Ligchine International introduced the ScreedSaver MAX PRO machine at the WOC show in 2017 and then started production in May of 2017.  We are proud to announce that the MAX PRO laser guided screed is the World's largest selling boom screed EVER in its first year of sales .  
We are pleased to share with you our newly released video that details the features and performance of the MAX PRO machine. Perhaps there is a MAX PRO in your near future!!  We would love to hear from you. 

Our new 16-page 2018 Product Guide highlights the features and specifications of our ScreedSaver line of laser guided screed machines, including the ScreedSaver II , ScreedSaver MAX , ScreedSaver MAX Pro , ScreedSaver BOSS 240  as well as our GPS and LPS 3D paving options.

WOC 2015 Exterior
JANUARY 23-26 2018
BOOTH O32126
Ligchine International will be at our outdoor booth conveniently located between Wacker Neuson and the City Tram escalator.  W e'll be performing live machine demonstrations all day with our line of laser gui de d screeds including ScreedSaver II, ScreedSaver MAX Pro, and the ScreedSaver BOSS 240.  In addition you'll b e able to view and learn more about our revolutionary Ligchine-Topcon 3D GPS & LPS control systems, designed for contoured paving.   See you there!
Thank you for your time and interest in the Ligchine International ever expanding line of Boom operated, Laser and 3D GPS guided screeds.  We look forward to talking with you soon to further expand on how we can benefit your business, and help you grow your profits thru ownership of one of our machines. 

Ligchine International

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