Summer 2018
Scratching Solutions
Scratching is normal cat behavior, serving to groom the front claws and leave markers of the cat’s presence. Cats may also scratch to stretch their muscles.

Kitty Pedicure Special
Schedule an exam for July and your feline friend will receive a free nail trim.

Mention this Mewsletter when making an appointment, scheduled to take place prior to 8/1/2018.

Please note, if your cat gets overly stressed, is aggressive and/or requires sedation to perform nail clipping we may be unable to provide a nail trim as a complimentary service.
Dr. Alviar on Sabbatical
Hello catfolk! I will miss seeing you and your precious kitties for the next year. My husband and I are embarking on a longtime dream and taking our kids abroad. We'll spend time with family in Spain and Colombia, and will be living in Thailand and Tanzania as well. Our oldest son is ten, and his twin brothers are nine, so they're the perfect age for an adventure of this nature. My last day at Cats Exclusive was two weeks ago and I miss it already, but look forward to seeing you when I get back!
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