Oceans Week
June 18, 2014
Nova Scotia will host Oceans Week 2014, with a number of ocean-related activities and events happening across the Province, beginning with World Oceans Day on June 8, culminating on June 18 with an Oceans Industry Showcase and Oceans Gala Dinner in Halifax. 
Sea-Bird Scientific is participating in the Oceans Industry Showcase. If you would like to prearrange a meeting with Geoff MacIntyre of Satlantic, please email or call (+1 902 492 4780).
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June 23-27, 2014
The Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) Open Science Conference will be held in Bergen, Norway. Mr. Geoff MacIntyre will be attending the conference and will be available to speak to customers at the Sea-Bird Scientific booth. 
If you will be attending and would like to prearrange a meeting with Mr. MacIntyre, please email or call (+1 902 492 4780). 
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Upcoming Shows

Shanghai, China
Sept 3-5, 2014

St. John's, Canada
Sept 14-19, 2014

Portland, Maine
Oct 26-31, 2014

Have Instruments, Will Travel 

In early January, Ella Pereira traveled from Southern Brazil to WET Labs for training and to have service completed on several instruments. Ella hand-carried her instruments to WET Labs to allow for a quick 10 day turnaround in order to complete work required to get her and her instruments back into the field. Ella was preparing for a 2-month research cruise to Antarctica, and needed her damaged instruments to be serviced before they could be deployed.


The service teams at WET Labs and Sea-Bird Electronics came together to meet Ella's needs and were able to complete the service within the tight time frame. In addition to the service, the visit enabled us to work directly with Ella, training her on field service and maintenance techniques to enable her team to be more self-sufficient in the field. It was our pleasure to work with Ella and support her university's research efforts in the Antarctic. After a successful cruise, Ella sent back these stunning photos.




Sea-Bird Scientific Training in Qingdao
The Sea-Bird Scientific Science Team traveled to Qingdao, China in early May for the 2nd annual Sea-Bird Scientific Advanced Technology Seminar. The two day event was organized in conjunction with Laurel Technologies of Beijing and included over 100 attendees from across the Chinese oceanographic landscape. The workshop consisted of  two concurrent tracks covering topics varying from instrument and software setup, to deployment best practices, to data processing and interpretation. Workshop attendees were able to customize their own agendas between the two tracks to best suit their own particular needs.  
Specific session topics included: SBE 9-11plus setup, configuration, and data processing; WET Labs Aquatic Laser Fluorescence Analyzer sensor overview; Inherent Optical Properties systems data processing; Satlantic HyperPro II deployment and data processing; Satlantic SUNA and SeaFET data processing; biogeochemcial data processing for profiling floats; and a HOLOCAM sensor overview. Future training workshops in other regions are currently in the early planning stages. For more information, please contact us at info@Sea-BirdScientific.com.  
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We recently combined, updated and expanded our presence on multiple social media platforms. Our new Facebook page merged the previous Satlantic and Sea-Bird Electronics pages and incorporates page tabs for all three (including WET Labs) Sea-Bird Scientific companies for you to access through our new timeline. We are working on expanding our new YouTube Channel as well as our Pinterest presence.

Social media is a great way for us to reach out to our customers, but more importantly to hear back from you. If you have a project that you think would be interesting for others to hear about, please let us know. You can send your story ideas to tyeadon@sea-birdscientific.com or tweet them to @SeaBirdScience.

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Meet The People Behind Sea-Bird Scientific 
Genevieve Howell is the Director
of Operations for Sea-Bird Electronics. She is Genevieve has a Master's Degree in Marine Biology with an emphasis on Bioacoustics from University North Carolina at Wilmington. She started at Sea-Bird in March 2003 as a Calibration Technician. From there she learned many important aspects of Sea-Bird as she moved into her current role as Director of Operations.  responsible for all manufacturing operations within Sea-Bird, including our Navis and ALACE instruments, Electronic Assembly and Test, Production Areas, Production Engineering and DBS. 
In her spare time, Genevieve enjoys going for bike rides and playing with her dogs when she is not working on some project around the house.
Sea-Bird Scientific Tech Tip:
Satlantic HyperPro II Deployment

Satlantic scientists took to the chilly Bedford Basin (connected to Halifax Harbour) in early April to deploy and test a HyperPro II Optial Profiler. During the test, they captured video discussing some of the best practices for deploying a HyperPro II. Watch the video here.

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