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Rotex screen, model number 42A-AL/SS, measures 40" wide x 10' long, stainless steel screens. Mounted on elevated mild steel frame with split discharges. Last used at spice processing facility.

Great Western model 221 Tru-Balance sifter. Includes 36" wide wooden box with stainless steel screens. Tru-Balance uses a gyratory motion for gentle sifting from 1/4" to 400 mesh products. Includes ball cleaning deck. In good working condition.

IPEC parabolic dewatering screen, 120" wide, includes approximately 0.020 screen, stainless steel screen. Includes includes (2) 6" diameter top inlets, 12" diameter bottom discharge. Previously used at fruit processing facility.
Key rotary screen, 36" diameter X 5' long, includes internal spirals, mounted on frame with water basin, includes Cornell model 4W0-5-4 centrifugal pump, approximately 10 HP. Drum is driven by 1 HP drive.

Recent Arrivals:

C741916 Screen, Rotex, 40 x 10', S/st, Single Deck, Mdl 42A-AL/SS
C741901 Screen, Vibratory, 36, Great Western, Mdl 221, S/st,
S741806 Screen, Parabolic, 120, S/st, IPEC, Mdl SHS 12042,
S741807 Screen, Parabolic, 36, S/st, Lyco, 0.100 Screen,
S741832 Screen, Vibratory, 24 x 48, S/st, 1/8 Openings, 1 HP,
C741715 Screen, Rotary, 36 x 60, S/st, Key, Cornell Pump,
C741714 Screen, Rotary, 16 x 26, S/st, Cornell Pump, Enclosure

Sweco Type Screens In Stock:

S741169 Screen, Kason, 48, Single, S/st, Cover, Cleaner, Sweco,
S740828 Screen, Smico, 44, Single, S/st, 2.5 HP, Sweco Type,
S738392 Screen, Sweco, 60, Parts, S/st, Distribution Deck, (3)
S738391 Screen, Sweco, 60, Parts, S/st, Series Feed Frame,
S741704 Screen, Sweco, 60, S/st, Single Deck, Dust Cover, 2.5 HP,
S741306 Screen, Sweco, 48, S/st, Single, 2.5 HP, Kason,
S740848 Screen, Sweco, 48, S/st, Single Deck, Midwestern, 3 HP
S741744 Screen, Sweco, 40, 304 S/st, Single Deck, 1/2 HP, w/Cover
S741170 Screen, Sweco, 30, Double, S/st, Cover
S741205 Screen, Sweco, 30, Single, S/st, 1/2 HP, Mdl XS30F66,
S739476 Screen, Sweco, 30, Single, S/st, 1/2 HP, Mdl LS30S86,
S741172 Screen, Sweco, 30, Single, S/st, Castors
S741042 Screen, Vibratory, 17, Single, S/st, Sweco-Type


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