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# 5  / 2016 
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Ron Hock
Okay, so I don't want the summer to end - not quite yet! Here on the California North Coast we haven't had nearly enough warm weather, much less hot. But, here we are with schools about to begin, tomato crops (not ours - don't ask, but perhaps yours) are coming in strong, and the last few weeks for most vacationers is upon us. And yet, The Perseids meteor shower begins tonight! So, as the days grow shorter, it's time to think about getting ready for the new group of students at our local fine woodworking program here in Fort Bragg, and Woodworking in America next month. See you in Cincinnati!

Of course, if you need anything from Hock Tools , please let me know.

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516 - In-the-Spotlight, Scraper Planes You Want to Get to Know.
In this issue:
In-the-Spotlight: Scraper Planes You Want to Know, Use & Love.

Advancing Handtools:  Isaac Fisher's Wooden Scraper Plane Beats the Curl.

We're Going to WIA: Woodworking in America, September 16-18, in Greater Cincinnati, which means Covington, Kentucky.

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inthespotlightIn-the-Spotlight: Scraper Planes & Blades
You Want to Get to Know, Use & Love.
Ever encounter a complicated surface - wood that's beautifully figured but challenging with all those knots or curls? Whatever that surface is going to be - the top of a table or desk or jewelry box - it will also be a hallmark of the ultimate piece, and of your woodworking. 

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516-In-the-Spotlight, Scraper Planes & Blades You want to get to Know. From The Perfect Edge, Ron using a Stanley #12.
Right, from page 139 (Chapter 8) of The Perfect Edge; The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers wherein Ron explains about sharpening scraper blades. 

Tip:  Remember, it's the angle and sharpness of the blade that makes a good scraper plane.
516-Advancing Handtools, Isaac Fisher's Wooden Scraper Plane Banner
advancinghandtoolsAdvancing Handtools: Isaac Fishe r' s Wooden Scraper Plane.
516 - Advancing Handtools, Scraper Plane Drawing & Scraper Plane
You are right - your eyes do not deceive you!  The blade above: a Hock Tools #PI175 (a 1 3/4" 01 Plane Iron typically used in a Krenov-styled wooden handplane)is set almost perpendicular to the surface it will scrape. This is no standard wooden plane - it's an extremely useful wooden scraper plane that you can make for yourself!
Isaac Fisher's wooden scraper plane  (right) is in a 
category of it's own: a wooden body, a Hock Tools #PI175 made from 01 tool steel, formed to fit Isaac's hands. There is a loving tradition for this style of scraper plane -- you build it to suit your own hands and to suit your needs, and this scraper plane efficiently solves problems, especially when it comes to that beautiful but vexing figured wood. 

Master Woodworker Isaac Fisher of Pachyderm Furniture Works designed the Hock Tools Scratch Stock and helps design and build all of our kits. Plus, just as Ron answers your questions about metal in our Q&A editions of the newsletter, Isaac answers your questions about wood and woodworking. He is BBB (beyond belief busy) with custom work, yet is generous with his knowledge and know-how. Here, Isaac explains how he builds a wooden scraper plane using a Hock Tools plane iron that is typically used in a Krenov styled wooden handplane

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516-Advancing Handtools, Isaac Fisher's Scraper Plane, Schemata for Eijler's Scraper Plane
Schemata for 
Ejler Hjorth-Westh's scraper plane
The Hog from 
t he 
June 1995 Woodwork magazine, now available through 

An interesting note: In the June 1995 issue of the once glo r io us but now defunct  Woodwork; A Magazine for All Woodworkers Tom McFadden wrote an article about Eijler Hjorth-Westh's  The Hog, a wooden scraper plane, which also used  Hock Tools  blade, and which inspired Isaac Fisher's newer vision of a scraper plane, which also uses a Hock Tools blade. You can get a better look at the technical drawing of The Hog by checking out Megan Fitzpatrick's July 13, 2016 pos t at 

Furthermore, Popular Woodworking offers 26 years worth of Woodwork magazine on DVD . Definitely worth the click for great woodworking reads!
Hope to See You There!

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We're Going to Woodworking in America
September 16-18
at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center 
in Covington, Kentucky,
which is minutes away from Cincinnati, across the historical Robling Bridge Spanning the Ohio River.

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Just print this section of the newsletter, fill it in, and bring it with you to save $2.00 on a two-day Marketplace ticket.
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Let's get social...
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