Sea-Bird Scientific Rep Meeting
  June 2015  

Sea-Bird Scientific launches SeapHOxTM pH+CTD+DO Sensor

Sea-Bird Scientific is excited to announce the long-awaited commercial launch of the SeapHOxTM sensor system combining the Satlantic SeaFETTM pH sensor with the Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 37-SMP-ODO MicroCAT CTD+DO sensor. With the SeaFETTM and MicroCAT field-proven performance and multiple anti-fouling technologies, the integrated package enables scientists to:

  • Optimize pH measurements by integrating real-time temperature and salinity data
  • Add co-located oxygen data to expand understanding of local ocean chemistry
  • Significantly reduce sensor fouling and extend useful deployment duration

The SeapHOxTM integration approach was originally developed by Dr. Todd Martz of Scripps Institution of Oceanography. A SeapHOxTM built by Dr. Martz's team is one of the finalists in the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE as a part of Team Durafet.

The SeapHOxTM is now available for purchase at


The Alliance for Coastal Technologies Releases pH Test Results

In 2013 and 2014, Satlantic participated in the Alliance for Coastal Technology (ACT) pH sensor verification study to characterize performance in a variety of settings. The independent study was conducted on the SeaFETTM, which included a lab test and field trials in Moss Landing Harbor in California, Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii, Chesapeake Bay (low salinity), and Lake Michigan (fresh water). The Hawaii deployment was an extended three month deployment, while the other field tests were one month each. These tests covered a range of pH (7.8-8.4), temperatures (4-26 C) and salinity (0-35 pss).

The ACT team has recently made the results from the study available and Sea-Bird Scientific is pleased to confirm that the SeaFETTM performed very well, with high quality data sets collected at all sites. A fouling guard was used at Moss landing to control bio-fouling, while a flow cell and Sea Bird SBE 5P pump were used at the other sites. During the deployment in Hawaii, the SeaFETTM operated maintenance free for 3-months while maintaining close correlation with the ACT reference data.

The Chesapeake Bay deployment provided a good test in a high-fouling, variable salinity environment. Again, the SeaFETTM performed exceptionally, tracking the reference pH measurements throughout the entire pH and salinity ranges. The SeaFETTM was also operated in fresh water for the very first time during the Lake Michigan test where the SeaFETTM followed the pH trends very well, albeit with a slight offset that was subsequently corrected using bottle sample data. These results prove that the SeaFETTM is capable of producing rich datasets from extended deployments in a variety of conditions.

Above: SeaFETTM and integrated SBE pump after recovery from Hawaiian test site.

Read the performance verification statement. [PDF]


Judah Goldberg Joins the Team!

Sea-Bird Scientific is pleased to welcome Judah Goldberg to the Ocean Research Sales team as Key Account Manager. Judah brings 9 years of proven technical sales and business development experience, as well as a diverse background in biological and physical oceanographic research. Judah joins the team following a successful tenure at Nortek ? a leading ADCP manufacturer.

Prior to his role with Nortek, Judah was a Sea-Bird Electronics customer working at the Washington State Department of Ecology for 3 years as a Biological Oceanographer and Mooring Technician. Judah's experience and knowledge of the ocean technology industry will be a great asset to our team and will allow us to more effectively serve our growing customer base.

Judah is based at the Sea-Bird Electronics site and can be reached at


Sea-Bird Scientists moving back into Science Community

At Sea-Bird Scientific, we pride ourselves on our involvement in the greater scientific community. Our Science Team members work directly with research partners on several inter-disciplinary projects to further technology development in support of the evolving needs of observational scientists. As an extension of this involvement, our scientists sometimes move in and out of direct roles and it is with this in mind that we are both proud and sad to announce that three of our science team members are transitioning back into direct roles in the scientific community.

Dr. Carol Janzen has accepted a role as Operations Director at the Alaska Ocean Observing System in Anchorage where she will oversee day to day operations and administration of this extensive observing system. This is a fantastic opportunity for Carol, and we are very proud and happy for her in pursuing this opportunity.

Dr. Mike Twardowski and Dr. James Sullivan have both recently accepted roles at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) in Fort Pierce Florida, where they will continue to conduct research in advanced optical sensing technologies. Once again, this is a great opportunity for both and we wish them the best of luck.

The Sea-Bird Scientific team is immensely grateful for all of Carol, Mike and Jim's outstanding contributions over the years and look forward to maintaining close working relationships in the future.


Meet the People
Dr. Ian Walsh, Ph.D. Director of Science

Ian is a prominent member of our Science Team and is based at our WET Labs facility in Philomath, Oregon. Ian received his B.S. from Case Institute of Technology at Case Western Reserve University, M.S. from the College of Oceanography at Oregon State University, and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. His research interests are particle dynamics (including the use of the particle field to understand basic biogeochemical processes and the influence of physical forcing on those processes), carbon fluxes and fates (including predictive modelling), and calibration and QA/QC of optical data sets. He is currently working on enhancing our calibration methodologies and developing instruments and techniques for the detection of crude oil.

Ian is an avid gardener and home chef, combining the two passions with his wife Carol by growing their own vegetables for the kitchen creations at their home in Corvallis, Oregon. Occasionally Ian can be seen pedaling his bike to WET Labs in Philomath, something he likes to do to keep fit.


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