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This Week 01-02-19 at Sea Hag Marina
Karen Fletcher reeled up a bronze-colored redfish!
Samuel Gober, the "Net Man", is holding up a trout from his crew's catch!

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Norman Viar caught a lengthy trout while fishing with Capt. Mark Brady!
Joel Darby reeled up a great-sized redfish on the flats!
Ward & Kim Woody caught a mess of trout & redfish with Capt. Max Leatherwood!
Lily Steele caught herself a huge redfish over the weekend!
Dominick Ravo & his little fishing buddy caught and released this monster red snapper.

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Capt. Steve Graham & Capt. Mike Duttenhaver caught a perfect pair of trout.
Bill & Sheila Rees had a productive trip of catching trout, redfish & black drum.
Chris Davis doubled up on a couple redfish.
Owen Dodd from Steinhatchee, FL, caught two massive gag grouper over the weekend.
Joel Darby landed a nice trout.

Will Rembert caught a limit of trout with Brian Fletcher.
Jessica & Joey Porter caught their limit of redfish & trout in Keaton Beach.
Brian Fletcher caught a huge gator trout!
Joe & Joey Porter brought home a couple redfish after a day of fishing in Keaton Beach.
Timmy Domingue and his sons, Tyler & Gauge, caught a bunch of trout with Capt. Steve Graham.
Vanessa Allen caught a nice trout to go with her redfish!
Shane Morris caught this heavy redfish one morning on the flats!
This crew brought back a gag grouper to cook up for dinner!
Jennifer & Dominick Ravo's crew filled the board with gag grouper & Florida snapper!
Jennifer Malone Hart took a selfie with her sheepshead!
Mitch & Liz Smitherman from Palm Bay, FL, caught a couple redfish & trout!
Roxy the dog loves chasing all the pelicans on the docks at Sea Hag!
Butch Newell said he "found the treasure" at the end of a rainbow!
Nick Steele hooked up on a redfish over the weekend!

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Caroline Buchanan went offshore fishing and brought back two gag grouper.
Rip Viar caught this hefty trout with Capt. Mark Brady!
Timmy Domingue and his sons, Tyler and Gauge, filled the board with trout and redfish while fishing with Capt. Steve Graham!
Zach Bunkley landed a shiny redfish while on his Christmas break!
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Brian Weldon, Brandi Curtis &  Matt Johnson from Palatka, FL, had a blast fishing for redfish & trout.
Clint Lee landed a massive redfish south of Steinhatchee!
Heather Pickford caught the biggest trout out of her trip with her family and Capt. Mark Brady!
The Pickfords loaded the boat with trout & redfish while fishing with Capt. Mark Brady.
Capt. Max Leatherwood hooked up on a tarpon close to shore over the weekend!
Enslie Gober is showing off her trout!
Vinny Nguyen-Phu caught a hefty redfish while fishing with his fiancee, Vanessa!
Sherry Goddy brought home a dinner-sized redfish while fishing with Capt. Mark Brady!
Henry & Tara, from Keystone Heights, FL, caught some awesome trout with Capt. Mark Brady.
Shane Morris took advantage of gag grouper season and caught a monster!!
Mike Holiday & Sherry Goddy from Mississippi, filled the board everyday with fish while fishing with Capt. Mark Brady.
Michael Ross caught a great-sized trout on the flats.
Seth Viar loved catching redfish with Capt. Mark Brady!
Nolan Sapp hooked up on a beautiful trout.
Jennifer Ravo brought back a redfish for dinner!
Brian Welben & Matthew Johnson had a successful morning of fishing for trout & redfish.
Dominick Ravo & his first mate took a picture with one of many gag grouper they caught that day!
Ryan Fisher caught an awesome gag grouper!

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Photo of the Week:
January 02 , 2019 

Ron Corbett was catching too many fish and lost track of time!
 Low tide caught up with him in a creek!
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