February 24, 2020

Friends and fellow disciples,

On Wednesday Lent begins. Lent is the time the church has long set aside to lean into our faith, to listen carefully to God, and to examine our hearts in preparation for Holy Week and Easter. It is a rich time, and engaging Lent well is critical to the spiritual life and critical to discipleship.

I challenge you to do a little added exploration this Lenten season, to listen, to pray, and to feel, in your soul, the depth of God’s great love for you and all creation. There are all sorts of great resources you can connect to below to guide you.

This Wednesday is a key time to lay the foundation. It's hard to jump into Lent after things have already started - the beginning is crucial. We will gather with Scripture and song; you’ll come forward and we will impose ashes upon your forehead, a sign of penitence as the season begins. And it is an imposition - difficult, inconvenient even. But in that place, I assure you, you’ll meet God. Come, let us be prepared by God together.

See you Wednesday,