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Sea Contemplations ll from the Silent Sail

The ocean has always been a potent metaphor for mind. Our sailing meditation deepened with this teaching from Gampopa.  

That minded self and thoughts are inseparable like water and waves. Waves are nothing but water. Water itself arises as waves and yet despite manifesting as waves it never is never anything other than the essence of water. Analogously every thought is at the very moment that is arises nothing but mind itself, empty clarity since mind itself is unimpeded in its manifestations, it can arise as any type of thought.

Below, Milarepa's similar poem for Peldar Blum is set to music against the backdrop of the Maine ocean. Lyric loosely adapted from the translation by Garma C. C. Chang and set to music by Winfield "Binny" Clark. Duet performed with Suzann Duquette.

Underwater Artist: Pufferfish

October VDN Online: Evening w/Authors

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Body and Mind- Sunday Classes Continue

Sundays in August 

9- 10 am Carol Bailey is offering an introduction to this Three Palms  somatic meditation. A gifted teacher in the arts, Carol completed a 3 year retreat at the Garchen Institute, and is a life long practitioner of multiple somatic healing traditions.

10 - 11 am Sunday Dharma Class with Khenmo. We continue to delve into the Seven Points of Mind Training or Lojong. This is a practical instruction on how to integrate the Dharma into daily Life. 

You are welcome to participate in one or both classes. 


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