (with details)

Event Sections Contact
September (TBA)
Youth Awards Ceremony
All Sections
October (TBA) Searching for Sasquatch Scouts
October (TBA) Iron Chef Scouts
October (TBA) Fast, Flex, Focus Training All Sections
November (TBA) E-Vent Venturers TBA
December (TBA) Turkey Shoot Cubs
January (TBA) Oil Kings Sleepover All Sections TBA
January  26 - 28 Amazing Race Scouts/Venturers
February 2 - 4 Mad Trapper Scouts
February 2-4 Funarama Cubs (Subject to Change)
March (TBA) Beaver Hills Vehicle Rally Beavers/Cubs/
April (TBA) Bike Safety Beavers
April (TBA) North and West Rally Beavers/Cubs/
May 4-6 Great Edmonton Scout Camp Scouts
May 5 Bikeree Cubs
May 25-27 Cuboree Western Trails/NorthWest
May 25-27 Beaver Hills Cuboree Cubs
June 1-3 Spring Thaw Scouts
June 8-10 Beaveree Beavers
June 23 Water Regatta Scouts

  Watch the calendar on  for more details on upcoming camps and training opportunities.
Donor/Sponsor Thank Yous

Special thanks goes out to the donors/sponsors that have recently provided support for Scouting and our council operations:

Larry & Janet Anderson Experiential Learning Endowment Fund Northern Lights Council Foundation