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Welcome back...
We hope you've had an amazing summer so far and can't wait to hear about all your Scouting Adventures! Did you go hiking, biking, canoing, kayaking, swimming or sailing?

If your Group wasn't active this summer, they will soon be gearing up for fall with registrations and the Scouts Popcorn and Apple Day Campaigns.

What are you looking forward to doing with your Group this fall?
Why Scout Popcorn? 

Start planning your 2018 campaign.
Together with 1,031 Groups, over 6.5 million dollars was raised during the 2017 Scout Popcorn campaign. That amounts to nearly $4 million worth of great Scouting adventures for youth across the country.

Scout Popcorn also helped support the No One Left Behind program allowing over 3,000 Canadian youth from low-income families to benefit from Scouting. 

Scout Popcorn is not only about funding great adventures, it helps us achieve our mission of developing well-rounded youth better prepared for success in the world. Through selling Scout Popcorn, Scouts learn many valuable life and business skills such as marketing, strategy development, financial responsibility, and develop positive self-esteem. 

Be sure to start planning for the 2018 Scout Popcorn campaign which officially kicks-off on September 24th. Every year we strive to make sure that Groups and Scouting youth have the tools and information they need to reach their Scout Popcorn fundraising goals. Which is why for 2018, Scouts Canada has developed a toolkit for successful campaigns through PLAN, DO and REVIEW. 

Start planning now with new resources that will help you set goals and prepare youth for the campaign like: 

You will also find tools — from ‘thank you postcards’ to ‘sorry I missed you door hangers’ — to help you during the DO and REVIEW phase
Apple Day is a fundraising tradition that started right here in Canada.

This annual event provides our Scouting youth with an opportunity to show their appreciation to the general public for their support throughout the year. Our youth distribute apples as a way of saying “Thank You” to the community. Donations are accepted in exchange, but apples are not sold.

Any money raised during Apple Day goes towards improving the Scouting program by provided more outdoor adventures for youth, camping equipment, training and many other endeavours.

Each Group has a designated area to canvass including neighbourhood stores and other public areas. This year national Apple Day weekend is happening from October 1–2 . Many Groups will be out in your neighbourhood asking for donations — so please donate generously when you receive an apple!
Come Join Us!
Do you want to join an amazing leadership team working with youth, adults, or both?
We are looking for adults and youth that are passionate about Scouting and want to
make a difference.
There are many exciting opportunities at the Group Area and Council levels.
No experience necessary!
Please send an email to info.nbcouncil@scouts.ca
We'll see you on the Canadian Path!
News From Council
Check out these amazing Groups that have earned their Program Quality Award for 2017-18

Program Quality is key for engaging our Youth. These Groups have shown that they are committed to using everything they've learned reviewing the program with their Youth to improve the quality of future adventures and to ensure they will get the most out of their Scouting experience.

Thank you for your participation in this process and for making it a priority!
Rivorton West Service Area

  • 1st Lincoln Lighthouse (all 4 Sections)
  • 1st Nashwaaksis (all 3 Sections)
  • 1st New Maryland (Scouts)
  • 1st Springhill (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts)
  • 1st St. Margarets (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts)
  • 2nd Hanwell (Cubs)
  • 2nd Nashwaaksis (all 4 Sections)
  • 3rd Fredericton (all 4 Sections)

Fundy East Service Area

  • 1st Gondola Point (Scouts)
  • 1st Quispamsis (Beavers)
Wabanaki Service Area

  • 11th Courtney Silver Falls (all 4 Sections)
  • 1st Ketepec (all 3 Sections)
  • 1st Westfield (all 5 Sections)
  • 2nd St. Stephen (Beavers)
  • St. Marks (Beavers and Cubs)

Southeast Service Area

  • 1st Evergreeen Park (2-Beavers, 2-Cubs and Scouts
  • 1st Jones Lake (Beavers)
  • 1st Moncton St. George (all 3 Sections)
  • 1st Riverview (all 6 Sections)
  • 1st Saint Michaels (Cubs)
PRC Request Letters

There has been a change in the way we are being asked to process Police Records Checks for new volunteers.

We are no longer allowed to post a PRC request letter on the New Brunswick Council website for people to print on their home computer and take to the police station. Therefore, requests for PRC letters must be made by the Group Commissioner or Group Registrar directly to the Atlantic Service Center by sending your request to atlantic.membershipservices@scouts.ca, and they will send a signed copy of the PRC request letter to you to fill out and give to the new volunteer.

Old digital copies of the PRC Request Letter (with signatures already on them) should no longer be used.
Top Section Awards - Update

The Top Section Awards are an opportunity for our Youth to attain a meaningful accomplishment that is widely recognized and understood.

Beavers and Cubs are generally recognized at the Group and/or Area level while Scouts and Venturers are recognized at the Council level during an annual awards ceremony.

This years Council Youth Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 3rd (more details will follow).

How does a Youth apply for their Top Section Award? A youth who believes that he or she has achieved the Top Section Award should make a presentation to the Section Leadership Team to explain how he or she has fulfilled the Top Section Award’s criteria.

For Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, once the award is approved by the Section Leadership Team (SLT) and the information shared with the Group Committee, the Certificate can be printed and the information entered on myscouts.ca Chief Scout Award Certificate Template

For Scouts, these Chief Scout Award Certificates can be held and presented at the Council Youth Awards Ceremony.

For Venturers, once the award is approved by the SLT and the information shared with the Group Committee, the name(s) of the recipient(s) need to be submitted to Council as the certificates for the Queen's Venturer Award are signed Nationally and therefore required up to 90 days before the ceremony (to ensure they are received in time).

If you have any questions about this process, please check out these links and/or email your Council
Programming Opportunities
Cobscook 2018

Cobscook 2018 will be held September 28th-30th in Cobscook Park, ME.

Registration fee is $10 (USD) if preregistered by September 21st. Late registration fee is $12 (USD) Remember as you are going out of country you need to submit a Tour Permit by August 27th at the latest. You can download one here .

As an added bonus, the first 5 Canadian units who register will only pay 1/2 price.

The theme this year is, "Downeast Rendezvous," and scouts are encouraged to dress the part or "Be righteously dressed." You have three choices: Being that Downeast Rendezvous is about the 1840 fur trade and scouting 1910-present, you can dress the part by either coming in 1840 garb, (fur trader, voyageur outfit, or native regalia), pre-1980 boy scout uniform, or a standard class-A boy scout uniform. Points will be awarded appropriately according to the theme: lots of points for 1840 garb, extra points for pre-1980 uniforms, and standard points for standard uniforms.

Patrol Rotation Activities

Each patrol will rotate through each of the activities. At each activity you will get a score. The patrol with the highest score gets something cool at the end of the weekend.

All patrol activities will run on Saturday from 9:00 am till noon, and 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm. Patrols with scout spirit traditionally score higher, just saying.

Patrol rotation activities will include:

  • Archery range
  • Tomahawk range
  • Blacksmithing station
  • Cordage station
  • Cobscook Service Hour - will only be open from 11:00 am - noon. One member from each troop to participate.

For further information, see the attached brochure , or contact Chris Bernier at circleofone555@hotmail.com
1st Westfield Scouting Invitational
Zombie Invasion Challenge Camp

What would you need to know to survive a Zombie Invasion…?

Are you looking for a great way to help get youth registered early? How about a kick off camp in September.
This will be the third annual 1st Westfield All Sections Invitational Camp held at Holderville and your group is invited! We will be having a Scouting campfire on Friday night. Saturday, the Beavers have a day program including games and crafts as well learning a few skills to help save their Colony. Cubs and Scouts will have the opportunity to learn the skills (from Ventures, Rovers and Scouters) during the day, that may…if they can apply the lessons…help them survive the Apocalyptic night hike where the Scouts and Cubs will hike a loop late, late into the night past multiple Zombie challenge stations, hoping to survive! Sunday will involve a youth led Scouts own, closing and awards ceremony. 

Dates: September 21 – 23, 2018
Location: Camp Holderville, 3022 Route 845, Long Reach, NB (20 KM North of Saint John)

  • Cubs and Scouts will have the opportunity to obtain Fire/knife/stove permits
  • Cub & Scout Challenge Night Hike
  • A cool crest and more…

Challenges for all sections!

$25 per Cub/Scout - $10 per Beaver – Free for assisting Venturer/OOS
Program Opportunities from Code Mobile

Code Mobile is a not for profit organization who will travel anywhere in New Brunswick or PEI and will put on fun and interesting activities. They have transformed a cargo van into a computer lab on wheels, complete with all the tools needed to host pop-up workshops in communities big and small across our province.

Their Code Squad's mission is to put technology in the hands of Canadian youth who may not otherwise have the experience. Although they do not normally do evenings, when talking to Marcy Walton she advised she would make an exception for Scouts Canada. They will also do Saturday events. Remember they will come to your group and there is no fee charged. This would be an awesome event for a Saturday where two or three groups could get together or coordinated by your Area.  They work with youth from K to grade 7. Following is info for Workshops and Tech Station programs. 

Do these sound interesting? Why not provide this information to your patrol, lair, or lodge, to see if they would like to add it to their program. (make sure you read to the bottom to get more details)


Artmaking with Scratch

Using Scratch, a beginner level programming environment, learners will have the tools to develop interactive art and art-building platforms to share and use. Learners will also be introduced to Scratch's amazing online community, sloganed: "Imagine, Program, Share," where they will have the opportunity to upload their projects to share with fellow digital artists!

Gamemaking with Scratch

From Checkers, to Super Mario Bros, to Angry Birds… we think games are awesome!

Using Scratch, a beginner level programming environment, imagination will come to life in a new and digitally engaging form. Learners will also be introduced to Scratch's amazing online community, sloganed: "Imagine, Program, Share," where they will have the opportunity to upload their game for anyone on the web to download and play!

At the end of the workshop, each learner will also have a chance to beta test their game with their peers.

Storytelling with Scratch

From Saturday morning cartoons to blockbuster films, animating has the power to inspire, educate, and entertain.

This experience offers learners the opportunity to express their creativity in a super fun environment, and learn about the different elements of a story, as well as basic design principles. Using Scratch, a beginner level programming environment, learners will create interactive stories through animation. They will also be introduced to Scratch's amazing online community, where they will have the opportunity to upload their projects for others to enjoy!

Tech Station

MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is a circuit board that uses electricity to make random objects function like keys on a keyboard. The circuit board plugs into our computer through USB, and then to our new “keys” using alligator clips. We can make something conductive, like a banana, turn into a space bar, or Play Doh turn into arrow keys.

Mozilla X-Ray Goggles

X-Ray Goggles is a tool that lets you edit a website directly in your web browser (similar to Developer Tools in Google Chrome). With Goggles, we can “hack” a website by creating a temporary version on your own screen.

Pixel Programming (Unplugged)

Learners will use post-it notes to program pixel art, through following instructions and creating their own pixel programs.

This fits into Scouts Canada’s Stem program. 

You can reach Marcy Walton – the Communications lead for NB via email codemobile05@canadalearningcode.ca  or go to https://www.canadalearningcode.ca/code-mobile/code-mobile-2018/index.php  and book a visit.
Featured Groups
1st Riverview Venturers
Southeast Area

On the weekend of June 22 to 25 1st Riverview Venturers spent 3 days on the Patapedia and Restigouche rivers - a 90 km trip.

It was a 5 hour drive from Moncton to Kedgewick, where the group spent the first night. Then a 2 hour drive through the wilderness to the headwaters of the Patapedia. The group camped the 2nd night on the Patapedia at Mile 7, and the third night at Jardine Brook on the Restigouche. They finished on the Restigouche at the Rafting Grounds near Campbellton. Lots of fun on the moving water with several fast and challenging rapids. A great wilderness experience.
At Camp Holderville July 2018
1st Quispamsis Beavers
Fundy East Area

The 1st Quispamsis Beavers had an great first summer camping experience at Camp Holderville on the weekend of July 21st. They had planned to sleep in tents, go on a hike, and cook s'mores and spider dogs, and that's exactly what happened!

The evening was made even more awesome by the appearance of at least three planets in the evening sky - Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Even the ISS happened to fly by as they chased fireflies and ate their s'mores. They also finished qualifying for their Camping Skills and Trail Skills level 1 OASs.

Way to go guys!
1st Gondola Point Venturers
Fundy East Area

July found the 1st Gondola Point Venturer Company exploring Mount Carleton Provincial Park. We had spectacular weather - if a little on the warm side - and not a few black flies and mosquitoes! We enjoyed a full day canoeing on Nictau Lake with a mostly successful practice of canoe over canoe rescue techniques. The original hiking day plan was to hike the loop to capture the peak of Carleton which evolved into a more challenging plan to hike the three tallest peaks in a single hike. Mission accomplished - Carleton, Head and Sagamook all captured! Bailey was added to our tally the next morning which gave us all four peaks in the park. Pretty awesome trip with only one casualty to report - a flat tire at the base of Mount Carleton which meant Company learned an unexpected skill on our adventure.
Beautiful park and we hope to get back again soon!
St. Marks Scouting Group
Wabanaki Area

On August 10-13 members of the St. Marks Scouting Group of Saint John, along with members of 11th Courtenay Silver Falls and family members, attended a sky watching camp at the Holderville Scout Reserve to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower.

The overall weekend was meant to be flexible and mostly self-paced. Keeping mornings open for sleeping in to recover from long nights of sky watching. One of the structured activities, Tin Foil Chef Competition, was an unexpected success. The dishes the youth prepared were delicious. Those who took part can't wait to do it again. Next year, there are plans for a trophy.

As for stargazing, Friday and Sunday nights were amazingly cloudless. We saw dozens of shooting stars an hour. Saturday was cloudy, but Curt Nason from the Saint John Astronomy Club, gave us a presentation on the night sky. He also brought his telescope. Despite the clouds, we were able to see Mars, Saturn and its rings, Jupiter along with it's moons.

Our Group Commissioner has booked Holderville for next year. We look forward on building on this summer's successes and hope to see more youth along with their families.
Seeonee Award Celebrations
Miramichi Area

Congrats to these 8 Cubs of the 1st Gretna Green Pack, who were presented their Seeonee Award at a ceremony at Miramichi City Hall on June 9th! This is the top Award in Cubs!!

15 hrs of community service, and a community project are only some of the items that these boys had to complete, to earn the Award!!

We are so proud of all your hard work Boys!! 
12 Dogs Down

In June, the Hemmings House production Company was shooting on location at our own Camp Holderville, for a small on-location shot in a video documentary entitled, "12 Dogs Down."

In it, Justin Allen runs his 12 sled dogs home from Churchill, Man. to Saint John, N.B. The 3000-kilometre journey unfolds over deep snow, open tundra, Hudson Bay and he faces epic challenges as winter turns to spring. With a support team including his Cree fiancé, they explore the origins of dog sledding and get help from native communities along the way.

The video will be viewable online from the cbc.ca website at 8:00pm on Saturday August 25th.
The Great Courtenay Cookout 2018
Wabanaki Area

T he Great Courtenay Cookout Lives!

Scouts from 1st Gondola Point took home top honours. They opened their mystery box to discover that they had to make an Asian-style stir-fry. They did a great incorporating vegetables and chicken together in a great stir-fry.

Silver Falls Scouts opened their Mystery Box to discover the fixings for Italian-style pasta. Delicious!

The Silver Falls Venturers drew Tex-Mex-style ingredients. They even played La Bamba as we ate. And, Scouters from 1st Gondola Point reminded us why Dutch Ovens are the Kings of outdoor cooking, with their macaroni and cheese-stuffed bacon shooters, roast chicken and vegetables and deep-fried doughnuts!

Scouter Wayne grilled Moose steaks and Scouter Julie did a great chili.

Many thanks to William (Bill Mahaffy) and all the event organizers from 11th Courtenay Silver Falls, Kerri Daamen, Ken Elisseou, David Merrithew and Glen Savoie, our esteemed judges.

We can't wait for next year!
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Safety Moment Infographic (click below)
We're looking for Authors!

The next fall edition of our Council Newsletter will be out on September 22nd, 2018. The theme for this fall will be, " Great Safe Scouting Adventures," and we are looking for article submissions. If you feel your lodge, lair, patrol, company, or crew has had an awesome experience on the Canadian Path (this applies to scouters, section leadership teams, or participants), then please send us a description of it (who, what, when, where, why, and how) along with a picture or two, and we'll be happy to try to include it in our next edition.

Thanks, and we'll see you on the Canadian Path!