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To my friends and family,

The lazy, hazy days of summer are certainly upon us. I don't know what weather is like in your neck of the woods, but here in southwest Florida, it is steaming. You would think I'd spend all my spare time on our beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico - BUT, what spare time? I'm lucky to make it down to the pool once a month.

Currently, Simon Publishing is working with a wonderful author about her life as a child traveler when her Arkansas family uprooted to Nepal, and later, her life as a flight attendant. Everyone will love to live vicariously through her travels throughout the world.

What am I working on since finishing The Crittenton Girls?

My latest work in progress is called Destiny's Mission. Destiny is a wounded warrior who is forced to confront her estranged mother with Early-onset Alzheimer's. This will be her last chance to find out why her mother abandoned her when she was ten-years-old. And she will discover this is the hardest mission she has ever been on. Will Destiny learn the truth or learn how to forgive before her mother's mind is completely gone? Her "lie?" - Everybody leaves.


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Click below on my publisher website for more information. Thinking about writing a book? Everyone has a story. I can help make it happen.

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Thank you to the many people that have already purchased my latest book,

The Crittenton Girls.

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Writer's tips

Starting with "The Lie"

This phrase, "The Lie" doesn't always sit well with authors. Some prefer "the misconception."

Regardless of what you call it, your main protagonist MUST start with a lie. "What?" you ask. Think of it this way: Your protagonist must believe something that is false to be absolutely true. They believe it with every fiber of their body. They are sure they are right. Here are some simple examples:

Dorothy believes life would be better if she took Toto and ran away. (Wizard of Oz)

The detective in The Fugitive is positive Dr. Richard Kimble is guilty of killing his wife.

Elizabeth Bennet is convinced Mr. Darcy is a total ass. (Pride and Prejudice)

As you see, regardless of the genre: fantasy, thriller or romance, there is always "The Lie" that must be revealed and later disputed and proven false.

Can you spot "The Lie" in the latest book you are reading, or movie you are watching? It is always there.

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What am I reading?

When my eyes just can't stare at a computer screen for one more minute, I plug in my ear buds and listen to Audible books.

Nell and Lady is a great listen (or read). Two best friends, one black, one white, from the 1970's is pulled apart by misunderstandings that last decades. But when the going gets tough, the people they need the most is each other. ***** Five Stars

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