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FUN with Cars!
Drive to Payson
Track Days
Windgate Festival of Speed
Cool Garage!
Name that Car!
Scuderia SW hosts C&C at Gainey Ranch as well as drives, track days and dinners.  The non-car club, car club... SSW.  No drama!  No meetings!  No egos!  Just fun with cars!

No Dues!  No Drama!  Just Fun with Cars!
The Exotic Car Club for Enthusiasts, by Enthusiasts
Scuderia SW                            2/14/13

It looks like the weather 'Gods' are finally going to cooperate this weekend! The drive should be fantastic and the food at Gerardo's amazing.  The wait will be worth it!

We've had a few guys step up and say they are going to coordinate a few events.  So, expect to see a dinner or two coming up in the next newsletter. 

Plus...... Don't forget the Windgate Festival of Speed, coming up in March!

In the meantime, enjoy the features and we'll see you Saturday!




Drive to Payson

There is nothing like a brisk drive on a Saturday morning, followed by a great lunch at a great Italian restaurant.  On Saturday morning February 16th, we will meet at the Starbucks in Fountain Hills at 10am, departing at 10:30am, head up the Bee Line to Payson and Gerardo's for lunch.

EVENT:  Drive to Payson for Lunch at Gerardo's
Date:     2/16/13
Time:    10am
Location:  Fountain Hills Starbucks on Shea

Track Day!!
CS at track

You've got the car!  Do you have the skills to keep up with that car?  The best place to work on those skills is the track.  We will partner with the Arizona Supercar Track Club.

Watch this space!  In the mean time, shoot me an email and I'll put you on the track list, if you are interested.


Windgate Festival of Speed

Its that time of year again!  The Windgate Festival of Speed.  The event where once per year we take our Cars & Coffee event to the next level.  Once again Toll Brothers will be letting us have the lawn at their clubhouse at Windgate Ranch.   The event will once again be a charity fund raiser for the 100 Club.  Donations are $35 to display, +$5 for lunch. Here are some pics from past years.

EVENT:   Windgate Festival of Speed
Date:       3/23/13
Time:      Car placement 8-9
              Show runs from 9am-1pm
Cool Garages
If you like English tudor homes, this New England garage will put a smile on your face.  He may have a killer garage, but we can drive all year!

Name that Car

Do you know your classics?  I am going to post some classic pictures, and your job is to see if you can name them...... and not just the make and model....... but the chassis number and race location as well.  If you can get it right, your coffee is on us at the next C&C!  In the case that I didn't make it tricky enough, I'll pick a winner from the correct answers.  Good Luck!

That's our newsletter for the week.  We will be putting these together several times per month.  Expect events like these, as well as socials.

I hope to see you at an event soon...