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This Week 9-7-16 at Sea Hag Marina
Chaeli Norwood and James Dechow saved as much product as possible once we realized our pumps would not keep up with the amount of water seeping in. The water inside reached 3' deep.
Looking down at the Sea Hag Marina Tiki Bar from the upper deck. The storm surge eventual reached the top of the bar. Peak height was 4'4" deep otherwise known to Danielle as "chest deep".
Sea Hag Docks - they have been repaired and are fully functional.
Danielle Norwood hanging across the street after the water was higher than she liked to swim in.
 29' 48.99 W 083' 36.51
Open Everyday from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Except during hurricanes!
Two of the HARDEST working volunteers, Lacey and Jalie Montgomery, got to meet Governor Rick Scott. I'm not kidding about these girls working hard. As volunteers brought in cleaned up inventory, these two placed the items back into the proper places in the store.
Drying out stuffed animals was their favorite job. They had them 'pancakin' in the sun.
Drying items in the sun in hopes to salvage some stock that got wet.
This AMAZING woman, Denise Heberts, was stranded by boat at the Sea Hag because of the storm. She has helped out in every way, every day since the storm hit. She has cleaned and dried items and has made some great cajun food for the staff almost every day. We appreciate her as a guest very, very, very much. She is spectacular!
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Steve Graham worked more than twelve hours cleaning up the day after. He has the red airboat better known as GA BOY Charter.
Kyle and Kristin Skipper help with the endless clean up day after. Kyle is the Captain of Marker One Charters.
Chelsea and Garrett Morrow spent hours cleaning and sorting.
Jason, Heather, Lacey, and Jalie worked tirelessly to get the Sea Hag put back together. Their friends, Stacy and Layton were a big help too.
Andrew Brantley toughed through some cleanup that I (Danielle) did not want to do. Thank you for your help.
Kenny and Sonya Rees came out the 2nd day and Sonya tagged shirts for more than 4 hours.
A crew from Ace Hardware worked incredibly hard. They brought vacuum/steamer to help remove the water and dirt. Renee and Taylor Rayburn pitched in to help.
Tyler and Ashley Rayburn, our neighbors, helped out along side their Ace Hardware family.
Nico Deese help his family organize a group of students to clean, earning volunteer hours for Bright Future Scholarships. The Deese family also supplied our staff and volunteers with breakfast.

Also special thanks to Dave "Big Guy" Magalski for buying pizza for the entire staff and all the volunteers.

Also a special thanks to Betsy Crawford for bring 30 Publix subs, fruits and vegtables for the entire staff and all the volunteers.
Thank you to Sonny C's Bar-be-que out of Mayo, FL, (386-294-2271) for the chicken, fries, and coleslaw enough to feed all the employees and volunteers.
Theresa and Russell Drawdy came out the second day and brought hair dyers to speed up the drying process. Russell help to replace electrical outlets and switches that kept shocking Danielle and also got a couple of the drink coolers up and running.
Long time friend, Jeff Pira, from Merritt Island, FL, traveled across the state with his girlfriend, Lisa Cushman, to help out with boating problems. Lisa was introduced to the art of Sea Hag Marina t-shirt folding by expert, Chaeli Norwood.
Jeff Pira owns Xcel Marine in Merritt Island, FL 321-449-0387
Sea Hag Marina would like to thank the Allan Roberts family for delivering a dozen boxes of Publix 10 piece fried chicken which fed all the volunteers and employees.

Sea Hag Marina would like to thank Dustin Hinkel, Sheriff Bummy Williams, Governor Rick Scott, Senator Bill Montford, and the Taylor County Commissioners for the hard work they have put forth for our community.

SEA HAG MARINA would like to THANK everyone who helped put us back in business. Your help is much appreciated!
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The Tyre family got their limit of scallops before noon on Saturday. I believe they traveled north on a Sea Hag Marina rental boat.
Kinsley and Nick collect their families worth of scallops. They collected theirs south by Pepperfish Key.
Another limit of scallops brought in Saturday, September 3rd.
Although the boys worked hard with hurricane clean up, Luke Matthews still managed to get out on the water and satisfy his latest addiction of fly fishing for redfish.
Rockney Motes cleaning scallops.
Sea Hag - Scuba Max's full face snorkel mask only $79.99. Now 20% OFF!
Santa Fe Lady Raiders Inshore Slam
September 10th
Click image to go to website for more details and sign up forms.
After a long day of clean up, Chase-N-Fish landed this nice trout just as the sun went down.
Brett Molzen landed a nice redfish after the storm.
If you would like to help our community, please consider donating above. We have a substantial amount of homeless right now due to the storm surge.
This is the Sower of the Seed Community Food Bank after the storm.
SPOTLIGHT on Shack #1 the Sardine
#1 Sardine's living area.
#1 Sardine has 2 bedrooms, one with king bed and the other has a queen and a twin bed.
Claudia Sauls and Steve Bradford worked hard on clean up and bought lunch for the volunteers and employees on Friday.
Anna and Jeremy King. Anna cooked us two dinners and a breakfast.
Luke Brantley tagged teamed with his brother helping to clean and organize product from the store.
Kathi's Krabs delivered breakfasts on multiple days. The restaurant was protected from the storm surge and is OPEN for business in Steinhatchee.
Lorri and Rocky Motes cleaned
 product outside on the deck.
Cindy Graham spent more than twelve hours emptying the store and cleaning stock.
A crew organized by Stinky Fingers Baits, showed up, cooked 200 hot dogs, and dropped off 50 cases of water. Thank you Rick Mackey and Russ Luker for you help.
Jason and Charity Carrington came and rinsed off fins well after hours.
Pollo Tropical donated food on multiple days. Please stop by and thank them for us.
Summer time employees, Beth Stephanelli and Abby Stewart showed up and helped out. Abby brought along her friend, Abby, who was a great help.

Sea Hag Marina would like to give a shout out to Brian Cook of Jefferson, GA, and his friend, Scott Hammer. These men plucked debris from the Steinhatchee River and cooked hot dogs and baked beans for all the volunteers and employees.

Sea Hag would also like to thank three gentlemen that saw us on the Jacksonville News and came to volunteer since Sea Hag helped them with boat trailer problems after hours. Josh Manuel, Daniel Burdetsky, and Zach Manuel spent hours working to remove mud from our Mermaid Cove Shack.

Leigh Thomas and her husband, Mack Thomas, helped by drying items in the store.
Taylor Thomas cleaned and dried items too.

Newberry, FL 
Mac Johnson Roofing was quick to react and was able to arrange a complete cleanup crew and a truck to help clean up the huge amounts of debris from the storm.
Patty Powl, expert t-shirt tagger, helped out and enjoyed herself so much that she was thinking about quitting her job and becoming a permanent t-shirt tagger for the Sea Hag Marina! Her help is much appreciated.
Sea Hag Marina would also like to thank Vic Micolucci from WJXT4 Jax4News for the great coverage of Hurricane Hermine and for putting us on the map! He's a great guy too!

SEA HAG MARINA would like to thank all our employees who work tiredlessly to clean up the marina and the shacks that also flooded. Sea Hag appreciates all those part time summer employees who volunteered hours to help clean.
Amanda Shipp
Derek Snyder
Gail Greenawalt
Chaeli Norwood
Chase Norwood
Abbyanna Stewart
Luke Matthews
Yoly Castellanos
Oscar Garcia
Edwin Espinal
Rodrigo Martinez
James Dechow
Brittany Carmichael
Alex Santos
Charlie Valentine
Prucilla Anderson
Wyatt Dudley
Summer Vaughn
Karin Williams
Brett Molzen
Nick Cochran
Dalton Wright
Harry Hyman
Kyle Phillips
Beth Stephanelli
and Piapa

The ray of light and the calm after Hurricane Hermine.
Photo of the Week
September 7, 2016 
Kaitlyn and Kourtney Bale got their limit of scallops on Monday, September 5th, Labor Day.
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HERE is what Sea Hag Marina looks like now. We are up and running. Rented 8 boats on Saturday, September 3rd. And we are ready for the Lady Raiders Fishing Tournament this weekend. Come by and get a t-shirt and some tackle and maybe a discounted mask, snorkel, or fins.
Labor Day, September 5th.

Get th
em while sizes last!

Roomy and comfortable 24' Sea Hag fishing vessels powered by fuel efficient 90 HP Mercury Outboards. Equipped with a Garmin GPS/Depth finder, VHF radio and Bimini Top for shade. Full day rental $199.00 ($249.00 during scallop season) plus tax and fuel.  
Rental Boats 

ABOVE Our largest unit the, Scallywag Shack, is 6 Bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. Granite counter tops, ceramic tile flooring,  4 bedrooms 2 bath downstairs with outside hot water shower, 1/2 bath in the laundry. Upstairs has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, full kitchen and living area and a large covered and screened deck. Sleeps maximum of 15.  Great for groups,  meetings or events!  
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BELOW Our smallest unit is the little pink Shrimp. This tiny shack was built in 1937 and still has jalousie windows. It has a bedroom with two twin beds and a full bed in the main living area. The bathroom is tiny too (see picture below). Amenities includes a coffee maker. Sleeps 4.
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